Sunday, May 26, 2019

Holy Week and Bright Week

Linking up with Kelly ... we survived and writing about it a month later


Soccer FINALLY began the Tuesday of Holy Week. It has rained and rained and rained here and the first two weekends of soccer were canceled. 

A's team is the Tigers and A is intent on scoring a goal so he can go out for his first goal ice cream treat. He thinks he scores goals in warm ups but I keep telling him it has to be DURING the game. We are working on that concept.


Our crew survived Holy Week... 

Good Friday vespers and PB and jelly or honeys was our simple meal of choice. I remain quite proud of the kids powering through 5 of 8 days at church services and all the travel time that went along with that. 


Holy Saturday is a strange day, no? Not solemn like Good Friday but not celebratory like Pascha. Lee cooked all day. The girls and I made cupcakes to go along with a meal Lee was cooking: 

They worked on their Cake Decorating badge for AHG. 

We learned about different frosting dyes and piping with the star tip. That was interesting to say the least. 

M and A decorated a few remaining cupcakes with sprinkles which was waaaaaaaaaay more up my alley. 

Their flower and butterfly cupcakes with piping!


We dropped all of them off knowing there were lots of sweets to be had at church and at Grammy's the next day but there was lots of bowl, and knife and spatula licking :  )


It was a late and colder Pascha than normal

As in I had to swap out the sandals for tights and closed toed shoes late Saturday night. Pascha Matins and DL is a LONG service and the kids gave it their best. 

Then we went to my parents for dinner and basket hunting. Pringles and cereal are also a huge hit and I am still looking for about half of the peg dolls I gave them (which does not make me a happy mama). 


The last week of April aka Spring Break - I decided that M needed to giving swimming a whirl - just so she could feel good about it going into the summer season. Soccer was off that week and they were out of school so it seemed like a good idea. 

Which meant lots of park time for A and C

Which they loved

Forever with shoes on the wrong feet... 


So there was lots of swimming and one tired M who powered through most of it

She couldn't decide if she loved it or hated it because she always said she wanted to go to swim practice but then while she was there she got really nervous (spoiler - we ended up swimming in May and she's been doing much better)


The Friday of Bright Week it rained

So A and C and me were stuck inside while the big girls did yoga during their swim. I realize there are some questionable breathing and noising and intentions that cane be made during some yoga classes but I trust that is not being taught at our Y. E even said she wanted to go to yoga class so maybe there will be a kids yoga class in the works? 

Then we all headed home to enjoy some super meaty pizza on a Friday which is basically unheard of around these parts : ) 

Saturday, May 11, 2019

Nine and Feeling Fine

Yesterday was E's ninth birthday! Crazy I know. We had her party on her actual birthday which made her day because she got to open all her presents on one day. She was given some pretty neat Lego sets and clothes and a long awaited new scooter and a knitted blanket. 

Grammy made the cake (of course) and it was delicious. 

She needed a running start to blow out the candles!

But didn't get them all on the first try : ) 

Our family pic sans C because she had a fever and slept through the whole thing. I was really worried that E would lose it when her one friend couldn't make it because she was sick too but E was surprisingly good with it. She requested popsicles for a treat at school, after swim practice (before her party) and after her soccer game (the next day). 

Next year I told her she could have a party with all her friends (if she wants) and she read this book (shocking) about an escape from Alcatraz which sounded like an Escape Room - ish kind of thing and so now she's busy planning her Escape Room 10th birthday because she's a planner like that. 

She's a planner and a constantly thinking about things to come (we are trying to encourage her to live in the moment and not anticipating the future). She's an avid bookworm and hard working student. A dedicated swimmer and gaining-some-confidence-soccer-player (which has been really fun to watch over the last several weeks) which we are sure she'll continue to work hard it both sports. E is very excited about her summer musical she's in and has read through the script at least a few times to decide what she's going to try out for. It has been a busy, joy-filled nine years with lots of twists and turns and learning curves. We are so grateful God blessed us with her as the leader of our kids.

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Seize the May

I was talking to several friends the past few days and reflecting on the next several weeks ahead. The month of May is a busy month for most I know - end of year EVERYTHING at school, spring sports, the beginning of summer and sprinkle in a birthday or two and Mother's Day and BAM your schedule can be filled to the BRIM. On top of that for me/us, Lee is not very available/present because pool season is in full swing. Thus, much of the rigmarole of May fall to MOI. 

It is kind of a grit-and-get-through-it month. It is also a month I'd in theory like to just skip because it is alot. But in my reflections and conversations, if I were to bury my head in the couch and not seize the month of May, I think I'll miss out on a whole lot. The soccer games. The birthday girl. The celebrations. The accomplishments. All because I don't have the right outlook and frame of mind. 

So the motto for May 2019 is, Embrace May and Don't Wish it Away. 

Here's to being present in May and not just rushing through it to throw the kids in bed. Here's to later than normal bedtimes and a stricter meal planning schedule. Here's to driving in many directions and being grateful for the opportunity to go to five hundred million things. Here's to Sundays and spending them with Papa. 

Here's to loving these kids - plus the two not pictured 

and teaching them what it means to be present for each other. 

May, you are going to be a busy month but we will embrace all you have in store.