Thursday, December 23, 2021

Weekly Wrap - #3

 Since there are no more Quick Takes : ( let's go with a Weekly Wrap of all things... 

~ 1 ~

Christmas Programs...

Neither school had in person Christmas programs this year.

So we got all dressed up for Christmas program taping! It was actually waaaaaay easier than getting dressed and racing to the plays at 5:49!

~ 2 ~

The muppet tree!

We got our tree - it is still happily outside. Lee nixed my muppet tree but I loved it. It is was really cute!

~ 3 ~

The windshield...

A windshield ding turned into a full on windshield crack. That was great. I held my breathe EVERY single time I went over railroad tracks or a bump on the highway. I go over more railroad tracks each day than I imagined. 

~ 4 ~

St Lucy's Day rolls.. 

Good things I got friends who actually do liturgical living and want to share!

~ 5 ~

The big kids (not the preschoolers) helped with a Christmas nativity

H started as baby Jesus in the pic only 

R got to be Mary a bunch of times!

A was a shepherd and a wise man and had lots of hot chocolate. 
~ 6 ~

H has been a bed hog so...

she got sent to the crib and has done quite well!

~ 7 ~

The weather has been great. 

There was a soccer game organized and we went to the field for a stroll

Monday, December 13, 2021

All The Dressing Up - 2021

Seeing that it is nearly Christmas its about time to chat about Halloween... 

We have: The Hulk, The Wicked Witch, H who was too happy in her carseat to put on the pumpkin get-up, a ballerina, a vampire? - maybe, Yoda, St Monica

There happens to be a whole lot of back story to the costumes this year... Sometime in July the bigs were in a bit of a bind because they were supposed to clean up the playroom and they didn't so Lee and I took everything and bagged and boxed it up and told them they had to sort through EVERYTHING before it was put back into the playroom. Trash to the dump. Toys to the playroom. Well it turns out there was only supposed to be one bag of trash and the other black trash bag had ALL the costumes in it. EVERYTHING. Star Wars, Wizard of Oz, saints - everything. It is enrages me to even type it. So I told them they had to buy their costumes this year because I wasn't. I think I would have if there was a theme but some people are too cool for that so they shelled out money and reused what didn't get tossed. 

St Lucy, St Olga, St Monica, St Michael

We got over the not-so-late-night Halloween and put on our game faces for All Saints Day - I think I told Lee he HAS to block off All Saints Day morning to be at the house until we leave because most Catholic school parents will say it is one of the tougher mornings to have costumes the night before and then the next morning!

A was all about St Michael - and has since decided that Kindergarten is angels in the Christmas program that he needs his St. Michael costume for the Christmas play

R's costume required the most hands on work and she made her crown of lights which I think came out great!

E repurposed her royal costume from last year when she got wind of the costume punishment decree so she found another queen saint. 

I've hoarded the costumes in my room so as to help people save their pennies next year.


Monday, December 6, 2021

Weekly Wrap #2

 Since there are no more Quick Takes : ( let's go with a Weekly Wrap of all things... 

~ 1 ~

Sweet baby J! He loves a fire just as much as his big brother. 

~ 2 ~

We had a swim meet

E and R swam and I didn't catch R in a smiley swim pic but she was she usual smiling self. 

~ 3 ~

We are in the throws of Advent. We are still trying to do our Advent activities. The first week we did the Thanksgiving food collection at school, last week the bigs helped make Thanksgiving dinner for a shelter, and this week is get your stuff ready for St. Nicholas. Next week E has been begging to do secret sibling exchange - we will see about that. 

~ 4 ~

The weather has been amazing... 

I've been able to open the windows several afternoons.  

~ 5 ~

Black shoes!

E and I were on the hunt for black shoes for her choir concert - five stores later and about 13 minutes before dress rehearsal - we found some - not the ones pictured. It was INSANE. 

~ 6 ~

Guess what J found… 

Ashes from the fire from several days before which he proceeded to rake up and get suuuuuper dirty in. E had lots of choir rehearsals this week so that meant the normal schedule was a bit different and more at home in the afternoon time 

~ 7 ~

Lady C decided to skate

The benefits of having big sisters... they get you suited up!

Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Fall 2021 Soccer Thoughts

Will play for snacks

E - E's soccer season was cut VERY short thanks to a broken arm. It was a huge bummer for me because she had a great coach and a good team. I think she would have come out of her shell because she didn't really want to play and she didn't have any friends on the team. She did go and cheer them on during the games. She was bummed to miss swim. Hopefully the spring season will not involve a cast. 

R - R's team had a good run. Our last game was in a heated OT battle on a freezing cold night with the wind - and it took me an hour to thaw out - we ended up losing and we had a number of teary eyed, tired girls. We had a fun time and a good run. R had a good time and scored a few goals. 

This is the only pic I have of R playing since we had to divide and conquer soccer watching

M - This season started out in an interesting way - with a loss and a you need to check your emotions reminder. Her team ended up winning the championship and M played a lot throughout the season. She got picked for the County All-Star team so that extended soccer another two weeks. That was a fun run too. Fortunately the tournament was only an hour and a half away and unfortunately there was only one other team which meant a best of three series which the girls took in two games!

The cold day of the county championship - which was also H's baptism 

Isn't it funny how numbers get picked? M's friend wanted to be 12 and M wasn't thrilled about 11 or 13 - and they HAVE to have numbers next to each other - so we considered birth year or birth month and this is how we got 13!

First Kibbe on the county All Star team 

I can't help but smile when I see pics of these two since they've known each other since they were three weeks old. 

A - I didn't see a whole lot of A's games this season between coaching and practice. The ones I did see it looked like he was learning about not running around the WHOLE entire field and there was definitely lots of smiles so there was lots of fun being had too. 

C - Lady C might have broke me of coaching her - at least for a season or two. I'm pretty sure she might have risen to the occasion better/more if I was not her coach. Toward the end of the season she did make it through several games without pouting or tears - so that was some growth. I believe she score a handful of goals but snacks were definitely the major motivating factor for that group!

The Coach Mom - I could say a whole lot about this season but I'll try not to. The little girls are always fun to coach. You never know who is going to pitch a fit or surprise you with a goal. The older girls definitely required alot more strategy and managing playing time - everyone is supposed to play half of the game - took lots of brain cells to try and come up with the best/efficient line ups. True colors were shown by a handful of people this season and I'll just have to tuck those situations away into the life lessons and carry on people.