Friday, October 31, 2014

7 Quick Takes - All Hallows Eve

Because I've been doing REALLY important things (promise)… 

--- 1 ---

Life. Crazy. Nothing new I suppose. Last week - in the span of 24 hours - we had two birthday parties, a soccer game, a trip to pack for and Mass to go to. I think I'll do a whole post on our Mass experience because… Pews? Kneelers? Collection Envelopes? My kids were in Disney world. 

Same present. Different parties… 

--- 2 ---

This was not exactly my view for 2 days. But it was not far away. I had a SUPER quick business trip down to the DR. It was good but insanely short - which is perfect because I really don't like being away from my people.

We did get there in time to catch a baseball game which was fun. Anyways, glad to be home. 

--- 3 ---

M wined and dined with Grammy and Grandpa Joe… well not the wined part. 

Lee and Jibbe held down the fort in the Mount. Lee survived 2 days of getting the 2 big girls ready for school and packed up and picked up and fed lunch and napped. (He's giving me tips about how I should handle mornings). They also survived a soccer practice and apparently E did not consider that I would not be there to coach - which was a temporary issue. 

I wish there was photographic evidence of E and R while I was gone… All the teachers at school said how good of a job Lee did getting the girls ready but they knew I was not home because of the hair-dos. He said next time I have to leave out outfits for each day for the girls too because when I got R from her rest the day I got home this is how the conversation went down:

Me - Is this what she wore to school?
Lee - Mmmhmmmm
Me - Did she pick it out or you?
Lee - …
Me - Right.
Lee - Well you know Chicky. Next time you'll have to leave out the clothes. I don't know about those outfits but I have the pajamas down so you don't need to worry about those

Proud of him for making it happen so I could go out of town and thanks to G&G and Jibbe for helping too!

--- 4 ---

What do you do when you are going to spend 10 hours on a plane in the span of 48 hours? Cross stitch of course!

I ALWAYS forget how long the backstitching takes on these things. I am so ready to be done with this stocking. I am still shooting to be done with it before Christmas which is good because last week I bought M's stocking pattern - 

and I decided on mine… 

I LOVE the 12 days of Christmas song and this looks much easier than the stocking that I found it a book soooo…. One day I might get around to it but I bought it because the kit is from 1989 and there are only a few on eBay. 

--- 5 ---

Yesterday I surprised R by dropping in for her class party….

She was less than happy to see M and I. Then it dawned on me that she probably thought I was going to take her home - but Thursday is lunch and fun at Jibbes house SO…. I assured her that Jibbe would still pick them up and I would go back to work.

R - You go back to wurk… now?

Was heard SEVERAL times in the 20 minutes R let me stay.

Love you too : ) 

--- 6 ---

Oh and M's birthday bash is this weekend. 

What do you get a child who is PERFECTLY content with playing with empty water bottles? Yeah. I don't know either. I think the big girls and I are going shopping tomorrow so we will see what we can come up with

--- 7 ---

So Halloween is tonight. We are going to hold it down around here. There is still much debate on the outfits… Soccer player or princess. We will have to see what is decided upon. 

In other news… I have a backlog of posts to do (shocking I know)

I really have enjoyed reading the Catholic Do What? series of posts by Jenny but in particular this one

My favorite line - "It's not easy being open to life in a culture so utterly opposed to it. " - PREACH IT. 

And also some of the comments I enjoyed too… 

"I'm not Catholic, and we practice NFP, which puts us in a pretty huge minority... but I totally agree with the Catholic church on this point-- that Christianity was never meant to be convenient. I'm a little cranky (okay, more than a little, and more than cranky) that Protestants don't even address this issue anymore, in my experience. At all. Not in engagement classes, not in women's groups at church, and definitely not as sermon material. 

I would LOVE to talk about this issue with Protestants because there are a number of hardcore, devote Protestants who I cannot understand their stance on the issue BUT how can you bring this up without sounding judge-y? I have discussed this with one (Nani) and we are at a loss as to how to even broach the subject in a Christian way. 

Oh and in case you need a laugh and missed the overheard post from yesterday… My kids are ridiculous!

And I nearly failed to mention we have a little anniversary to celebrate… 6 years. I guess with 3 kids and a first birthday party there are way more interesting things to write about. 

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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Theme Thursday - Crack (me up)

Okay so the theme is crack and I have been wanting to post our recent (except not because I have been adding to this list for months) Overheards because the kids really do crack us up. No one else will probably find them nearly as funny as we do but in case you are interested in what's been said around here… 

Random Guy at Sam's Checkout - Where do you go to church
Me - Oh, it is a Ukrainian Catholic mission in Raleigh
RG - Oh… Well you and your girls are all in skirts or dresses and that's uncommon
Me - ...

Lady - Oh my, that is Lee's child
Me - Yeah she definitely is
Lady - I mean, did you have any part in her?
Me - Well… yes

E - When are we going trick-a-treating?
Me - In October
E - Tricka-treat is that word in Spanish?
Me - No. Actually it is three words in English. Trick-or-Treat

Papa - Where's the peeler?
E - Oh the stripper?
Papa - …
E - It's in the dishwasher. We used the stripper at lunch
Papa - The strippers in the dishwasher?
E - We used the stripper for the apple skin at lunch…

E - I had samples at the store with Grammy
Me - Oh
E - Samples and cookies. That's why she's a nice Grammy

Me - Look at those cows
E - Where?
Me - All together on your side (of the van)
E - What are they doing? About to frow up?
Me & Papa - {Dying laughing because yeah that definitely fits the bill?!?!}

E - What's that crane for?
Me - They are probably lifting something heavy for that building
E - Oh
Me - Papa uses a crane sometimes when he's putting in a pool
E - Why does Papa need a crane? He is a strong man
Me - Well the pools are really heavy
E - But he has lots of muscles

E - Do y'all want y'all's off?
Me - Ma'am?
E - Do y'all want y'all's nightlight off?

E - Is your's oval
Me - No
E - Is your's oval?
Me - My what?
E - Oval?
Me - What?
E - Is your face oval?
Me - No I don't think so
E - Yes it is because it is pretty stretched out

E - Can you put these little scraps in the trash
Me - I think you can do it
E - Don't you want to be helpful????

E - One time there was a mouse in Mrs Cheryl's bathroom
Me - Oh what was it doing?
E - It might have been taking a bath
Me - One time there was a mouse in Jibbe's house
E - Yea
Me - What was it doing?
E - It might have been eating out of her peanuts
Me - Is that a good idea?
E - No

E- Mama!!!!! my pants keep getting on backwards!!!!!!
Me - I'm sorry
E - But they're backwards!
Me - Well take them off and turn them around
E - But it's your fault!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me - Goosey goosey gander wither shall I wander. Upstairs and downstairs in the lady's chamber
E - What's a lady's chamber?
Me - Her room
E - Is that how you say it in Spanish?

E - I don't like bees! I don't like beeeeeees
Me - It's not bothering you 
E - It's on our plant!!!!

E - Mami… I stopped eating my feet nails
Me - Oh, when did you start?
E - I stopped!
Me - That's good. But when did you start?
E - I stopped!!!
Me - I did not think you did that? When did you do that?
E - Oh, when I was 2.

Me - How was your pumpkin cookie?
E - It was good.
Me - What did it taste like?
E - The cookie tasted like… PUMPKIN and the inside tasted like chicken noodle soup!
Me - Ewwww
E - What, chicken noodle soup is good!

E - I don't wanna go to hell
Me - Me too. That's why to have to always do the right thing
E - R, do you want to go to heaven too?
R - I wanna go to Grammy-house
E - But you don't want to go to hell?
R - I wanna to go to Grammy's house
E - R!!!!!! You need to go to heaven too!
R - Grammy House!!!!!!!

E - Where's Uncle Kevin
Me- He's sleeping
E - He's sleeping forever
Me - He's old
R - Papa's… old… man

R - It hot!
Me - No it's not too hot
R - It spy-cee
Me - No it's not 
R - It cold
Me - Eat it so you can have cake

R - Pink Mac-a-loan-niiii

R - {sniff sniff} I mell {sniff} tum-ting

R - That wittle fang

R - My wittle weg

R - Where your speckle?
Me - On my arm. I have a few freckles
R - I no see no speckles

Me - Who's ready to see Nani
R - Meeeeee…. B-i-n-G-ooooo

Me - R what are you thankful for today
R - … {thinks a little} Mmmm… Tweetle Beetles

R - Who dat woooo-fing?

{long silence near the end of church}
R - {from the front row} WE DONE?

R - We go in a pink-ka-la?
Me - No its too cold for bathing suits

Me - Why did you go pee-pee in your undies?
R - {sad eyes} I wanna be a sock-a play-a!!!!!!!

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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Theme Thursday - Good Job

Gosh I have missed doing these TT posts! Gets my blogging juices going for 7QTs for Friday… Anyhow...

So apparently Grover is 'taking a test' and he has been since Tuesday - I think. E is 'helping' him when he needs it so for the amount of time he has spent on this test I'll bet he's done a good job. 

I thought Grover was wedged up against the table and the chair together but as Papa observed last night he is actually sitting on a pot so he can do his work - sorry the pic did not come out. 

Oh and if you're wondering where this 'testing' concept came from… Nani is having an audit done at her job this week and we brought her some cake on the first morning (because everyone deserves cake the day the auditor arrives!). Nani could not stay long and chat with the girls - which they LOVE to see her in the mornings on the way to school. Well, how do you explain an audit to a 4 yr old? A really long test that the man checks many numbers on Nani's computer. 

Thus the concept of test was born in the Kibbe house

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Monday, October 20, 2014

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Here's to a Day of...

Overstimulation and good food...

After church of course so we were up early packing two sets of clothes, two sets of shoes, lots of wipes, an abundant amount of hand sanitizer and both strollers.

If you're in NC you might guess where we are going. If not, stay tuned for some pictures : )

Happy Sunday!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Entrust your Motherhood, Marriage and Family

… to Mary. She is your Mother. ~ A Wise Priest

I recently commented that I hadn't been to confession in a few months and the wise mother of 8, grandmother of 15+, snapped back - "Joanne, you are missing out on all those graces."

Yup and today proved it.

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Preschool Art Week 6

The artistas are back at work….

The mom is still a week behind on posting!

Friday, October 17, 2014

7QTs - M takes over the blog

Must do blog post; must do blog post… 

--- 1 ---

Feeling especially grateful for today for all our blessings and thinking of our friends and family who have lost little ones - Wednesday was Infant Loss Awareness Day. Also, if you could spare a prayer for  Lindsay and here crew? I so enjoy reading her blog; it is a calming read as I live through the craziness of life. 

--- 2 ---
How it is possible that M's birthday is a mere 2ish weeks away? Yeah. That's a fantastic question since I have no idea. You can see how excited she is about it which pretty much sums up my sentiments...

I'll accept it… I guess. But only because I have to.

--- 3 ---

Now what to get this soon-to-be birthday girl? Do we need another baby doll or toy or outfit or ANYTHING? No. But she'll probably end up with an assortment including but not limited to those. M LOVES playing with the big girls Duplos so I think the girls should get her a little set so M can claim her stake in the Duplo assembling. 

However, one afternoon when all was quiet because it was rest time M found something and she dragged in around with her for a good 25 minutes. It was the sweetest thing to watch. She banged it on the chairs and kitchen toys and then figured out how to crawl with it in hand. She loved it. 

Too bad 1 yr olds should not have a set of markers : ) 

--- 4 ---

Have I mentioned my kids have the oddest sleeping habits? 

I showed Lee this picture and I told him maybe we are wrong about the way we sleep all normal and flat on our backs… 

Oh and M does own items to cover her legs they just happen to SERIOUSLY hinder the poor kid on the hardwood floors : ) 

--- 5 ---

Just to further my point about odd sleeping locations/positions...

Goodness gracious this child ADORES her Papa so much - but I've already mentioned that. Now that he is home (sometimes) in the afternoon E goes up and colors her papers while Lee works. I get she was just extra sleepy this day.

--- 6 ---

M is so ready to play with the big kids. Except she needs to get this whole walking this down before...

Oh and chalk is not for eating thing too. 

The big kids play this game of frog with our neighbors and some how R ALWAYS ends up being the frog (which she loves) and she ribbits and hops around chasing the bigger kids. We are not sure of the origins of the game but suspect it might have something to do with the frog that got smushed by the garage door. Regardless, it is hilarious to watch. 

--- 7 ---

On tap for dinner tonight… 

Black bean quesadillas (or burritos for the girls). Man I am so glad that the girls like black beans because I would eat them more often but Lee is not a fan… oh and they happen to promote healthy digestion too. 

The more I look at this picture the more it looks like half a pancake with strawberries and whipped cream but alas it is a quesadilla with salsa and sour cream : ) 

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