Friday, February 18, 2022

R is double digits


Just like that R turned 10. I told her the night before her birthday this was her last night in the single digits for the rest of her life. I think that got her thinking.  

Being the middle child of the three big girls is not an easy position to hold but some way or another R always finds a way to do things her way or on her time or with her passion. She gets totally lost in reading or coloring and can be fiercely competitive especially with her sisters. She’s got a super soft side and I think that’s what makes her the peacekeeper most days. 

For her bday we had pizza and an ice cream bar with lots of toppings which was fun! It is always a time for reflection around her bday because we moved into our house three weeks before she was born so to see how much she has grown and to think about everything that has gone on in our house is truly amazing.