Friday, May 31, 2013

Hypothetically speaking...

If you had two sets of twins - about 3.5 yr olds and 20 month olds... This is what your front steps might look like. I imagine there would be lots of picnic dinners outside, sprinklers and the occasional separation time to keep the peace. Fortunately we just have friends that are the same ages and this is only a hypothetical scenario.

I have already gotten, why couldn't they do this on the driveway... Which was entirely too hot at 4:30 : )

7 Quick Takes - It is so hot you'll burn your feet on the cement edition!

--- 1 ---

{Here's to Papa}

Lee - Okay I'll follow you to the Farmers Market
Me - No I don't know where I'm going I'll follow you.
Lee - Okay see you there

{10 long car minutes later with E asking where's Papa. Where'd he go?}

Me - I think I passed the exit. Where are you?
Lee - I'm in the parking lot. Shoot chicky... Is the {blah blah} exit just turn around and get off on the first exit.
Me - {click}

Me - Okay what part about 'I'll follow you because I don't know where I'm going' did not register?
Lee - Ummm... When did you tell me that?
Me - That is the last thing I said to you in the parking lot at church
Lee - Oh, I'm sorry chicky

{We did make it to the Farmers Market after the failed following Papa attempt. No corn or watermelon yet so E was sad but R loved trying the blueberries and strawberries}

--- 2 ---
Yesterday was my parents anniversary - go them! And best part of all, I did not miss it - go me! Last year my brother called and said you know M&Ds anniversary was the other day.... Effffff.... I missed it. This year I had it on my calendar - only it turns out I had it wrong and I clarified that point BEFORE the day - so other than the card not getting there on time. I am leaps and bounds above my stroke of brilliance from last year. 

--- 3 ---
This week it decided to be summer... full heat and has stolen Papa away from the girls. E wakes up asking for him and every time I get off the phone R says "Papa, Papa, papaaaaaaa." Well the boys up the road got a Slip and Slide and were awesome enough to let E in on the fun - twice. Somehow I manage to never take pics of their fun. We brought Popsicles this week and the only cooler I could find was this massive one I wheels. I think the neighbors gave me some pretty crazy looks. All for the sake of frozen Popsicles instead of cold, melted juice : )

Too many cooks in the kitchen on Memorial Day. Papa did not have to work :) so he made French Toast!

--- 4 ---

One day the boys were busy / I don't want to go there every day and take up their time and eat their food - though the mom therapy and just getting to talk to another pregnant mama makes my day - and we had to stay at home and do sprinklers. On that day we learned that R H-A-T-E-S the sprinkler and both girls are much more content when I fade into the background of the front porch and only mediate when absolutely necessary. 

--- 5 ---
Last night I had a real stroke of brilliance and decided that moms definitely need about 5 or 6 hands - or at least I do. We went over to Jibbes for dinner and of course Papa had to work so food was sent back for him. Being the good wife I am, I got R in bed then went back to A. get Papa's food and B. take out a few items that were junking up the clean van. Phone, sippy cup, to go plastic box, tupperware, plus a tomato saver = dropped tupperware with coleslaw (it did not open so it could be salvaged) plus coleslaw ALL over the freshy cleaned van and garage floor. Microcosm for my week? Maybe just a little bit. So ready for our regularly scheduled program starting Monday!

--- 6 ---
So, Wednesday was an interesting afternoon... General antics outside. Flying solo bath night. Eat Hershey bar to make up for the previous few hours - yeah I can do that because I'm pregnant. Then go to first the remaining Thank You Notes from E's birthday party (if they are out within the month they totally count). Go through 3 pens and 2 colors at that trying to get through one card and after the third one stops writing (only on the part of the card and paper I'm writing, it writes fine every where else), I freak out. Lee says to get another pen through he giggles. I have it out with the pen, card and coffee table. I swear off ball point pens. Realize that I have made the coffee table look like R took a fork to it and was unattended for 2 minutes. Destroy the card I was working on. Promptly go to bed.

Thank you pregnancy hormones.

Ooops : ( 

I finished those cards yesterday finally. Now all E must do is 'sign' them and their off.

I was writing one when E was up and asked her what it should say... "I like my tent because I like it all the times ago"

--- 7 ---
{Here's to R's walking status (or non-status : )

R continues to do her Two Step (such a great song) - Three Step thing this week. I fact that she has been bare knee-ed the past week has significantly improved her willingness to try and stand. She does this crazy hand-foot (no knee on ground crawl) which is awesome. No photographic evidence of either..oppps!

Save the knees!

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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Stocking Update

I have been kind of a slacker on this one... I need to get with the program!!!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

I need to remember this...

You must suffer in order to experience grace.

Not sure how much of a direct quote that was as it is from last Sunday's homily. I have been meaning to write it down because I really want to remember it. It was especially fitting to hear that at church where R has been putting me and the rest of the congregation through some pretty intense screaming fits which result in us getting (voluntarily) exiled to the Narthex. Those moments of suffering can be especially grace-filled if and only if I am in the right frame of mind. Some weeks I cheerfully sit through the screams and tears and other weeks I am STRESSED OUT of my mind and wonder how the heck wrangling three kids is going to be. But then I remember line one of this post. (and then I think about Job and realize my little screamer is nothing compared to good old Job)

Not meant to complain. I know many other people suffer in much more trying and difficult ways than I. And I have actually had a pretty darn good week. Hope you have!

Hopefully tomorrows liturgical antics will be kept to a minimum : )

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Friday, May 24, 2013

7 QTs... The start of summer

--- 1 ---

{I think I am going to try and start dedicating the first of the QTs to Papa aka 'the main boss' (according to E) because I think somethings he says are hilarious and it is even better when we discuss why I am quoting him on the blog... Enjoy}

Lee - Is it bath night?
Me - No, we did baths last night
Lee - Oh good because bath nights stress me out
Me - {????} What? You don't even do anything when its bath night. You stay as far away from the bathtub and post-bath process as possible
Lee - I know but it's stressful Chicky, okay?


{He will comb and dry hair when asked. And I really do like having him home on bath nights because that means the kitchen is 100% cleaned up once baths are finished; but really last time I checked kitchen cleaning is not stressful : ) }
--- 2 ---
How about our hard drive with EVERY SINGLE PIC EVER decided to not power up over the weekend... This happens to be a major problem and gives me heart palpitations. Well the Bill Nye the computer guy was able to replace the board for a mere $60 but no firewire cable SO... All is well but I think we'll be getting some sort of offsite Cloud thing. Suggestions?

--- 3 ---
Ahhhh!!!! This was the last week of 2 yr-old class... Crazy to think E has been doing preschool for 9 months.

First Day

Last Day

--- 4 ---
I'll miss all the art and cute little projects. She had heard little spring program/concert thing. And you know what... I didn't even cry! 

This the shirt they made for their end of year program. I'll post a few pics from my real camera soon...ish

--- 5 ---
R survived the her 15 month check up. I was pretty darn horrified by our 2 pm appointment PLUS E would have to come with us. BUT fortunately some amazingly awesome friend who we by chance ran into on the way out of getting R at MMO said E could hang with her girls? Are you kidding during rest time? Of course scrap the nap but our afternoons are dicey without naps but I could not resist. We loaded up the carseat (and got three full sized seats across in a Sienna - I was shocked) and R and I got to the doctor 30 minutes early and we were out in less than 50 min. THE LEAST PAINFUL DR EXPERIENCE E-V-E-R! So props to my friend - please don't move to Raleigh!!!!!! I owe you big time and our kids are BFFs. And I did not mind one bit driving back into the monsoon that was hitting the Mount this afternoon after I discover your iPhone in my van when I pulled into my driveway - I would do it over and over again if it meant going alone with R to the doctor again. Ahhhh... friends!!!

Hello post-nap crazy hair!
--- 6 ---
Kinda not thrilled we are going to be off our regularly scheduled program next week. I love my schedule and my times and my semi-organized-ness. Speaking of organized, Lee had some one clean the van the other day. Yeah I am pretty much afraid of putting anything in it that does not belong and won't come out in the next trip in the house. I took an entire laundry basket full of junk out of that thing and I know there will be words if the state of order and cleanliness does not stick around for at least a week or so

--- 7 ---

Seems like the last several weeks have been dedicated to R's walking/non-walking. Well she took about 2-3 steps on her own this week. Which is awesome but she does not seem interested in repeat performances. Though the doctor told me today that 2-3 steps totally counted as walking... Ehm... not in my book, sir. I think she is way annoyed with our crossing the parking lot walk workouts. Child, you WILL WALK before you are a big sister : )

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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Overhead... Baby Brother or Baby Sister

Me - Do you think that the baby is a boy or a girl?
E - A girl
Me - Do you want a baby brother or sister?
E - A sister
Me - Why do you a sister?
E - I want two sisters...
Me - What if it's a boy?
E - I don't want any boys around here.... I don't want ANY boys around here... I DON'T want ANY boys around HERE

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To Rear Face or to Forward Face... That is the Question

Okay I know there are varying schools of thought regarding the rear/forward facing of carseats for kiddos between the ages of 12-24 months. The recommendation/standard is that kids get turned around at the age of 2 but there are a number of people I know who will turn kids around close to their first birthdays or a few months after - which is totally fine, simply an observation of mine.

E's carseat was turned when she was about 18 months. We installed the infant car carrier and it just seemed like a good time. I am thinking that we'll turn R around when we move the big girls to the third row of the van sometime around the month of September - she'll be about the same age as E. R is much heavier than E so I think if I wanted to turn her any day I could. I simply cannot find a compelling reason to turn or not turn her. Since she is not miserable rear facing I figure keep her that way, you know? 

We don't have a TV in the van so its not like she knows that she is missing out on something. She can be a bit cumbersome trying to load her when she is screaming or kicking but that is not the norm. 

I'm open to thoughts/suggestions here. It seems to me that every other day there are new carseat standards - 2.5 years ago kids were turned at the age of 1 or 20 lbs or something like that. Now you're not supposed to use the LATCH clips if your child is over 30 lbs because of something... I appreciate the recommendations and new information but by some states standard of having a kid sit in a booster seat until they are 100 lbs - there are adults I know that belong in boosters!!!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Signing up for ballet

I had to convince E not to wear her leotard and tutu. We signed up for one week ballet camp and registered for ballet/tap in the fall. E was totally not shy or nervous at the studio. We met a few teachers and got a tour. If camp goes well she'll be a ballerina come September!

Friday, May 17, 2013

7 QTs - Not as many pics edition

--- 1 ---

"Chicky, why am I finding out that our daughter is getting three teeth on our, your blog?!?!?" {Thank you pool season for sending my hubby out around 6:15 am and get home well after 7 multiple times this week}
--- 2 ---

This Friday is alot less action packed than the last. Really glad to not be hosting 15+ people for a birthday party. E had such a great bday but seriously I ran around for 3 hours trying to clean up and clean up and clean up. Found out we have some insanely large black ants on our back patio. E and her friend had a blast in the backyard. Can't wait for the grass to be completely filled in from where Lee leveled the backyard. The girls started off by taking off their shoes (E's idea) playing in the sandboxes, doing chalk on the brick, then they proceeded to collect 'rocks' aka massive chunks of dirt. Thankful for for our laundry sink!

--- 3 ---

Today we are going over to our friends house who could not make it to the party (not sure if we actually could have handled more people because the patio was at capacity. The girls are making their own pizzas. Not my idea, but its not my house so more power to the mama!

--- 4 ---

Our neighbors/friends up the street/the boys mama found out that they are having a GIRL! Which I think is completely fabulous because those boys are so boy that they need a little sister to keep them in line. Kinda making me reconsider wanting this baby to be a boy. Kinda. I mean these kids are going to be 2 weeks apart so if we had a girl too they would definitely be super amazing friends. BUT my vote is still boy. Not like my vote counts because there's no going back. PLUS I LOVE the boy name we have picked; the girl name has not completely grown on me yet and I am still trying to figure out how we came up with it exactly.

--- 5 ---

We have an action packed tomorrow complete with bday party and BBQ. Hopefully the weather will cooperate and not destroy well laid plans. 

--- 6 ---
I have some questions for your 3+ kid moms out there I already have some good info from these blogs i stalk (Colleen, Martha, Grace)... Sleeping arrangements, car arrangements, naptime arrangements. I'll be getting into those next week along with that crazy name list courtesy of my sister-in-law... 

--- 7 ---

Still not walking yet.... 

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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

R's Teething Extravaganza

R is going through some insane teething this week. She is getting a tooth in on the bottom and two on the top and I am guessing she'll be getting another two on the top really soon. Due to this teething she goes into this screaming fits of tears and inconsolable thrashes. Usually they last about 5-10 minutes but it is really unnerving and I feel basically helpless because she does not want to be held, does not want her NiNi, does not want anything. I have to let her get it out and then she is somewhat back to normal. I have been giving her pain reliever but those last 2 hours between doses is ROUGH.

So R is getting the orange tooth and the tooth next to is on one side. One the bottom she is getting one of the front four teeth but does not have those bottom back teeth yet... but maybe I should check on those ones too!

Pretty much ready for this teething thing to end so I don't resort to putting R in her crib and letting her scream. I only did that once but SERIOUSLY my mind goes back to everything they tell you about purple crying... Put the baby down and walk away and recollect yourself and then deal with the situation. Yesterday was not that bad probably because we were outside and the screams were not reverberating through the walls of the house.

I also think R frustrated by the fact she is not walking yet so that coupled with the teething is driving her crazy. She now will stand for 10-20 seconds without holding onto anything. Still no steps yet. Hopefully when she does get the courage she will take off running.

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Monday, May 13, 2013

E's final Fireflies Game

Today was E's last Fireflies game. Next week we have a spring program at school. Well let's say that two weeks off did not do the Fireflies good. The game was a bit rough. We had a few people in the goal, two crying girls and a few goals to show for ourselves.

E actually ran after the ball today... During one of the kickoffs I told her she could kick it. Well she kicked it once or twice and then the other team got it. She ran around field yelling 'no, no, no!!!'. Then she cried because she said it was her turn. I convinced her to run after it a few times - that it was her ball but she would not have too much of that.

We must have gotten in a circle and shouted Fireflies! 15 times but that's the part the kids liked the most so whatever. They got their snacks and trophies as we waited for pictures to be taken. Hopefully they'll look at that trophy and at least remember the two rules of soccer: 1. Don't use your hands and 2. Have fun. Hopefully they'll not be like me and look at the YMCA Blackberries trophy and think about losing EVERY single game. I was 5 and a bit competitive : )

Pictures were hopefully a success. I was one of the parents who definitely overpaid for a few pics BUT it was not too much and I think at least as the coach... I deserve it!

Mothers Day

Mothers Day was definitely a treat this year. Saturday we did the girls footprints before going to my parents house for dinner. Lee is not super into the footprints - well - he like them in theory and once they are done but the process he is not a fan of. The girls were awesome. R was great with her goldfish and sat with Lee the whole time. E made me nervous walking around the pottery and paint but all my nerves were for nought. I'll post some pics of them when we get them back.

Anyway, dinner at my parents was excellent as usual - with a killer dessert. Maybe one day I'll bake like my mom - one day. E and R got to see Uncle Kevin which was a treat. I started crashing as soon as we got there so I was not really helpful. Grandpa Joe and I took E on a walk which was nice. Lee really came through on the Mothers Day present for my mom - a windchime. Apparently she had been looking at them and they must have been on the same wavelength.

R had some insane antics at church the next morning. Like the flailing, screaming, banging the floor kind. Not just with me but with multiple people - I did not make the helpers (except Papa) suffer through too much though. Seriously this kid was not hungry (we had eaten about 1.5 hours before the 1 hr long tantrum), not a dirty diaper... well then during once flailing incident I noticed she has a tooth coming in way in the back - like 2 yr old molar back. Maybe that was her problem? Maybe it was her cough? I'm not sure but for real.... makes me wonder what 3 is going to look like. I know she'll be better by then BUT still...

Anyway, stayed after church for a bite to eat then headed home. I sat outside in the BEAUTIFUL weather in my new Mothers Day rocking chair (way to go Papa) and watching/refereed the girls in the front yard. It was glorious. Made me super grateful for everything/everyone I have been given.

Next up after lunch. Naptime for the girls - me included - while Papa went to the grocery store. Again, 5 star experience. E woke up from her nap with a wicked attitude. It was quite a fitful day between the two girls... they happen and I try not to get too upset/annoyed. Then it was time for dinner with Lee's mom and brother. Lee knocked it out of the park with steaks and potatoes and corn and salad. Grill-Master I tell you! At last E told me Happy Mothers Day - Lee had been trying to get her to say it 8 am... pretty much made my life. Finally all the child creatures were sleeping and Lee and I patronized the new rockers and ate leftover birthday cake and ice cream.

Overall A+ (minus the teary eyed girls)... I got some stepping up to do for Fathers Day. I know we'll have steaks over at my parents because I am 150% sure that will be my dad's (and Lee's request). I also have some good gift ideas floating around so I'm ready.

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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Post bday party happiness

E's party was lots of fun. We had family and friends over for nice weather, a cookout out and a knock out cake from HT. I'll post more party pics later. Here's a pic of E trying on her ballet attire (thanks Grammy). I think E is going to be the daughter Grammy never had - at least in terms of doing ballet! E was SO adorable in her leotard and tights and tutu!

Then it was on to Ariel pajamas and the Memory game - which of course - E was crazy good at. (Viola you know her too well).

Thanks to everyone who made her 3rd so special. It was a great day!

Friday, May 10, 2013

7 Quick Takes - iPhone pics Edition

--- 1 ---

My kids sleep in the craziest positions... E-V-E-R

--- 2 ---

I think I forgot to mention last week is that within the last two weeks R has been able to articulate Ba-Bee. It is so insanely cute and extremely timely!

--- 3 ---

R's first self iPhone portrait. Be impressed

--- 4 ---

Have I told you that E absolutely adores here Papa? Well we saw him driving in his big truck down the street while we were on our walk. Of course E wanted to see her Papa and she even got to take a ride for 50 yards in the big truck. She thought it was awesome : )

--- 5 ---

This is totally me. I really don't like having my pic taken and definitely didn't in high school. This is E at our company lunch a few Fridays ago. Both E and R did well. Of course we survived this with garlic bread and an untimely trip to the potty but I was happy with behaviors. E made a new BFF. THe woman sitting next to her A. Shared her pasta B. Wiped off the 'dirt' (seasoning C. Loaded each piece down with parm just for E to eat. 

--- 6 ---
Strawberry patch kids!

E totally got the 'only pick the red ones' and to not eat any. R managed not to eat any. Her friend/partner in crime definitely devoured her fair share. Good thing the strawberry patch lady was not too concerned : ) 

--- 7 ---

Oh and today is E's 3rd bday?!?!?! Not going to get really sappy this year - like I did last year. We have waffles this morning, cookies and juice boxes for snack, and a party tonight and FINALLY the weather is going to be decent. Bring on Ariel!

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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Survey Says...

So I got this interesting link from a super great friend of mine. The article/poll/survey is about moms with a focus on moms with three kids... As this will be a reality in some months I gave it a read. While there is no conclusive evidence basically moms with three kids are the most stressed. So clearly the solution would have been to have twins and solve this three problem - I guess after three you reach critical mass of some sorts. Well twins weren't in the cards so three it is. (Though my Dad's mom had two singletons and then twins - she successfully avoided the three). I'll keep you posted on my take on the stressfulness of three. Any of you mamas of three or more think its overly crazy with three but not four or five? I read your blogs I know you are out there.

I have heard the same thing about the 7th year of marriage. Supposedly the 7th year of marriage is supposed to be the most difficult/trying.

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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Illness at the most inconvenient times

How is it that we get food poisoning/illness right around something important? Like our trip to the DR and now E's bday party?

R started us off last night. Then me and then E. papa did not have any yogurt last night. R had the most and was the most sick. E had the least and was not too bad. Fortunately HT had not made the cake yet so I was able to move it and the party... We are still recovering this morning with water, Cheerios and Sesame Street... Thank you DVR!

Friday, May 3, 2013

7 Quick Takes - You Know Your Pregnant When Edition

--- 1 ---
2.5 seconds (not really seconds but within a day) after finding out I was pregnant (which I have known for a while) I had about 10 people over about 5 days tell me... "Don't you think its about time for y'all to have another one?" Now, how to answer said question when you have no intention of telling anyone for another 2ish months? {Awkward laugh} "We'll work on that..." - wore that line out for a few months. 

--- 2 ---
Me - E wants to give R a baby for her bday so R is going to have a few babies this yr...
Sister-in-law - Live ones?
{No comment}

Technically I was not pregnant when this conversation occurred but it is funny looking back on it
--- 3 ---
Getting a bit teary eyed when E sings her 'Zaccheus was a wee little man, and a wee little man was he. He climbed up in the sycamore tree..." Fortunately I gotten past the insane hormones when she does bust into song.

--- 4 ---
Speaking of those crazy hormones. Remember the Father-Daughter Dance from that wedding. I blame my reaction 10000% on the preggo hormones... thanks alot.

--- 5 ---
Lee's Dr - Congrats on the new baby
Lee - Thanks
Lee's Dr - Are you going for an even dozen?
Lee - Ummm...

Lee's Dr happens to be his brother's father-in-law. His brother is A. ridiculous and B. thinks that we need to have a child per month so we can have birthday to celebrate each month. Clearly he is promoting his craziness to his father-in-law. When I asked my sister-in-law about it, she claims there is no correlation. Can't say I believe her though.

On that note, I think if I were ever asked that question I would say 'No we're actually trying for a baker's dozen.

--- 6 ---
Don't you love those awkward pregnancy questions? Heck yes.

Nurse - 'Were you planning on getting pregnant?'
Me - 'We weren't trying not to'

Doctor - 'Don't you know where babies come from?'
Me - 'Yeah I think we got that'

{To our super great neighbor.... aka the boys mama up the street who is due 2.5 weeks before me}

E- What's that?
Neighbor -Its trash {she is holding an empty snack bag}
E - No, what's that?
Neighbor - Oh, its the wrapper from snack.
E - No, that...
Neighbor - {moves bag away, E points a her new budding baby bump} Oh, that's the baby in my tummy!

{We got a kick out of it. I was probably bright red with embarrassment. Really E, these are our only fan-tabulous neighbors}

Me - What do you think about a new baby in mama's tummy?
E - {gives her best pondering face} Where's R?
Me - No, no... a different baby

--- 7 ---
Other crazy things going on during this pregnancy...

A. I am coaching 3 yr old soccer... Okay people, you now have no excuse not to.

B. We went to the zoo... Oh man. That was crazy. Thank goodness for Grammy. {still have not done that dedicated post yet but the content is totally there I promise}

C. We went to a wine tasting... Yeah, never going to one of those while pregnant. EVER AGAIN. I was pretty miserable.

D. I signed up to run a .5 marathon... Yes, I knew I was pregnant when I signed up... Definitely too much of a cheap-skate to sign up for something and then not be able to do it. So I will have to get myself in gear soon after numero 3 makes the debut.

E. For everyone's amusement and entertainment I will be keeping a running list of name suggestions. Currently my sister-in-law (she crazy too... as you probably have gather from the previous points) has texted me at least 30 name options/suggestions. Now if you don't know, we're not the Duggar's with all the names starting with the same letter. I needed something a little less obvious SO somehow I convinced Lee that we should name the kids with the same first and middle initial... EEK and RRK (Lee's dad was an RRK so it is definitely relevant). I'll get the list going in the next few weeks. There are some goodies on it : ) Oh and the names are set and have been, so there will be no swaying or last minute delivery room decisions!

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