Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013... Our Year in 13 Pics

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February - R turned 1

March - Ventured to the zoo with Grammy

April - Papa geared up for a busy pool season
May - E turned 3
June - We spent the summer outside

July - Trekked to Castalia for the 4th Parade

August - Made the Annual Run to DC

September - Surfs up at Sunset Beach

October - General antics with 2 kiddos

November - M graced us with her presence... FINALLY

December - Family of Five Craziness!

December - Looking forward for a blast full of crazy cuteness in 2014

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Our November in Pics

If you missed all the pics from M's birthday... go here. Did not want to duplicate : ) 

Kibbe Party of 5 - Don't worry I'm not as tired as I look

Uncle Kev and Grammy and Grandpa Joe came with some goodies

E and M 

Typical R - messy eater

Lining up all the babies

and rolling them up?

Touchdown baby

Proud Papa!

We had some unseasonable warm weather!

And we took advantage of it!


Grammy and granddaughters on her bday... yep she came up to hang out with us! She's the best!!!

Less successful group shot

Perfect burrito bebe

Going to meet her friend up the street

These girls will be friends! They are only 3 weeks apart!!! We did not plan them to be matching so seriously it is destiny : ) 

Super comfy... I think not?

This is how she slept for the first few weeks with me... until she became a bed piggy-wig

Laundry helpers!!! Whoop whoop!

See I do open my eyes!

E collecting leaves for her collection!


Post bathtime sleep

Insanely large Crocs

M and her Nini



Color color

Outdoor happiness!

November flew by per the usual. I went back to work and got everybody in the groove. E loves her school and R loves going to MMO. We would have not survived without the food family and family brought. R's vocab has skyrocketed since M was born. Neither E nor R is super interested in M in terms of holding her. They are both very attentive to her when she is crying though. Thanksgiving was great. Super super cold though

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