Saturday, July 30, 2011

A long overdue update.. one of several

Okay so my mom has been begging me to update the blog (probably just so she can see pics of the beebster) so here goes nothing. Last post was about the big 1st birthday. Actually not that big...  but you know. And the bibis is not much of a baby any more... : ( She is definitely a toddler which kinda makes me really really sad.

Life updates: E is walking all over the place. Fully fledged walker for sure. More importantly E is a super diva queen when it comes to accessorizing. She definitely did not get the idea of accessorizing from me because any one who knows me - knows that I do not accessorize. E loves to wear multiple bows even if they do not match and she is more likely to keep the  bows in if there are more than one.

Also, when Auntie Mary, Rhonda and Kelly came to visit E learned all about bracelets and she was thrilled when Kelly came home with bracelets just for her. Seriously E accessorizes herself and her horsey - and the arm wearing the bracelets is solely dedicated to the bracelets - she will not risk one of them falling off. 

Food updates: E will eat just about anything.  I forget if I posted anything about her eating olives and pickles. She definitely gets that from her Papa because I do not like either. The beebs is obsessed with bread/toast. If we are eating we have to hide it until she finishes all her good healthy food. She has also been enjoying a wide variety of summer fare - watermelon and corn for starters - thank goodness for those teeth-ies

E gets about 60-75% of the corn kernels off the cob and probably really could eat 25% of a large watermelon in one day... but we wouldn't actually let her do that : )

I just had to change the title of this blog because I don;t have time to tell of everything else because to do to work and I don't want to ignore E and Lee for the last hour I have at home. Working all the time and trying to be a diligent cross-stitcher is taking up much of my blog time - I'll be back soon.