Friday, August 30, 2013

7QTs - Happy (hopefully) {non} Labor Day Weekend Edition

Other titles for the post included:

"Why Mama should have gotten a pooper scooper for her bday"

"Dear Sweet Child #3, if you're a boy - I'm might not EVER leave you alone with E"

"Why is there a baby doll camping out on the top of the dryer"

--- 1 ---

{Here's to Papa}

Since Papa was legitimately at a pool appointment I did not want to bother him with phone call so Nani was the one who got the first call reporting said incident. She thought it was just as ridiculous and hiliarous that I described in like cleaning up after a puppy (she had 3 and knows all about it : )

Lesson learned the 3 yr old playing in the tub peacefully can wait until the 18 month old gets properly diapered.

Lee always sounds sooo cool, calm and collected - something I try to do but seriously, seriously.

--- 2 ---
While we're on the topic of kids and cleaning up. E had an accident in her bed the night that Lee was out of town for work. Don't you love the... 'Mama, wet, I'm wet' call at 12:15. Fortunately she was not overly freaking out. But did request her Dr. Seuss sheets be put back on the bed. Changing the sheets was going to send me into labor though. Man it was highly unpleasant bending over the tiny toddler bed wedged against the wall... which is probably why I sent Lee this text...

Lee is THE resident coffee maker and coffee maker cleaner outer... I mean. I don't make the coffee he does and if he's lucky I MIGHT clean the grounds out if I am not trying to do 100000000 other things in the day. That's like me taking out the trash... I just don't do it.

--- 3 ---
Oh and how about the wifey, kitty claws were flared for a second this week. Someone tagged Lee in a photo on FB and there was a comment (thought joking and innocent I am sure) that stated 

"I hate knowing your blonde buddy there is married."

Ummm... hello! I wanted to comment. Yeah married with kid number three on the way, lady! But.... I didn't but I seriously wanted to.

--- 4 ---
I picked the girls up from school one day this week and got this gem...

Teacher - Do you want a baby brother or a baby sister?
E - A baby sister
Teacher - Don't you think you should be happy with whatever God gives you?
E - No...
Teacher - Well you'll love a brother or a sister...
E - No, I'll throw HIM in the trash can

FANTASTIC... Seriously kid, if you are a boy I will not let you out of my sight. I PROMISE!!! You will have some winning over to do though

Along that line, we had a girls dinner at the house the evening Lee was out of town. My amigas made Huevos Rancheros. If you have not had them, get them - because they are awesome. Anyways, they were questioning E about the brother/sister thing and this came up either with them or shortly after they left

Me - What if the baby's a boy?
E - I want a girl
Me - I have brother
E - I want 2 sisters
Me - Well we already have 3 girls in the house. Shouldn't we have 3 girls and 2 boys?
E - No! We only have one boy in the house - PAPA!

--- 5 ---

I had to take R to the pediatrician this week. Eye-roll. Gag. Please don't make me do this! I despise going to the pediatrician ESPECIALLY for check ups. Fortunately, it is not in the dead of cold and flu season and I had an early afternoon appt and Jibbe had E for the afternoon so it was just me and R.

We grabbed a banana, milk, squeezable fruit pack (which I NEVER buy) for lunch at the grocery store. It was awesome. She did not want to hold my hand in the parking lot because she wanted to walk herself but I insisted and won out - of course. Once up on the sidewalk she tooled around herself and followed me into the store stopping to wave and say "hiii" to whomever she could charm. When we got in the store she kind of just took off like she owed the place and I guided her around to our various stops.

She insisted on carrying her 'nana' out to the car. She was so fun to watch and see her little personality. After a quick food fix in the car we headed to the peds office. She waved and screamed 'baby' to all the babies that were there. We waited in the waiting room. Then we got called. She was sooo big and stood up on the big stand up scale all by herself - E DID NOT do this until after she was 2. I have memories of that. 

The nurse attempted to take her height with the stand up measuring stick which R was not crazy about and she ended up in the 9% percentile for height - down from about 30% last trip so I don't believe that was horribly accurate. 

R - the skeptic - did not like having her head measured or her heart listened to. Then we were placed in our holding cell. My least favorite part of the doctor experience... EVER. I had books, and snacks and a cup for R to be entertained. I am halfway convinced the doctors and nurses are doing some sort of sanity study about what parents do with their kids in a 12x12 room with the door shut. 

We read Clifford. Drank milk. R had Cherrios then dropped the container on the floor. She chewed on the chair. Took off her socks. Screamed a bit. Then after 30 minutes - YES THIRTY - minutes in the holding tank I go out to the nurses station with my patience being tested and ask if we'll be seen soon. Mind you this is the nurse that I walked out on before because I waited 50 minutes for a different time - so she and the doctor are aware of my policy/tolerance. She just nodded. 

I left the door wide open so everyone could hear the disgust of R who was tired and frustrated.

Another 5 minutes and zoom in comes the apologetic doctor who said he was dealing with a sick patient and stuff. Fine. Fine Fine. I get it. But can't you at least tell me its going to be 35 minutes BEFORE I go get locked in my cell????

Anyway R skeptical. Got a good report. Survived her shot and that's all. 

I still despise going to the pediatrician's office and I am not looking forward to picking up where R is leaving off with having to go EVERY 3 MONTHS with baby #3 but its a mom thing I guess. So I will suck it up and DEAL!

--- 6 ---

E got signed up for soccer this week. I cannot say that I am super disappointed she is not doing ballet because the 6 yr old little girls running around the dance studio in sports bras made me want to gag - sorry I don't see how that is appropriate but maybe I'm just old fashion. Maybe next year. I bet she'll do ballet camp over the summer again and I will sign her up for swim class for a month before the year is over - I promise. And I am trying to convince Papa to take R to parent-tot swim class too.

--- 7 ---
Lastly, in the car last night E thought it would be brilliant to chew on her baby's foot after eating an Oreo for dessert. Yes she is 3 and yes I still have to tell her to not put things in her mouth. Well she paid the price because the baby ended up with a wet, black foot.

E was so mad/unhappy/upset.

Compounded by the fact that it was past 7:30 and she skipped rest because her cousin was at Jibbe's (see I am not that tyrannical). She MELTED DOWN. I assured her I would take care of it. I told her I'd put baby in the wash. SCREAMS. I told her I would take baby to the doctor. EVEN LOUDER. I got her vitamins. Brushed her teeth through tears. Plopped her on the potty with more screams and sent her to bed... without baby. She was asleep in minutes. Threw baby in the wash. Oreo came out. Baby rested on the dryer for the rest of the night (and morning) as my wash dried. And so did she. Crisis... semi-averted. Score one for the mama team.

Happy Friday... y'all

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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Papa's Stocking Update

Here's what we got going currently:

Remember I had the pattern mirrored so all of our stocking toes face the same way?

In other stocking news. E announced she wants a different stocking... Dream on child. 

I cannot stop thinking about what baby #3's stocking will be. I have a boy stocking picked out but of course this baby is a girl - right? So guess I should pack that pattern away for a rainy day. 

I don't like the top border and text style on Lee's stocking... at all. I am looking through the Kooler stocking book the girl's stockings are out of for some inspiration/guidance. Ideas? Anyone? Anyone?

Finally, I have been been comparing R's stocking and Lee's and I am thinking I used a different size cloth. Lee's cloth seems to have a tighter weave. So, now I am wondering if it was an accident and I picked up the wrong size OR if I looked at the pattern size on his and chose the size that would make his stocking about the same size at the girls stockings.... Time will tell I suppose!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

R's School of Hard Knocks and other Things

R has been through A-L-O-T this past week.

She took a tumble down the stairs. Fortunately I caught her before she made a total crash landing on the hardwood floors. I seriously had my heart stop for a whole 5 minutes. R was shaken up - literally - but no worse for the wear.

Let's see she took a nosedive on the driveway and her knees were not spared BUT R got right up and kept running on.

Then among the regular bumpies and crashes, during her meltdown at church on Sunday she fell and scraped up her fingers to the point where she was uncontrollably freaking out. There definitely was a bit of blood involved...

Lastly, yesterday afternoon we were out on the swingset sliding and swinging  - the works. E decided to hop on her swing and do the belly swing without looking behind her and R just happened to be perfectly poised to take a foot to the chest and went airborne and well, the rest ended in two girls being in tears. R shook it off though and once she had a squeeze and her cup - she was good to go - straight to dinner of course!

In other news she is talking up a storm. I got her up from her nap yesterday and we were sitting in the rocker just talking. I asked her if she had a nice day and stuff and she was babbling on and I could have sworn she said be-tus and went on rambling about something. Because? You are too small to use such a big word!

She is also doing this super cute... "no, no, nooo" thing when she doesn't want to do something. She'll look you straight in the eye and run around and shake her head.

After breakfast this morning we were checking out the 17+ wild turkeys in the backyard and R made some cute attempts a turkey but could not quite eeek it out. Then I asked what a turkey says? {Blank stare - of course}. Gobble, gobble, gobble - I told her. Goggle, Goggle Goggle - with a super big grin. And then the turkeys were gone into the woods : )

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Monday, August 26, 2013

The Weekend in Pics with commentary

We kicked off my bday weekend with chocolate bagels from the freezer - I definitely never complain when it comes to chocolate and breakfast time. We loaded up in the van-o and headed to Pullen Park.... This is what it looked like when we left.

Pullen Park was a hit. Maybe if I EVER get my act together and post pics from the real camera you can see how much fun we had. We got there 20 minutes before all the rides opened and hit up a playset for a few. R demanded that she walk around and wanted nothing to do with the stroller - she is getting so big and independent. She thought it was soooo great to slide the slide especially all by herself. E liked climbing up the spider web. Then we heard the sound of the choo-chooo. R was confused at first but then was totally into waving to everyone once we could see it.

We went to the carousel first. E picked her normal pig. I tried to get R on an animal but she put the huge don't not even think about putting me down squeeze on me so we opted for the sleigh with the other skeptical little ones. R got used to it though. I was ready to get down. It is a super fast carousel!

Off to the boats. We decided we could not trust R to sit the whole ride so E rode solo. We missed the train by a minute or two so we waited around for that. R did not like waiting while sitting on the train and was not crazy about the train at first. Thought she did do better than the train ride she took with Papa at the Rocky Mount park a few weeks ago which involved her screaming the ENTIRE time.

We let the girls play in the sand for a few before we loaded up. The park really started to crowd up so it was time to go and get lunch. We got some Middle Eastern food as a teaser to our trip to DC for the food festival next week. R is not a really great person to take out to eat... She is into the screaming stage ... but I guess that comes with the territory.

Next up... new shoes for school for E. I don't know what it is about a new pair of shoes for school so.... E got her pair for 3 yr old class this year. We went to a local/family owned store in Raleigh-world because I did not know her size and who does not like supporting local family businesses? It was crowded and R was in desperate need of a nap so we worked fast. E was generally indifferent to all the other people and all the shoes. There were light up shoes. Insanely glittery shoes. Neon colored shoes. Crazy expensive shoes. So I narrowed the options to E to something more toned down that were not slip ones and non-lace up. I cannot say I am crazy about her pick and I may have tried to encourage her to choose something different but she could not be swayed. Oh well... If she goes to Catholic school next year she'll have to wear boring black shoes so I can justify these for a year.

We got to Grammy and Grandpa Joe's and E had to show them off. Uncle Kevin was there for added entertainment. The girls when down for rests but did not rest at all. So it was early bed for them which was nice because the adults had a tasty, peaceful dinner. Then a leisurely chocolately dessert that would make your head spin - good thing I pasted that 3 hr glucose test!!!

Chocolate blackout cake courtesy of Grammy.

We enjoyed the rest of the evening on the porch - Papa don't you think we need to figure out a screened in porch in the 5 yr plan?

Then it was hi-ho hi-ho off to the Ukrainian speaking church on Sunday after homemade breakfast treats thanks to Grammy. It was nice not rushing out the door before the sun comes up. The girls enjoyed sitting in the third row together.

Mom's of 3 or more kids, how do you configure the carseats in a minivan? I was really surprised there was hardly any space between the two carseats in the third row! Not that it matters right now but still.

Anyway R thinks its hilarious/necessary to scream randomly in the van so then E gets upset and starts screaming at her... Solution. Hold her others hands and... silence. At least temporarily. The girls faired well at church. During the first Litany E sang "Lord have mercy" but everyone responded in Ukrainian so she was insanely confused. R did not cope too well. We stood outside for a large portion of Liturgy. She proceeded to fall on the concrete and destroy 2 candles - nothing horribly out of the ordinary.

After church we were treated to a nice last brunch. R loves poppyseed muffins. Afternoon naps were a total bust because the girls fell asleep in the van - during which time Lee and I discussed in rare silence the title of his future book - 'Peace from on High - The Salvation of My Soul' topic - fatherhood.

After I napped and the girls didn't Jibbe came with fresh fried chicken and salad and mac and cheese which was - of course - a HUGE hit. Seriously, seriously, seriously... I have an awesome MIL... I know.

The girls went to bed. E is not coping well with bedtime regardless of whether there is an afternoon nap. Up and down, up and down. Needing stuff. Finally I told her if she got out of bed another time she was going in the crib - I love how that threat still elicits a response.

Nani came over and we did a loop around the 'hood and talked - love that we are vecinas.

Worked on Papa's stocking - I am at the point where if I put my head down and powered through it I MIGHT be able to finish the stitching - not backstitching by October. I think if I could get all the stitching done the backstitching would be possible to complete with a newborn consuming all freetime : )

Overall, excellent bday weekend - oh and that did not include dinner out on Thursday. If you are ever in Farmville, NC and want an excellent meal... hit me up and I'll give you the name of this place. We decided to let E go with us because her cousin was in town with Jibbe so she was on cloud 9 because she was going out to dinner. She did very well and helped me finish out my chocolate birthday brownie.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Seven Quick Takes - T-minus 68 days

--- 1 ---

{Here's to Papa}

Texted not spoken... but get the idea : ) Love him... even when he won't bring me water : ) Nani saved the day!
--- 2 ---
I have missed taking pics of the girls in the mornings... Seemed like I had more time when E was not lalligagging at the breakfast table and R did not sit on the potty for 5 minutes (sometimes successfully) in the mornings.

They adore each other.

They are skeptical of me : ) 

--- 3 ---
R was left at home for a random trip to a baseball game courtesy of some people Lee works with. She was entertained by Jibbe so I am pretty sure she would have taken that over baseball any day of the week.

The Durham Bulls retired Chipper Jones' number that night so it was jam packed plus we had to drive three times as far compared to our regular team we patronize.

Can you spot Chipper Jones?

It was fun though. E demanded that I clap every time anyone else was clapping and she wanted peanuts the minute we sat down.

Father-daughter peanut bonding moments : )

E, baseball teddy and Papa!

Probably one of my newest favorite pics.... snapped a few minutes before the rain started. It sprinkled - SPRINKLED people. and was does E do? Flip out!!!! She screams at the top of her lungs... "Let's get out of here" and goes into this frantic screaming fit. So I told her we could get ice cream "when it was 5" aka the 5th inning and the rain just happened to start then so.... after a quick visit to the potty (I HATE PUBLIC RESTROOMS!) we loaded up in the van and headed east-bound and down (right?) to Goodberry's. Ever since we had our ice cream outing Saturday, E has remarked that she thinks we need to go get ice cream EVERY NIGHT around dinner so she was thrilled about Goodberry's plus there was a fountain that changed colors and it was semi-raining-ish so she got to use her umbrella. She opted for some of my Mint Chocolate Chip concrete and NOT Papa's Raspberry and Chocolate concrete. I taught her well... or subjected her to my habits in utero... She dug into my tunafish lunch the other day so I have totally sealed her fate as a mint chocolate chip loving tunafish eating kid. Which means I have sealed my fate as a mama who has to open a can of stinky tuna fish at the crack-o-dawn to fulfill my kid's lunch request. I guess E and I have Grammy to thank for both of those : ) 

--- 4 ---
{While driving to school/home}

E - Mama is a chicken lawnmower!!!
Me - What?
E - A chicken lawnmower
Me - What is a chicken lawnmower?
E - The chickens use it because they have wings and they hold on to the handles

I wish I could snap a pic of this four wheeler so you could see a visual but alas it is not in the cards at it is in a 55 mph zone and I'm not even going to try and pull off taking a pic while driving because that sounds worse than texting and driving.

--- 5 ---

There are a few notable things going on in these pics.

1. E and R 'racing' down the driveway on their cycles. As soon as E got to the top, R would start zooming backwards as fast as possible but still never managed to get a W.

2. R think its hilarious that E is chasing her up the driveway in the little red car

3. E's abandoned attempt at 'being the coach' and instructing R on the fundamentals of 3 yr old soccer. R was more interested in picking up the cones and stacking them so needless to say her coaching career was short lived.

--- 6 ---

The girls cheering Papa on during his 5 minutes of dedicated physical activity for the week : ) Sorry Papa you totally had to get called out : ) Not that you don't 'do work outside' but your stair climbing time is really the only thing that counts in my book - outside of pushing the weighed down stroller up the hill on our walks - which you resist mostly, and cave occasionally.

--- 7 ---
Yeah... about those posts. I have got to crank out that 30 in 30 post... hmmm ASAP. Lee is getting the iMac updated so the monthly posts should be on the way. And I have been on a cross stitching kick / in denial that this baby is coming in less than 10 weeks... hence my blog absence! I'm sure Uncle Kevin will hold me to more posts though... negative ghostrider!

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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Theme Thursday - Food

Okay so I D-E-S-P-E-R-A-T-E-L-Y need to post a hundred million things so let's see if I can check this one off the list.

Trying this link-up because its my motivation to blog today.

So last Sunday we were back to our regularly scheduled program of crack-o-dawn wake up call (aka Lee coming into the room at 6:14 and saying... ummm... Why are you not out of bed because we are leaving in 16 minutes and you don't have the bags packed, cups ready, girls outfits for church pulled and you are not dressed). Shockingly we made it out the door semi-on-time-ish. With enough time to stop at Brueggers for bagels and cream cheese for post-liturgical hungry tummies aka social hour.

I drove so Lee was responsible for the bagel run. E requested blueberry bagels and cinnamon raisin bagels and cinnamon cream cheese (honey walnut).

We got to church and unloaded our stuff in the hall and breakfast was served for the girls. E did not want the plain bagel I brought from home and wanted blueberry. Its quarter to 8 and not up for controversy before church and this early so blueberry bagel it is - except the blueberry bagels looked kind of dark - too dark for blueberry and too light for pumpernickel (if they even make those) - so what did Papa pick out...


No who does not like a good chocolate bagel at 7:45? Well it was a crowd pleaser for me and the girls - I cannot say anyone after church touched them with donuts right next to them so off to the freezer for the chocolate bagel. E has been asking/begging for chocolate bagels all week... Negativo ghostwriter. Maybe a weekend treat : ) 

Also as a secondary food item, you will note the redness on E's forehead. She was a mosquito's snack in between the run from the car to the hall. R suffered a similar fate when we left. 

Monday, August 19, 2013

Sunday Snapshot - Maybe we'll have some nice butterflies in a few weeks

These little guys invaded Papa's parsley and ate it down to nothing. They are on to the sage next I believe - so long as they don't venture onto the patio and get stepped on by R before we can stop her or move them out of her destructive path : )

The caterpillars have added a twist into E's request for the fall soccer team name. She was married to the bumblebees but now the caterpillars have taken center stage. 

Ni Hao Yall

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Spontaneous Ice Cream Party

To celebrate my passing of the 3 hr glucose test and to get out of the house on this gloomy wet day... Who does not like a trip to the fro-yo bar.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Five Favs - Things E melted down over today and other things

Wrong side of the bed? Can we really chalk up bad behavior to this idea? Ehh... well NO but at least it sounds good. I talking about full blown crying/sobbing/tears here people

1. Umbrella

This was as we were loading up in the van to go to school - sorry, alarm has been set and door is closed. Please try to remember your accessory tomorrow.

2. Cart at HT

We were getting flowers not filling up a shopping cart PLUS I specifically parked on the side of the lot that has the flowers RIGHT AT THE ENTRANCE so we could go fast as possible. We'll get a cart next time

3. Crackers at Swimworld

Sorry you don't need Peanut Butter crackers at Swimworld at 4:45. I'll get you a pack to take for your snack tomorrow and if you don't stop crying about it then I'll take them for snack tomorrow.

4. Jibbe's car being broken down

Seriously? Seriously?

5. Going to visit Mrs Viola

5.1 - Not wanting to go when she woke up from rest - sorry... we are going
5.2 - Crocs not matching her dress - please get another pair of shoes
5.3 - Insert 2, 3 and 4
5.4 - Not wanting to get out of the car
5.5 - Not wanting to go inside - well fine, sit outside and wail - and she did for a good 20 minutes
5.6 - Wanting to leave - okay this is just getting embarrassing
5.7 - Needing to go potty - I asked you if you needed to go BEFORE we left Mrs Viola's
5.8 - Wanting her water bottle in the van - sorry if you actually need to go potty you don't need water
5.9 - Not wanting to leave - ha! like we would get invited back!
5.10 - Wanting dessert - dream on child.

(6.) - Dinner

If you don't want/like pot roast please don't tell me 10 times after I tell you that's what we're having for dinner. To your room....................

If that did not wear you out.... While I did NOT meltdown over this... Seriously people!

Thanks Harris Teeter for the Customer with Child Parking Spots.... Now if you could only enforce it!



Here's the kicker folks, when I pulled in there was a couple who did not have kids with them walking to their car that was parked in that spot and when I came out there was a woman who also did not meet the 'having a child standard' who was walking in. 

Okay... done. I'm better. It's all out of my system. Going to cross stitch.

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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

3 hr Glucose Test

I don't always drink the foul, over sugary drink but when I do - I drink the orange one - except when the lab is out of it.

Thumbs down.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sunday Snapshot - 14 hours in St. Louis

Well we made it from the Mount to St. Louis and back to the Mount in a mere 27 hours. We were sans kids thanks to Jibbe - well we were sans our kids. Our friends have six kids so there many kids around. No problems on the flights. Everything at the church went well. Our godson was a master at going through diapers... I think his mama had one left BEFORE he had been baptized! After S screamed through a good part of the baptism, he was super tired from his sacrament filled evening and slept the rest of the Liturgy and reception. We had a great time seeing our friends, we were fortunate to be chauffeured around St. Louis, and we are glad to be back. 

S about to be baptized!

Bringing him into church

Checking out the candle

First time communicant 

Family + Priest + Godparents

Godmother + The Godfather + Priest

Kinda makes me very excited about baby number #3 coming. All of S's brothers and sisters were SO SO SO excited and I am excited to see the girls with their new sibling

Ni Hao Yall

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Friday, August 9, 2013

Seven QTs - Slinkies, Lollipops and more!

--- 1 ---

{Here's to Papa and our regularly scheduled program}

{While catching up on this blogpost}

Lee - You make me sound like a dictator
Me - You are
Lee - You have just as much interest in the grass, Chicky
Me - ...
Lee - Scam?
Me - ...
Lee - You are a nut!

--- 2 ---
{R prancing/dancing/ not quite running up and down the hallway}

R - Goggles!!! Gogles... Goggles!!!
Me - R, that is a slinky
R - Goggles? Goggles! Gogles!!!!!!

{Clearly we have some work to do in the identification department and yes E had her goggles but R had E's slinky}

--- 3 ---
{E while eating her treat from school}

E - Mama what color is my sucker
Me - {Immediate eye glare}
E - Lollipop! Lollipop... What color is it?

A. I CANNOT STAND sucker being used for lollipop. It makes me cringe EVERY SINGLE TIME. Don't know why but it does AND people/adults/kids refer to lollipops as suckers and I can deal with the insane Southern draw that the girls are getting but I am making it my missions to keep that word for that sugary treat OUT of their vocabulary. {No offense to people who use it either now... just saying}

B. Kinda drives me crazy that the girls {slash all the kids} get candy after school every day - if there was good behavior of course. I raised the bar a bit for E and if she goes to timeout at all she is not supposed to get candy - the school rule is 3 trips to timeout. But anyway, AND E must eat her lunch - fruit included to actually get to pick a piece of candy? Am I being too militant? Nah... Not a bit!

--- 4 ---
Which leads to this gem...

{While eating pita and Tummus for lunch}

E - But Mama I can-NOT eat it
Me - That's fine you just do not get your treat
E - But Mama it does not have good flavors!!!

Right... Hand her the pepper grinder. Pretend to shake the salt over it and hold firm on the no treat... Pita and tummus = G-O-N-E

--- 5 ---

{While we are I am rushing to get their shoes on and bags loaded and alarm set and out the door}

Pretend its not happening and it will go away... NOT!
E - How does the baby come out of your tummy?
Me - Ummm.... get your umbrella
E - Mama how does the baby come out of your tummy?
Me - .... {Errrr pretend she is not asking this question and maybe she'll drop it}
E - How does the baby come out of your tummy?
Me - Not easily, E.
E - Oh, not easily? Baby comes out not easily R...

--- 6 ---
So for any of you who were semi-interested in our trip to Church on Tuesday for the Transfiguration... during the witching hour nonetheless... We made. How? 

A. We got there early - duh... Lee/FDJ - whatever... has to be there early to help prep things for Liturgy. 
B. We sat outside before and ate graham crackers and bananas and filled tummies with milk - don't be scandalized they are just kids. We even shared a few graham crackers with a friend whose parents also braved the witching hour
C - I went in with INSANELY low expectations. Why? I asked Lee if he could help with the girls during the vespers part... Negative ghostwriter {awesome!} AND he gave the homily which means no set of arms there {grrr... but he kept it short and to the point and I think I even heard most of it} 
D - I took a laisse-faire approach... mostly. E was contained mostly to our chairs and she sat and occasionally sang {because that's good church behavior on any day of the week. If she got distracted or 'needed' something from the back I just let it go. R was shoe and sockless within 5 minutes of the start of vespers. I had to scoot the dead cockroach out of her grasp and tried to ignore the fact that it along with all the our dirt-tell-lees on the floor were lurking. R walked around and crawled and was mostly contained to the back part of church and was for the most part quiet. The only things that did not fly were screaming and distractive walking in front of the iconostasis {don't know what I'm talking about? click here for a pic that is not actually our church but you get the point or here for a description}. 

When it was all said and done it was one of the less stressful church experiences I have had in a while. There was behavior I was not crazy about and would like to 'nip in the bud' on Sundays BUT for a holy day at witching hour Liturgy, no bad people. Not bad. 

So then there is dinner... {Eye roll} Being an hour from home does have its drawbacks and getting out at 6:45 pm and having no access to the church hall due to a scheduled function is a bummer. We tried Jimmy Johns back in June, Lee was less than impressed. Panera is right up the road so we were off to the races... Then thanks to my handy-dandy I'm-smarter-than-you phone we discovered there is a Jasons Deli just as close! If you have not been to Jason's you are missing out! There salad bar is pretty darn great and their sandwiches are super tasty. Well I won't bore you with the details of dinner but it was not an embarrassing "Let's get out of here experience", E only patronized the potties twice {gag!}, and they have free ice cream. 

R was way skeptical at first and I literally had to open her mouth to get her to try the ice cream but then she was sold!

I love endings like that to situations that totally stress me out before they happen.

Oh and the 1 hr long car ride home was a noisy, I'm-on-a-sugar-high one BUT the girls earned it.

--- 7 ---

I have been pondering posts to make in the next few weeks. I have a few cooking.

++ Monthly recaps starting from who knows when (mainly because I love looking back on them and when I don't post them I cannot do that)
++ 30 things, 3 years post (Kate did one and I kind of like being accountable to a list)
++ Name that 3 yr old soccer team (E already has her mind made up but technically I have total veto power IF I help coach - note: NOT COACH... not trying to have a baby out on the soccer field)

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