Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Halloweening - Happy and Homegrown

Pumpkin carving with power tools

Breakfast for dinner

Boo! We found pumpkin molds at Lidl 

Tug-o-war with an extension cord 

Ballerina (who was supposed to be a mermaid - but let's not go there), a cow, Cookie Kookie, Trixie the Halloween Fairy and a pumpkin

C wasn't having her hat

One more time

I put some spiders in our candy bowl that NO ONE touched : ( 

Pumpkin with heart eyes? Only with a dremmel 

We did a drop and walk in the neighborhood across the way. I think it is the perfect combo of stopping at houses and walking and chatting. Not a fan of driving kids around house to house - make them work for it!

C was laid out in the wagon 

A got tired

C at our last stop

The loot



I think he probably licked every piece as he put it back in his container

C only got one treat. It is probably one of my most favorite treats. Can you find it? 

Friday, October 26, 2018


This is us

We saw the animals before we hit the rides

We went to church Saturday evening so we were at the fair by 9:30 and it was still pretty busy


C lived in the stroller and did quite well for the duration of the trip

A enjoyed the swings with Papa

R did NOT want to ride the swings because #badditutde

She did want to ride the ferris wheel which I HATE... but i took them

It was cold

And scary... but we survived!

Not long after that we hit the circus which Lee claims would have been better if I had not been holding C or trying to eat the Italian sausage thing that I was given and don't like... Dear Lee, Please do EVER get me Italian sausage again. I don't like it and it brings back memories from a terrible first trimester meal from year ago. 

We had to burn up some more tickets - we preordered this year and we had twice as many tickets

However, after the circus the the fair was really busy. 

For our last hoorah... The big girls and I rode the sky ride

E rode by herself

Papa and A and C went to go wait in line for NC State ice cream. 

We made our way after the Sky ride and gracious it was insanely crowded. SO CROWDED. 

Campfire Delight, Chocolate and Mint Chocolate Chip

It was so great

Enjoyed by all 

Friday, October 19, 2018

7 Quick Takes - Birthdays, Bats, Balls

Linking up with Kelly ... a hodge podge of life


Friday was A's birthday so... 

One of his favorite things to do is

Get a haircut. And it is on the way to school so we checked that birthday fun box!


And more birthday celebrations

The massive balloon E and I got but didn't realize it was that big until we had already purchased it!


We kept asking him how old are you. His reply was - Oct-ober twel-f

And he keeps on asking if it's his birthday (a week later)

We got him some race cars which we wrapped individually just to make it interesting

The girls got him a Paw Patrol lunchbox

Then on Sunday we had ANOTHER celebration!

With Grammy's homemade cake and a lot more Paw Patrol 

I think it is fair to say he had a pretty great birthday!


I would be remiss to not document E's least favorite day of school 

Which is probably the most fun morning for a lot of kids but when you aren't a dog kid - the Blessing of the Pets is torturous! She survived though. 


M's soccer team this year has been a great one

And we have ZERO pics of her playing because her parental spectator - ehem, PAPA - hasn't taken any. Anyhow, this group of girls has been special and they are great with each other and fun to coach. Saturday is our last game and they'll be one for the record books. 

Speaking of parents not taking pictures... E had a swim meet in Greensboro last weekend and I didn't take any pictures of her. 1. Because I was timing and that makes pic taking really tough. 2. I didn't want to embarrass her : ) But tonight at the swim meet, there will be pics. 


Teeball is still rolling right along... 

R continues to surprise me with how far she has come over the last few season - having some great coaches and a good core of returning players is awesome so I don't know what we'll do next season

She wants to play soccer but she has come so far... I am torn. 


M and A and C and I took a walk one afternoon

I really enjoy our afternoon time when we are not shuffling back and forth to activities. I reminds me of what we used to do before we had bigger kids who required shuffling. I mean I like shuffling but I like not shuffling too. 

Yesterday I took E and R to swim practice and everyone else was at home and it was strange. Strange not dragging everyone out of the van, strange having several adult conversations without spinning around to do a head count, strange riding home in silence. I could actually think and reflect. How normal this strange feeling is for many moms? Maybe. Maybe not. But I appreciated the 15 minutes to myself

On a 'normal' afternoon - we will hit up the park while swim practice is happening. The weather decided to get cool on us so hopefully we can have a few more afternoons like this one.  


Now onto the bat adventures...

R's got a craft project that has to get done this weekend. In true R fashion, she has not begged to get it done (like E would have soooooo..... the crafting part hasn't started). She's got the Honduran White Bat and it is about the size of that box I traced in real life. So this is a far from true-to-size model. 

We have got a busy weekend ahead of us so we might have a few long evenings of crafting... my favorite. 


But I do like the end product!