Friday, November 30, 2012

Friday's 7 Quick Takes

--- 1 ---
Packing... Its d-day time - more like d-hour time to finalize packing. I did discover during lunch that the pack and play will fit in a suitcase AND it weighs 20 lbs. Crucial information to have. Still I am trying to put the 'p' word out of my mind
--- 2 ---
On my mind is finishing R's stocking which I am not going to take with us because I don't want it to get ruined. I am also thinking about Lee's stocking and very excited about starting it even though R's is not done!
--- 3 ---
I am trying not to freak out about work stuff. I had a super productive morning but still I think there are 100 million things to do. Hopefully I ill have some time this weekend to wrap everything up.
--- 4 ---
Christmas cards. I am so very behind on these babies. The past two years I have been on the ball but I have not even taken the pic(s) let alone decided on outfits and location! That will have to wait!!!
--- 5 ---
E came home with a pile of sand in her coat and I asked her how it got there. She said "H put it there... (long pause) She was not being obedient." Great my 2- yr old knows this word. Now I have some ammo when she is not being obedient!
--- 6 ---
R is still in the pack and play and I don't think she really likes it. Hopefully Papa will get everything situated before we leave but the hours are waning away.

--- 7 ---
I am staying focused on our family trip because I think that a vacation implies a substantial amount of rest and relaxation. I think that we'll have family trips for many years to come and lots of short little dinner vacations when Mama and Papa have some peace. Though now I understand how my mom must have felt packing up for the beach for a week (or two). But I'll not thinking about that right, its the end result we're after!

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Thursday, November 29, 2012


Here is what's been going on lately..

E - Sleeping in her big girl bed, very excited about going to the beach, loving her 2 yr old class, grappling with the items that she will be giving St. Nicholas - we really want E to voluntarily give up a few toys so St. Nicholas can take them to kids who don't have them

R - A two-toother, mama just pulled the plug on the bottle and R is doing well with the sippy cup - did I mention I really don't like sippy cups because really they should be called leaky cups, sleeping in a pack and play because we are having some crib lowering malfunctions, starting to pull up, loving MMO and her little boy friend

Me - reading a book which is making me question all the distraction/noise in my life - I am trying to turn down the volume and be a better listener, master list for the beach trip has been made and the 4th bedroom will be transformed into the master packing station, got the carseat airport adapter - I'll be sure to take some pics, gathering St. Nicholas items for the girls but I think Mama and Papa's stuff is going to stay at home, de-stressing and keep telling myself that the trip is going to be a blast and not to worry about work (I'm a horrible worry-er)

Papa - working... as usual but it is nice to have him home in the afternoons more, reading... what else is new - I think his office is going to run out of space for books in the somewhat near future at the rate that they are being delivered to the house

Well that's it really. I will do a few posts on packing and the airport and stuff.... Hopefully I will get R's stocking done before Christmas!

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Cross Stitch Update

Here's the latest!

Just back stitching and French knotting left to do!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Our October in Pics

October flew by like a rocket. E is into everything and R is eating just about everything. The girls are getting along pretty well - E still does not realize her own strength. She loves loves loves her two yr old class so much. R went to MMO for the first time this month and seems to be doing really well. Lee is still working like a madman and work remains busy for me.

 What I have crazy hair? 

 Oh yeah I love my crazy hair!

Do you love my crazy hair? 

We love your crazy hair almost as much as you do little R! 

Sometime E really does not realize what she is doing to R but she thinks activities like these are HILARIOUS. Then they are not as great when I tell her we cannot do that to R.

 The weather was hit or miss in October. We had some beautiful days and some insanely freezing days (okay I exaggerate but cold + me = grrrrr). E loves it when R can match what she is doing/wearing but sharing a single item is not her forte.

 R loved being on the tricycle and even got a few good scoots in and its great at sitting up and rolling over but still not crawling yet!

Got a helmet? not yet but in the spring E will need it 

 Matching Papa. E adores her Papa so much it really makes all the craziness worth it. 

 Grammy came to visit one morning when MMO was closed. Sprinkler cookies and Oatmeal cookies were on the menu and E loved it. Now she wants to go to Grammy's after church every Sunday because she knows there are sweets there. Also, I think this happened in November but E was talking about her friends at school at my parents house and we said is so and so your friend. E would say 'yes' or 'hmmm I don't think so'. Then she blurts out 'Grammy's my best friend' - it was so so so cute! Way to score some Grammy points there E

 R eats. R eats anything. R eats everything. Celery, carrots, peas, spinach, root veggies, potatoes and occasionally Rice Cereal only because we have to get rid of the box.

 E has her mornings of glory and mornings of bad attitudes but the glorious mornings are more often.

 We love Papa so much!

 Self-fammie portrait

 Papa is converting his girls into good football watchers.

 Crowns are insanely exciting

But I don't really want to share the spotlight! 

 Making a robot. E loves reading High Five and there is a page on robots and blocks so we will construct robots sometimes - or make roads.

 I seriously could not find her for a minute 

 Happy Halloween!

 E picked out the shapes for the eyes and nose. 

 Side profile of our cow. 

 E did surprisingly well trick or treating - otherwise known as hunting for candy. She rang the doorbell. Usually had to be reminded to say Trick or Treat. Sometimes remembered Thank You and always repeated Happy Halloween! It was cute!

 You thought we had escaped without a sister photo session.


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A Post Turkey Day Reflection...

Whew! I finally have 2.5 seconds of peace (and not quiet). Peacefulness is something I am thankful for and something I really enjoy during my days. On the ride home from church today my mind felt like a fried egg. Not in a bad way but just in a way of 'okay so this is our normal'. I am trying to adjust to this normal of increased mental stimulation but I admit it is hard to maintain my mommy game face at all times. 

In reflecting on the overstimulation of the weekend there are so many things that our family is thankful for: God, each other, our families, our extended families, our friends, our church, our house, our jobs, our school, our teachers, food to fill our tummies - including some really tasty fish that Jibbe caught and cooked up for us, playing with our cousins (and second and third cousins), a new front tooth, lots of people cheering on a soon to be crawler, fresh made whip cream, the season of Advent (though I am already kind of getting excited about decorating the house Christmas Eve), going to the beach, St. Nicholas coming soon, rest time... the list goes on and I probably could sit here for hours so accept it as an incomplete list that truly infinite. 

Here's to a very Happy THANKSgiving weekend. 

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Friday, November 23, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

We had a great day yesterday now we are gearing up for round 2 by watching the Macy's parade... Dvr'ed sans commercials

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Thursday, November 15, 2012

School Pic

The class pic is hilarious but I won't post that one. Now to pay a small fortune for these but it is totally worth it

Thursday Afternoon Thoughts...

Two things I am currently wondering about:
1. Amazon - How is it that the only decent carseat adapter for rolling through the airport the lead time for the order is 3-6 weeks. This is a problem.
2. Rocky Mount - When in the world are you going to be done blasting???????? Seriously the earthquakes that you are creating to do whatever is that you are doing have been waking up my child for the past three Thursday - at least! Get it together...

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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Big girl bed

Well I cannot believe it. E is sleeping in her big girl bed and did not even try and escape

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Weekend Success

Lee and I cashed in on a Christmas present spa afternoon on Saturday. It was so nice to getaway for a few hours and have some time to ourselves. Don't forget to take some time out for yourself - it is good to recharge. Thank goodness for grandparents who make this and other outings possible!

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Friday, November 9, 2012

A bribe is a bribe... Sweet Success

E has been resistant to one aspect of potty training so I have had to ante up on the stakes. In addition to a juice box, candy and two potty stars. The potty chart had gotten filled in fast. Well today we reached the first potty chart milestone... Ice cream with gummy worms.

Of course she freaked out and said we needed to go get ice cream immediately. I convinced her that we had to eat dinner first and she was okay with that.

Here are a few pics of the proud potty queen. And I don't even care that I had to bribe her to use the potty. Changing toddler diapers - more so than babies - is the pits. Here's to you E and you only wear diapers at night girl!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Four Days... Five Dr Appointments

Well we made it. I survived four doctor appointments in five days. At the end of last week I knew I had two in four days and then one added so here goes.

#1 - Monday - E - she had this weird pesky ringworm that the $130 cream was not helping so took her to the ped and got referred to Rocky Mount's only dermatologist - did not have an appointment when I left, just the promise of a phone call from his office

#2 - Tuesday - R - 6 month old check up that was really her 9 month check up that was a reschedule after last month's fiasco. Everything is great. R and E are only 10 lbs apart in weight??!? R survived the shots but the new nurse needs to pick up her speed but really really like her - but really miss the one who left : (

Wednesday - call from ped - who said he had two things to talk to me about

1. The dermatologist wants to see E this week - as in tomorrow - EXCELLENT
2. The nurse who gave R her shots did not give her the right dose- SAY WHAT. Grrrrrrr... I go into a small panic and after a few phone calls and more information about the shot felt better about having the shots re-administered because she really got nothing from the shot on Wednesday

#3 - R - go back to ped office to have the nurse give R another shot. She felt HORRIBLE but I am glad that she came forward with her error and got R back on track

#4 - me - first time to the eye doctor in.... err... 4 years. A - .25 step later I got new contact and a clean bill of eye health

#5 - E - I kept on telling E we were going to visit Dr. G's friend and she needed to have good behavior and manners etc. The ladies in the front were so funny - you can tell they hardly ever see kids at the dermatologist office. Called back in no time and met with the Dr who is super great. So he basically confirms the peds conjecture - she has is no longer ringworm. No one knows where in the world this spot came from but it is likely not related to the ringworm (sigh of relief) but still leaves many questions in my mind where this inflamed skin came from or from where it came. A $50 copay later and we got a cream that should get her on the mend in the next week or two

WHOA! What a week... Thankful for my insurance and the great doctors and nurses here in the Mount!

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