Friday, May 30, 2014

7QTs - Post Snake Invasion

Please pray for some friends of ours and their sweet newborn who is undergoing surgery today

--- 1 ---

Well if you missed our big news around here this week, check this out.

It has led to some interesting conversations…

E - Where's the snake
Me - It is dead outside
E - Has it died?
Me - Yes it is dead.
E - But has it died?
Me- It has died
E - Jesus died
Me - Yes he did but he's in heaven
E - When we die we go in a grave
Me - When we die our bodies go in graves but our souls leave this earth and hopefully go to heaven
E - Where is heaven?
Me - Ask Papa

--- 2 ---

Whew! Moving on to lighter news...

This little bebe has a tooth or two.  

Which I unsuccessfully tried to document. 

There is a bit of controversy in our house over the tooth issue. I believe that once a baby gets teeth they are not really babies anymore more (okay not really but having teeth is a way grown up trait you know). Lee insists that I am grossly incorrect. 

I have only been bit once or twice but also the whole teeth thing makes me want to be wrapping up in the nursing department but M shows no sign of dis-interest. 

--- 3 ---

E built a tent and proceeded to sleep in it for her rest….

She was doing this a few hours before: 

Try explaing mini golf to a 4 yr old
--- 4 ---

Preschool wrapped up last week: 

Last day of school

First day of school

--- 5 ---
E got a kite in her end of year bucket...

Now I know why adults must exercise extreme patience when children fly kites. Seriously between the tail on the kite and the string getting tangled. Well fortunately kite flying was deemed boring soon after we started so 

--- 6 ---

We survived an epic shopping trip. With Papa working sun up to sun down 5 days a week and sun up to mid afternoon on Saturday that leaves us girls to do some things he does during the cooler months...

Wallys only has one of those double seater, massive carts and we did not enter through the door that had it or maybe someone was using it so E and R were in the basket for a good part of the trip. But E was forced out midway through. R got lost in everything but with some creative stacking and positioning nothing was damaged. No accidents like last time 

--- 7 ---

Couldn't resist another one of sweet M

She's saying.. Happy Anniversary Grammy and Grandpa Joe!

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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

You know you have a snake in your garage when...

Okay… In case you missed last week's installment of all things snake, you should check it out because we are up to 2 snakes in 8 days in our yard. For all you non-math people that is one snake every four days or in my world ONE TWO SNAKES TOO MANY!

Now, while the girls were getting their rest on this afternoon I was going out to the garage to look for something on the other side of the van. Except I heard this whoosh, whoosh noise and did not go down the (three) steps (that goes from the laundry room landing to the garage). I am a total noise freak. I am such a scaredy cat. So what do I do? Lock the door. Call Lee. 

He tells me I should open the garage door but it's probably just one (of the three) freezers in the garage. I assure him it was not a freezer. It sounded more like a plastic bag whooshing across the floor - even though the doors were closed and clearly no possible way there is that much air movement. So I mentally prepare myself to open the door to the garage (so I can open both garage doors). 

Lights on. 
Door unlocked. 
Deep breathe. 

Turn knob. Here creepy noise again. Smash both garage door buttons. Slam door. Lock door. Deep Breathe. 


Okay maybe it was just a cat. The neighbors cat just had a litter of kittens (do kittens come by the litter?) So I open up my front shades and realize that I am not going to be able to see anything. Armed with my cell phone and the landline phone I tiptoe to the end of the walkway and peer into the garage. 

No noise. No movement. No nothing. I'm such a freak it was probably just nothing. But Nani and Nano and I were just talking about snakes last night but there's no way it could be that coincidental  but maybe it was a snake and maybe it's in my van that has both sliding doors wide open and Lee just told me last week:

"Chicky you'd better keep your doors closed otherwise you'll end up with something in there you won't like"

Continue scanning the garage for anything weird. Hey there is no orange stripe on my bag of soccer balls… 



Call Lee. I know he is not coming home but I call anyways. Yeah pointless
Call Nani. I doubt Nano will be home but it's worth a shot. Nope not home
Call boys (plus ABs) mom. Her husband is at work still and the deputy across the street also not home. 
Get idea from her to run to another neighbors house. Not home. It 3:15 in the afternoon and NO ONE {who is skilled in the snake killing department} is HOME!!!!!!!!!!!
Run back to garage. 
Snakey is still there
Call animal control. Yep I'm desperad-a
Snakey darts out of garage in my direction. Life flashes before my eyes (okay not but it was traumatic). Seriously I was shaking

Call pest control. Yeah snakes are not in the same realm of spiders and roaches. 
Snake settles under the little work truck. Must keep eye on snake
Call my mother-in-law. Tell her I need one of the guys to come to the house ASAP - meaning like 25 minutes.

Then by my prayers were answered - because I'm pretty sure I could not just stare at that snake for 25 minutes - the neighbor on the really loud white truck that  - goes and comes, and goes and comes, and goes and comes, every 2.5 seconds every single day - comes pulls down the street. I frantically flag him down and tell him my dilemma. 

He comes over and asks me if I have anything to kill the snake because "he's only killed snakes with guns." Fantastic. Beggars cannot be choosers you know.  Well no guns so he settled for the only hoe in the garage. E's little purple hoe. He requests backup in the form of a normal sized flat shovel. Call Lee. Run to shed. Pray I don't see another snake. Find shovel. Run back to scene. 

Oh my goodness my super-loud-white-truck-driving neighbor was so super brave he got the shovel under the van and keep getting closer and closer until he was as close to the head as he could get and JAB! 

The snakes whips around and I'm behind him whacking the purple hoe in the air {looking like a total freak} and then the snake does not die. Grrr… 

Snake whips up into wheel well and super-loud-white-truck-driving neighbor repeats aforementioned tactics to put an end to the snake

Seriously I could have hugged him. But I didn't because I don't even know his name. But I am going to find out when I have a ribbon wrapped box of thank yous for killing that snake. 

Some reflection:

A. It turns out this snake is actually a red belly water snake. {Thanks Nani} Not poisonous

B. I feel totally violated 

C. Guardian angel. Yes. Normally I park outside in the grass and leave the van doors open or I park in the garage and leave the garage doors open and van doors open. Today I closed the garage doors for some reason. 

D. Guardian angel. Yes. I went to go check to see if we still had a seat cushion for our old table and chair set which is in the garage. Why? I have no idea but thank God I did because normally after rest I'll have E and R put their Crocs on and open the garage doors (if they are not already) and send them on their way while I head in to get M organized and outside. R is the first to the soccer balls.

Seriously those girls would have been trembling for weeks had that snake come after them. 

E. The snake was likely after this little dude 

Saved by the soccer ball bag
F. Ick I don't like snakes

Hoping you have a snake-free rest of your day week month year life! 

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Five Favs - Reasons Why I Love School is out for the Summer

Okay it's just preschool but you know

1. The girls take excellent rests

Well R is a pretty consistent rester anyways but E is pretty hit or miss and more along the lines of a whiny miss. But today I told her it was time for rest and bam she was out for 1.5 hrs. I guess that's what 4 hours of playtime will do to you. I'm a big fan of structured preschool stuff especially because E craves structure but there's something about running around and being on the playground that wears her out. Excellent. I walked in our room (where she rests) and she was just waking up and I asked her if she rested and she assured me she had NOT.

2. Lunch

I'm so bad at lunch. Lunch is always so rough around here anyways because we roll into the driveway a solid 45 minutes after the average person's lunch time. Today I realized things are going to get dicey soon with M because she is going to be a more vocal eater here really soon. R stole the show though and screamed for her milk cup (even though she was beet red from being outside) so cheese sticks all around - well not for M.

Evidence of peanut butter and butter sandwich

The most vocal and least vocal of the girls. I am thinking there will be a role reversal soon.
R proceeded to pick at her ham and cheese and E devoured her peanut butter and butter sandwich. Gag. I know but I was not up for an argument.

Must improve lunching skillz.

3. Playing outside

I LOVE being able to play outside usually in swim suits. Mainly because the screaming and crying and laughing and loud playing does not reverberate through the walls of the casa. But also because the girls love it. But a lot of it means there is less mess to clean up inside. #winning

Cobbler's kids don't have shoes. Poolman's kids don't have pools

Kibbe Family Pool. Not lying

4. Eating outside

I don't know about you but my kids are insanely not cleaning eaters. I don't want to say they are messy because it is not like they purposefully sit there and throw food on the floor or spill their drinks (though M is learning about gravity by forever dropping her sippy cup on the floor - which drives Papa absolutely bonkers).

ANYWAY we take advantage of being outside and then we'll just flow right into dinner whether on the front porch or back patio. No crumbs on the floor = a good meal in our house

5. Blackout curtains

Okay this like #2 is a bit sarcastic because I think it should read; if I had blackout curtains then I would really love the summer. Seriously, the window in the girls room gets the afternoon sun and sunset so it stay bright in there until later and later and later. Maybe one day we will get around to getting some blackout curtains and shades and shutters or something but for now we get to listen to the silly sisters laugh-it-up for nearly an hour after they've gone to bed

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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Answer Me This - Hats off to our veterans

Happy Memorial Day! Thank you veterans…

1. Beach or Mountains? Where would you rather be?

Beach. Well at least 3/5 of our family would vote for the beach. M has never been and when we go this year she'll probably be consuming a good amount of sandy goodness. So we'll count her. so 80% of Hurricane Kibbe likes the beach. Here is why the other 20% percent who is more like 75% of the vocal-decision making portion of the family CANNOT STAND THE BEACH:

1. It is hot
2. It requires being outside
3. It is sandy

Now on the surface you'd think my husband is a bit loco. But I can at least see his point of view. He works outside in the 80-100 degree heat for 9-13 hours a day, six days a week for several months out of the year so his line is "Why would I want to stay a vacation to the beach where it is hot and sandy and I am outside when I am around that EVERYDAY for work." Points taken. 

HOWEVER, we went to the beach growing up every summer. Same beach. Same house. Good times. Fortunately Grammy and Grandpa Joe still go to the beach (I think mostly at E's request) so we tag-a-long. 

We {heart} grandparents : ) {and Uncle Kev}

2. Which is more fun: Christmas Eve, or Christmas morning? 

Fun? Fun.. Now that is interesting. Christmas Eve means lots of packing up, and writing random Christmas tunes according to me, and church. I really like our Christmas Eve church service - vespers + Liturgy + feast afterward with Christmas carols. I still really like it but you know with kids.. they are kind of game changers so it is just different. 

Obligatory family pic after Christmas Liturgy

Christmas morning is great. We wake up at my parents house and the girls are not overly anxious to be the first downstairs at 4 am. Probably because we are not a Santa Claus-ing family. This year E kinda rush some of the present opening but it was still nice and manageable. 

Pretty much sums up x-mas 2013

It is worth noting I also really like the second day of Christmas when we go to Jibbe's house and celebrate Christmas with the Kibbe side of the family. No rushing around on the day. No choosing where we have to go the next year. 

3. What’s the most embarrassing childhood outfit you remember wearing?

Don't know if this counts but for Old Fashion Schools Days in the second grade I had to wear a dress and bonnet (or some other head piece) and I cried so hard about having to wear it and my parents still have a picture framed on their mantle of me sulking before school. 

4. Your house is quiet, you don’t have to do work (housework included). What do you do?

I'm working on this for Lee:

I've don't more just haven't post it

Somehow I am lacking a picture of this stocking actually backed

But I really need to get with the program and just finish Lee's already because I need to do M's. 

Maybe this year Lee will actually rig up some sort of hook and line for the stockings at our house {ehem} because this year he definitely didn't {ehem.. yeah I just called you out! : ) love you} 

5.  What movie do you want to watch when you’re feeling under the weather?

Not into movies. Sorry. I'd rather watch House Hunters on HGTV. 

6. Did you have an American Girl doll when you were little? If so, which one?

Yes. Samantha anad Molly. Yes they are still around my parents waiting for the right time to come out for the girls but I imagine it will be another 5+ years, right? When do girls get 'into' American Girls?

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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Answer Me This - Karma...

Not that I actually believe in karma but if I did...

1. What's the scariest thing that's ever been in your yard?

Oh and Lee was not home that afternoon last year so it was Mr. Nani to the rescue to dispose of the snake for us. Well here's the thing… I was thinking about skipping out on the Answer Me post this week because between school parties and school programs and school outages… it's gonna be wild BUT…

Neighbor toting snake off to the creek even though the snake was mortally wounded

We had another today. Lee was home and the not-so-little guy hid out under the grill for a while. 


Snakes creep me OUT. Seriously, Adam. Eve. What were you thinking???? 

2. Beards? Thumbs up or thumbs down? 

Haha.. Nice another interesting question. Clearly thumbs up - goatee only. When I first met Lee he had a full beard and his typical hair and seriously he looked like a Viking. No lies. 

HOWEVER.. Lee has threatened to grow his beard when he buzzes his hair (because he's losing it). He claims he's not going to shave/buzz it. He also claims he's going to grow out a beard. I am only in favor of the former. ONLY. 

3. If stuff breaks, can you fix it?

Ha! Unlikely. Very unlikely. I just dropped off a handful of shorts that needed buttons put back on or tightened. Mainly because I don't have time and it's only $2. Totally worth it, right?

4. What was your first car?

1990 Volvo. It was epic. I had a license plate HONK4DMB with a crazy amount of Dave Matthews Band bumper stickers. 

And then I got in a wreck. In a parking lot. And totaled it. Yeah.. not one of my better moves. 

5. How often do you eat out? 

Errr.. Once or twice a month? Leaving the house with 3 kids at home at dinner time is complicated. Leaving the girls with a sitter (aka my MIL because M is still really small right?) is a lot of work for my mother in law. 

6. Why is your hair like that?

Ha! My hair is usually up in a bun of sorts because it is too easy not to and trying to get out the door is complicated. My hair cannot add to the complicated-ness. 

This is how Lee would like to see me with my hair all the time but.. yeah that does not happen often

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Friday, May 16, 2014

7QTs - Sand, squirrels and sprinklers

Let's kick this off with some general hilarious-ness

--- 1 ---

While at dinner this week:

E - Mama, is Jesus in your heart?
Me - Hmmm… Yes. {I'm learning about all this evangelical lingo via my 4 yr old courtesy of preschool - Hello Bible Belt}
E - {collecting her thoughts} If Jesus is in your heart, ping, plip… He'll put a baby in your tummy

Seriously? Seriously. I had to leave the table and collect myself just so I didn't spit out my food. Apparently Preschool + talking about M's middle name got smashed together in the same synapse. 

I'm NOT making an announcement like Rosie did this week. 

--- 2 ---

While we are on this baby topic. Really quick. First it was Nani on Friday and then on Sunday I was talking to another lady and our priest (who has five kids) about some of the commentary I got last week. And I have come to a realization about the question:

So, are you done?

A. This does not offend me. If you want to get all up in my (and my husband's) personal life then fine. I'll tell you - "No, I/we hope not"

B. Imagine yourself on the outside of this conversation listening in. There are a handful of good friends of mine who would gladly welcome any number of kids if they simply could conceive in the first place. 

So I think this "Are you done" question is grossly offensive to any couple who is experiencing infertility. How do you think they feel when they hear that question asked and they either have no kids or just one or two? Maybe they only have one child but "that's all the Lord gave them" maybe they don't have any children yet because they are still waiting and praying for a miracle. 

I've heard a conversation like this at least twice:

Random Guy - Is that your first? {point to M}
Me - No; she's our third
RG - Oh wow
Me - Yep
RG - Well we were only blessed with one but we would have taken two, three, four… six?
Me - Oh nice!

Am I totally out in left field? 

--- 3 ---

Let's see in other news this week. We fattened up the squirrel population in our backyard after I realized that some Cheese Puffs from past school parties were stale. 

It took them 2 days to eat down the pile. And yes E is wearing the same pajamas because she insists she keeps them clean and when she's wearing her favorites then they get recycled. 

--- 4 ---

Scenes from the heat of this week: 

R will not get near the sprinkler. She talks about it but really does not like it. As in will walk half way across the yard to avoid it. E discovered she could collect water from the sprinkler and dump it anywhere so why not the sandbox?

E - R don't splash me!
R - I sorry
E - We need more water
R - Mora waaaa-ter

R's thinking - Hehe.. I'm getting E to do all the leg work while I splash here in the sand and water

--- 5 ---
M just watches safety from her perch

Because she's super cute like that : ) 

--- 6 ---

Oh Lukie….

Some days I think this dog generally appreciate us being outside. Our first summer at the house he barked at us every single day. Now he sometimes does not even come off the deck when he hears us. E likes keeping tabs on Lukie-Luke whether we are in the backyard or on a walk and we talk to him from the street. R has just started to talk about Wukie-Wuk. 

--- 7 ---

Did you see our pink car conundrum? I think the solution is for the girls to have a Pink Cadillac restoration project with Uncle Kevin one day because Grammy said a pink cadillac is way nicer than a Jeep.

As for making this happen. I am stumped:

E - Mama, when I die I'm going to die in a pink grave
Me - Ummmm…. okay
E - Yeah a pink one.

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