Saturday, March 31, 2012

Friday, March 30, 2012

Images from the Afternoon #5

R was snoozing in the Zooper and E was doing her own thing. More to come on the Zooper but for now just loving life in the Mount

Potty woes

So I have been trying to have E wear big girl underwear in the afternoons to get on this whole potty training thing. She has interest in the underwear interest in the potty and much interest in the potty treats but the combination of the three not so much.

Wednesday we had potty meltdown mania! When I got her up from her nap she fought me about putting on underwear and screamed for at least 20 min over it and refused to sit on the potty and wailed for a diaper. I was in the mood to play along and not back down because I knew she needed to use the potty she just did not want to actually sit on it. Then she had a minor accident which caused a major crisis but still she refused the potty.
We had a play date so I somehow got the underwear on and we moved outside. Everything was fine until there was another small accident which again she would not use the potty.

Now here is my dilemma... E is not even giving this potty thing a try anymore which leads me to want to just forget about it but she knows she needs to use the potty! She is just bring stubborn which comes courtesy of me so in my own stubbornness I don't want to cave because I think we could be at a turning point because now she knows the implications of not using the potty...


Yours truly...

The Stubborn Potty Mama

Sunday, March 25, 2012

R Update - 6 weeks?!?!

Its hard to believe little R has been here for 6 weeks. That is insane! Life has been... hmmm crazy! We have been back in the swing of 'normal' for a month. R and I go to work and E goes to MMO. It is working out well. E has been talking up a storm but I will try and keep the post mostly focused on R. In other family news, Lee has been charged with making sausage for a church fundraiser so that has been keeping him busy and our freezer smelling like sausage!

Fresh baby!

Proud Papa

Hello world!

Going home

Family storytime

Obligatory small baby pic


Back to the baby at hand. R is super cute - clearly. We have gotten into a night time schedule - not routine yet - though I cannot wait to start sleep training when she is about three months. I started off with that because being able to get some sleep at night has not made me go into zombie mommy mode. R started off nursing 3-4 times a night and has now cut it to 1-2 maybe 3 times. I am doing the co-sleeping with her- for now. E loved to sleep in the My BrestFriend but R would not have anything to do with that - same with the swaddling wrap - E loved it and R is not a fan.

Going to work R is a sleeper either in the infant carrier or Beco Baby carrier - love that thing! She eat once and then is out. I just got both pack and plays set up at both jobs so that I can put a mobile and let her have toys for when she is awake.

Other random tidbits of info...

Thank goodness for those Infant gas drops - those have been a lifesaver. R got some for Valentine's Day.

Papa has introduced the bottle to R. Just so I can ummm.. take a shower in peace. R is not a super huge bottle taker but it is still early. She really fought it the first couple times but now is okay with it.

R has started expressing herself. She coos occasionally and has smiled a couple times. I watched her sleep this morning before I got out of bed and she had the best expression from huge grins to super sad I'm about to cry now faces! She has not really found her thumb or fist yet. She loves her swing and probably could sit in it all day (unlike E). R is generally peaceful and quiet but when she wants to eat watch out because she will pipe up with her lungs - something we have been accustom to thanks to her big sis.
Big sis supervising
Yawning/screaming sisters

Snuggling before night nights

Directing the orchestra before church

Tummy time + tea time courtesy of E

Where's R? E going all out on this sharing concept!

Enjoying time on the mat

My sleeping partner otherwise known as the bed hog of 2012

So big already!

Sister love!

Oh and R is a super major bed hog

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I know its warm but not that warm

Yesterday the girls and I ventured to the local consignment sale after MMO which was convenient because we just had to go to a different parking spot. R was in the Beco and E was in the stroller - I started off with R in the stroller and E walking and that lasted all of 2.5 seconds.

Anyway we found some great bargains in the rows and rows of clothes - I think there was twice as much stuff as in the fall. Among the finds are two dresses that could be Easter dresses if I don't find ones that match - yes I desperately want the girls to match for Easter but I am not crazy about what is out there or it's insanely expensive. There are some super cute options at Janie and Jack but I am not shelling out $150 for Easter clothes!!!!

We also found a couple pairs of shoes for E since she is rough on shoes and we also got a new bathing suit. For whatever reason E saw it on the table after her nap yesterday and wore it all afternoon, took it off for her bath, and howled when she realized she could not wear it to bed! Here's to summertime....

Sunday Snapshot

Friday, March 23, 2012


E phoned up Roy to give her input on the Marshall situation...

We will be cheering on the Heels from the Mount today!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wisdom of a Toddler - And the number after 20 is...


Got that tidbit of awesomeness yesterday on our walk as we were counting 'gum-balls'. E can get up to 12 then its get hazy.. she knows seventeen  and a few other teens and definitely 20. Then eleven-teen came out of left field and then of course 26. 

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

E Update - 20 months


So I cannot believe it is that time of the month when I have to give an update on non-so-little E! It is crazy that she is 20 months old!!! So here goes...

E got to have some special time with Papa in December because MMO was closed for 2 weeks. She helped him start packing with the 'stickies' and was a very good 'helpies' with the 'stickies' but she would put her pieces on the already taped up boxes. I don't think that she has a clue why everything is packed up but she does not seem to be bothered by it. She has visited the new house once but without our things in it she does not understand why we were there. 

E had a super great Christmas season. She enjoyed Christmas day with my parents, the next day with all 6 cousins and rounded it off with the 14th day of Christmas (because Mama and Papa were not on the ball) with stockings - more to come on the 12th Day of Christmas! She has only managed to break one of her new toys - a stroller -but fear not, she got 2. I have noticed that she had very little interest in her box of toys. Even some of the new things. Some days she will dump the box and play and other days could care less about playing with the toys. She loves her flower pots which she sticks on her head - and those would not even be there if I did not get Lee the wrong thing at Wally-world. 

She remains highly interested in Mama and Papa things. In particular my shoes. Lee said she played in our closet with my shoes one afternoon for at least 20 minutes. I am trying to teach her about matching shoes and matching shoes and outfits - which is just comical. She loves picking out her shoes. Her black ones are her favorite and demanded them for church on Sunday. She still does not really care about the clothes she wear though she like to have on 'skirts' and 'po-kay-pots' (polka-dots). E is FINALLY wearing bows for more than 2.5 seconds which is excellent because her hair is getting pretty long. 

E loves to have a book in her hand. She has to have several books in bed with her at night night time too. We have resorted to only the cardboard books because she is still quite abusive to the books and then gets upset when they are 'broken'. She got 4 toothbrushes in her 'stockin' and for whatever reason has decided she has to take a toothbrush to bed too??? I have no idea but its not worth the fight so Lee and I have caved the last few nights.

E can articulate what she wants/needs and is learning to use please and thank you. I think I would go insane if there was not some form of thanks for tending to her every need. I probably did not tell my parents thank you enough growing up! She loves count and know numbers 1-10 but usually cannot start on one and make it all the way to ten - seven is a bit confusing for whatever reason. We sing ABCs quite often. My favorite part and we get to 'W' and I pause for her to insert the letter and she shouts out 'doubles'. Let's see. We are trying to teach E her name. She cannot get it out yet though we have started spelling it for her. She knows it has an E, Z,A, and H in it - not only that she loves to shout out H while we are spelling it. 
Finally her most recent accomplishment was saying 'Al-lay-lu-la' at church this past Sunday after it had been sung and it was quiet. It was INSANELY cute/awesome/whatever and the other 40ish people who were there totally appreciated it. E its

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Okay wipeys like WHOA this afternoon. I will spare you the pics - I did not really take any but anyways. I forgot about blowout diapers until today. E was down for her nap and R is on her mat and I am around to eat and I see that R's onesies is slightly wet. No biggie. Go to the changing table and bam its more than wet! I think I used 10 wipes to clean up the diaper and 1 to clean R's face from where she spit up while I was transporting the massive diaper mess to the trashcan. Oh babies!

Take a sec and click the link below. It takes all of 2.5 seconds!

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My Morning in Pics #4

E wore her new slippers the while night which is amazing since about three weeks ago we could not keep her clothes on at night!

R is starting to be more expressive and was having fun on her mat this morning. I think she might have slept from 9 to 6 last night either that or I es just that tired.

Our final adventure of the am was I was getting R dressed and it was eerily quiet which generally means E is unloading her dresser... Not today she decided to unload a pillow that had a hole in it. Needless to say that is in the trash....

Is it Friday yet?
On the mat!
Pillow = Destroyed!
Its Becca on the Mat!