Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Bedtime Stories

A staple in the Kibbe nighttime routine is reading a story - or two. R has been missing out on storytime about every other night because we cannot get our act together and get her in bed... on time. Bad mama : )

Well she still loves the Hide and Seek books and so do we because they are short and sweet and we get a good giggle at the end. Sometimes I'll read her Buenas Noches Luna (Goodnight Moon).

E on the other hand has a crazy amount of books and only wants to read about 5-6 of them. On book she wants to read is a a hidden pictures ABC book - which is not reading!!! And she has memorize where everything is so its not even fun... Sometimes Mama and Papa veto that one. Recently she's been into Mike Mulligan and his Steamshovel. She got this one from Grammy for Christmas. Its a Grammy favorite. I think E likes it because it reminds her of Papa's digger which remains out back for the winter...

One of my favorites is Fuzzy Rabbit. I have no idea why but it is and we have read it for the last few nights.

Any good books we should ad to our bedtime stories collection?

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Monday, January 28, 2013

My morning in pics #20

So this is what my house would look like if I was a full time stay at home parent...

Let's delay school over rain?!?!?

Okay so supposedly this rain could turn to freezing rain but for real!!! At at least our schools are only delayed 2 hrs instead of 3 like some other schools in counties around us. I hope everyone stays safe and parents don't get insanely frustrated as we deal with this 'Winter Weather'.

Enter tag team parenting this morning? I hope so because I have a 10 am meeting but I think Papa has to work today so this could be mildly entertaining....

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Saturday, January 26, 2013

My morning in pics - Cereal boxes and books #19

A. Don't let toddlers open cereal boxes

B. we need a solution to E's book problem.... Shelving low enough for her to reload/stack the book???? Yes please. Open to ideas if y'all know of a good toddler friendly shelving system

Happy Saturday

Overheard at 6:04 am

Its time to snuggle bear!!!!

No E it is not time to snuggle bear. It is time for mama to clean the bathrooms and realize there is not enough laundry detergent to get through today's wash and our street is iced over so only some of the laundry will be done

Friday, January 25, 2013

Real Life - Tag Team Parenting

Who knows what I'm talking about here???

Now of course there are varying degrees of tag team parenting that make the family structure go around. You have your, "I will take one to the store while your stay here with the other". There's "will you pick something up for dinner so I don't have round up the kids and go". There's "okay I've been back there three times - its your turn to see why she won't go to sleep" kind.

As a parent of one or 10 it does not matter, we parents are all players in the tag team game.

The thought of handling the kids and the drama and the activities and the food and the bedtime is daunting - especially alone - that's not to say it cannot be done, its just a whole lotta work.

I want to share the Real Life tag teaming extravaganza that is our life - our ABC life and I would not have it ANY other way. It may be hectic around here but it's a great life.

So it all started out when I took on another job other than the good old pool store. Working for someone other than family... Don't put all your eggs in one basket! Then it was two part time jobs which was great. I could work late or go in early and no problems. Then E came along and I struggled with staying at home and daycare - ALOT. Fortunately Jibbe - yes she is great I know - and my other boss said to bring on the kid (s) and let me bring E to the office do I could work and maintain sanity - no post partum to report here. That was great until E was crawling and it seemed unfair to get to keep her in a pack and play all day so enter MMO. I knew I could not do full time daycare and I am grateful to all the moms who have their kid(s) in daycare aka the lactation consultant who I don't think I would have nursed the girls as long as I did without her help!!! I knew I could not stay home full time either. So MMO was my solution but its only half day - enter the tag team which was not fully realized until R came along and Lee and I moved from double coverage to girl-to-girl!

Example, I am getting ready for a big out of town trip and bed to run to work to go over stuff with my boss ( and it is January and Lee is not insanely busy). Tag team! Run to office for 1.5 hrs and everything is under control when girls get up from naps.

Classic tag team from way back, in a plot to get Jibbe out of Swimworld for more than 2 hrs during the summer so we can prove to ourselves and to customers that Jibbe is not the end all be all at Swimworld - even though she is and had the answer to everything and I still call her often when she is not there - Jibbe picks E up from school once a week and they romp around the Mount. Probably the single most thing E looks forward to every week - no lie. They go to Chik-Fil-A and get ice cream. They have been seen going to Target to get 'little coats' and to Tar-bough-a aka Tarboro to get Crocs - the pink ones that change to purple - in the sun. E had such a great relationship with Jibbe it almost makes me jealous - I will never know my grandparents as well as E knows/loves/adores hers. Jibbe is part of tag team parenting - one afternoon a week. I had time to myself at work before R came. Now R and I yet some time alone on Thursday afternoons even if it is at work it is nice playing chase around Swimworld or looking at City Lake or playing with the hanging bumblebee flag that she squeaks at!

Now let's not forget Grammy and Grandpa Joe they are tag teamers too now. They bravely have kept  E overnight many times. Grammy has come to the rescue and watched E when I have been out of town or when MMO is closed (those days cause me lots of undue stress - did I mention I love our routines). I remember when R was super small, E spent the night at Grammy's and Lee and I stared at each other because the house was quiet and we had one kid again - even if it was for a few hours that morning it was weird and the house was empty. Now you could even throw Uncle Kev into the tag teaming routine at Grammy's because he has graciously come to G&Gs aid to entertain E.

Then there is the day to day tag team parenting. Now this is not meant to complain - that is not the case - but honestly summer parenting can be really rough -but when your tag teamer is tied up from before the girls are up until dinnertime - 6 days a week - tag teaming is not a game that can be played. I love being able to have the afternoons - after naps of course - with the kids but those summer weeks are long ones. In reflecting on the challenges, I think if I could get dinner organized in the morning before they are up that would take some significant stress out of the summer. Around the 4-6 witching hours tag team parenting is the most necessary so if you don't have a plan to avoid the sugar crash and fill up tummies then meltdowns ensue.

Anyway, I typed part of this on the airplane on my phone and the rest at 11 pm at the hotel. Enough rambling. Y'all know what I am talking about.

Here's to tag teaming... it makes the world go round


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Which has since changed to ice but it was pretty while it lasted!

Siete QTs

--- 1 ---

It is Friday again???!!! Sweet. So less stressed this week than last week. Very glad to be spending the weekend at home with the girls. Though I hope I can be a cleaning machine like I was last Saturday. Got the bathrooms cleaned and two loads of wash done before 7 am. Yeah it was pretty impressive.
--- 2 ---
R has been more apt to stand up while holding on to a chair or table. She is still not pulling herself all the way but she is super interested.
--- 3 ---
Okay so how about E has been bucking her naps for the past week or so. She will have quiet time and read and play and sing and do everything except nap. Well yesterday she napped for 2 hours probably. We did not put her to bed until 7:30 instead of 6:45-7 on non nap days. She was much more pleasant and did not fight going to sleep as much. She was calmer. Sleep begets sleep. Yeah I think so

--- 4 ---
Found out this week - well maybe last week but last week was a blur - that there will be 5 day 3 yr old class at school!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!! No more "Is it my 2 yr old class day" and then a disappointed E realizes that she is not going to class but MMO. Not that she does not like MMO but I think she craves the structure and activities. Needless to say I am thrilled and so are some other mamas. E was not even the first on signed up!

--- 5 ---
Activity central - Papa and I decided it would be good to get the girls in the pool again. So we are back to the YMCA for parent-tot swim lessons in February... Well I have not signed up yet but it is definitely on the to do list. Also, I need to get E's soccer registration form in before the end of the month to get half price discount! I am super excited for her. I remember playing on the Blackberries when I was super small and we lost every single game - even though you are not supposed to keep score : )

--- 6 ---
How about R's b-day party. I think we are going to try and have it at Jibbe's house so that she can come. Jibbe just got her knee replaced this week. We'll probably play it by ear and see how Jibbe is feeling. I think it is so great that the girls get to have their grandparents so close! Along the birthday line, E said that we need to give R a Christmas card for her birthday. Also, I am hoping to take E out soon to get R's birthday present. E does not really get it but R always plays with E's babies so I think we'll get R a baby (and I think her cousins are getting her one too but R LOVES her babies). We will definitely go with a Corolle baby. If you have a girl or have to get a gift for a girl these babies are the best. Softest and their faces smell like vanilla instead of plastic. Don't believe me, just check them out.

--- 7 ---
So in NC there is going to be some interesting weather and it is all the buzz this morning. Schools closing early... the works. Eight year ago something similar happened except the schools did not close until too late and kids slept at school and people were stranded. Uncle Kevin walked home and did not get home until 8-9 pm. Well I was at UNC already so I did not really feel the full effect. It is just interesting because about two weeks after that winter event, I went to my first Eastern Catholic Church service and met this blonde haired blue eyed guy and a few of his friends. Yes I met Lee almost 8 years ago. It is so crazy the circumstances for us meeting - which would take forever to explain. Never in my wildest dreams 8 years ago did I think I would date Mr. Lee nor was I particularly interested but I guess someone bigger than both of us had other plans. Isn't it funny how the Holy Spirit works : ) 

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Dear Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree 2012... You have been the bestest, most fragrant, cheapest tree in Kibbe family history.

I am reclaiming my living room. Sorry!

Its been real!!!

Have fun in the backyard. E will be checking on you daily to see how you are doing

My morning in Pics #18

It was pajama day at school. After a minor crisis with Hello Kitty... E opted for Tinkerbell.

R enjoyed her morning at the store

It's name time

Starting on R's name. At least it will be centered this time : )

After that I just have to get those pesky beads on.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

POV - Papa's version of Mama's trip

Not that Papa would actually hijack the blog and post something - here's what I think he would have said about my recent 3 night, 2 day trip to Orlando for work. There is a blog a read that the papa has randomly posted on the blog and it was pretty humorous so hopefully Lee will appreciate this... though I might have to do some addendums or amendments to fill in the blanks. This is as factual as I know without having been here with a little whit thrown in. Papa totally did a fantastic job and I am so happy he got through it!

When Mama told me that she her boss needed her to go out of town for a few nights I thought "Score, now I get to taste what it is like being the stay at home dad"

We had all our help lined up. Jibbe and Aunt Mary on Sunday. Grammy on Monday. That just left me with getting the girls in bed on Saturday and getting them to school on Tuesday. How complicated could that be?

I got home from my electrical class the day Mama was leaving and the house was spotless - seriously - bathrooms cleaned, laundry done, vacuuming done - all by 2 in the afternoon. Maybe she could go out of town more often?!?!?! We pack up and head to church for Vespers. The girls did surprisingly well without crisis or screams. We head to the airport. Mama goes over the written schedule with me? Is this really necessary??? Ah well I pay attention just in case. Four pages is kind of excessive for being gone less than 72 hours. The girls are quiet in the back enjoying their milk Mama packed. No tears when we do the drop at the airport. This is going to be a breeze.

We get back on the highway and head home. Enter R who is really annoyed with the extended time in her carseat and let's us know about it. The screams persist for 45 minutes. Here we go... Enter E about half way through the 1 long ride who announces that she needs to use the potty. We begged her to use the potty at church but she adminantly would not go. Must have been all the milk. Sweet. Fortunately she is accident free until we get home. I have heard my share of potty talk for the month. But Nini fell and E screamed about that too. Then as I open the van door when we get home - Nini catches on the door. Another screaming crisis. Get the girls in fed and in bed and bam. One night down, two to go. Now time to watch football. Oh wait football is not on for another day and it is the last two of the three games this season!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday Jibbe and Aunt Mary get to the house in plenty of time for me to get to church. Homily was a success. No problems to report from the morning. Jibbe and Aunt Mary take E to the park. R is down for a nap. Football time baby!!! R wakes up and in her crawling about manages to bust her lip open! Blood! Tears! Mama is not going to be happy about this. R gets back to normal soon after a snuggle and a few minutes with her cup. Got that under control!!! E and gets home and we realize she is having a potty issue. Where is Mama??!??!?!? This has never happened. E runs around the house announcing she needs her cream to feel better. No problem. Fried chicken and fixings for dinner curiousity of Aunt Mary and Jibbe - yeah they are awesome. They help bathe the girls and bedtime is complete. More football please!

Now you must understand that our girls have been sleep trained since they were about 3 months old - the monitors are a formality. Well not Sunday night. E was up 5 times saying she need cream. 5 times??? I keep up with her change her diaper and get her settled.

Monday morning comes early and talk goodness for coffee. Grammy rolls into the Mount in time for breakfast and after many consults it is determined that a call to the pediatrian is in order - good thing Mama put that in that list/schedule thing. Awesome! I have been to the pediatrian one time - when E was 2 months old. This is a mom department chore. Well  it turns out the Dr needs a sample to send to the lab. A sample. Ha! Are you kidding? Now how do you convince a 2.5 yr old to make pee-pee in a cup? Are you insane? Grammy is there to help coax her but E is not buying the candy bribe - at all. Second call to pediatrician. Fortunately after passing the phone around it was determined that there was an essential piece to the cup puzzle that was missing ( I never actually saw this contraption but sounds like a funnel that covers the entire potty so that there is no traumatic experience when trying to convince a 2 yrd old to make pee pee in a cup. Really??? Really? Come on people!

Grammy and E make cookies and do lots of other things before our appointment and with the occasional "I need cream" interlude. Of course R is just hanging around taking it all in. Books packed and Grammy with R - E and I head off to the pediatricians office. With the funnel contraption going pee-pee in the cup is not a problem at all. Thank you lab tech for forgetting this essential attachment. Then to the room. We wait and we wait. Man maybe Mama was right about crazy wait times. With a prescription in hand and a sample off to the labs E and I headed to Sam's to get the meds.

Somewhere in the craziness of the day I check in on Jibbe after her knee surgery. Get the girls in bed. E  not thrilled Mama is gone. No wake ups through the night - ahhhh - to sleep through the night

Tuesday morning time to get this show on the road. Now this is a process I try not to interrupt in the mornings when I am home. Mama is in full Mama mode. For an hour is all about getting the girls fed, dressed, and out the door. Who knew that is was that challenging? E laligagged around and did not really want to eat until the last minute. R screamed if there was not enough milk in her cup. I make sure that they have warm clothes on - a oneie and tights for R and tights, leggings, undershirt and turtleneck for E. Now hair? Ha! Fortunately E wanted to wear a hairband because braids were not an option. Get out the door with coats and snacks and bags and bookbags. Whoa! What a thrill. We get to school - on time - park up top just like Mama said. E to school check. R to school check.

Mama got home in time to get the girls from school. I am pretty sure I was just as thrilled to see her as the girls. Also pretty sure I am seriously considering up-ing her life insurance policy

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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Flying with Me

Yes I went to Orlando and no I did not bring the girls... It was for work. Yes I did feel slightly guilty when I saw little girls dressed up as princesses but it was fleeting. The girls will get their time at Disney and with the princesses... One day when Papa and I ready to do the Disney thing and when the girls will appreciate it... so Tinkerbell and Minnie will do for now : )

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Images from the Afternoon #14

Okay these are from a week ago when it was in the 70s not the 30s....

And E has discovered self portraiture....

That is not a necklace

As you may or may not have guessed we have rosaries in our chapel... Gasp!!! Well E has been interested in them recently. She has tried to wear them but we quickly tell her rosaries are for praying not for wearing. It seems recently wearing rosaries has been a fashion statement of sorts which is not something I am going to get into on the blog...

So we have been teaching E to memorize the Hail Mary. Once she gets that we'll figure out what's next.

This should be interesting : )

Art from this Week

She is learning about H and I

Friday, January 18, 2013

Siete Rapido Takes : )

--- 1 ---

Feeling very grateful that I am able to park my car in a garage. Probably because it is -40 degrees outside and we are going to get 2-4 feet inches of snow. It was rainy and cold leaving the office with R and getting out of the car was super nice. I gave Lee an extra big hug when I got home. Now if I could will the light in the garage to work it'd be even better!
--- 2 ---
Errrr... so I made the mistake of telling someone (other than family) that R had been using the potty and I had no changed a dirty diaper in 2 weeks. Well I have been eating my words since then... Eye roll!
--- 3 ---
How about at dinner tonight - so great pork chops and mustard sauce and garlic potatoes, per Lee (yeah he's the best) - R is out of control inconsolable - she has pork, green beans, potatoes, grapes, milk - the works! Nothing. I hold her. Nothing. I put her in the bouncy exersaucer thing (so we can tone down dinner by a notch or two). Nothing. Go get her after taking pity. Nothing. Screams of anger. Then I see it. Her favorite cup is on the counter...dirty. Lee rushes to wash it. Pours milk from the bad sippy cup to the fav and BAM she is back eating and and giggling like normal....

It is a Nuk Learner Cup.. and best of all it does not leak it leaks the least of the other sippy cups

--- 4 ---
E has been soaking up 2 yr old class this week. They got to drink hot chocolate - this month the letters are H and I. Next week they get to wear pajamas... E is already excited.
--- 5 ---
Seriously cannot wait for it to be this time next week. I have been swamped at work. I go to bed at 11:15 finishing work and up at 5:30 working again. I have had to get some release via the blog - hence the crazy post from yesterday.
--- 6 ---
Randomly, our Yankee Candle is out. I had Cinnamon Stick in between Thanksgiving and up until Christmas. Christmas until a few days ago it was Balsam and Cedar. Then from a few days ago until yesterday Cinnamon Stick - but now it is out. Last year I got Truly Rose or something like that for February but I have nothing in the mean time. Guess we'll have to sniff our tree for a few more days - yes it does still smell - it is a great tree. Thoughts? Ideas?
--- 7 ---
I mentioned Lent not too long ago but let me just say. I am super pumped for my parents Marti Gras party that we missed last year - thanks to R being born the day before. I guess that is a good excuse. But I missed the food. My aunt makes this insane Gumbo and ahhhhhhhhh - it is so good. That is pretty much the only thing I eat. I seriously cannot wait. But then it will be Lent so I guess I will wait patiently

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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Our Family Vacation Recap

Back in December we loaded up and with a few handy hands Hurricane Kibbe made landfall in the DR - Punta Cana to be more precise. Lee and I debated and debated about going on this trip... Could we handle 2 little kids in the airports, on the planes, security, hotels, sleeping away from our beds, pools, ocean... you name it - it was probably discussed. I am not going to go too much into the logistics of the trip - I'll save that for another post. Now I just want to focus on the memories that we made - and while difficult - the family trip was totally worth it.

We were set to leave on Monday morning. The plan was that we would go to church Sunday spend the afternoon and night at my parents and go to the airport. Well a major wrench was thrown in that when 1 am Sunday we here the cough cough over the monitor. Not the sore throat cough but the I'm about to get sick to my stomach cough. 3 hours later and 4 trips to the bathroom later, and 2 rounds of carpet cleaning later and 1 set of sheets later E is frazzled but back in bed asleep. Okay food maybe or was it the flu?

Sunday plans are scratched and Lee goes to church while I stay with the girlies. No food or anything in the house my mother in law comes to the rescue - she is the best - yes I know this I have been told many times and I don't forget it either! Well then I start feeling queasy. AWESOME. I call Lee tell him to get home ASAP. Put Sesame Street on - which I NEVER do - get R back for a rest and I lounge with E until Papa gets home. I spend the afternoon between the bed and the toilet and around 4 or 5 Lee asks - "So are we going on this trip" You know the trip that I have been planning for weeks for, that we went through heck to get passports for, that I have been packing for days for, that I ordered special rolly carseat adapters for, that we got premixed formula so we would not have to worry about the water for... YEAH THAT TRIP.

All of this is going through my mind along with what did I eat to deserve this - on the day before we are leaving. I tell him we'll play it by ear but to prepare to go. He has to do the last pack and got to the store for the last items. By 9 I am feeling slightly better but I still have my doubts. Well 3:30 am is quite early and we pack everyone in the van and are off by 4:15 - I am feeling way better and Lee and R never got anything so I am guessing the insane illness is from food. I did not want to travel with a sick child(ren).

We get all checked in and meet Jibbe and her sister - Aunt Mary who were the two brave souls to go on this adventure. E is excited about the plane ride but is still not feeling 100%. R is just her normal laid back self. We load up on the first flight - only this is that the rollers that we got for the carseats go easily through 1st class and not at all through coach so that was really my only complaint. My biggest fear is we'll be the one with the screaming kids and bother everyone. Much to my delight and surprise E and R are both pretty quiet and seem unphased by the change in altitude. Score. Get to ATL - roll into the Delta SkyClub room where I feel slightly less disgusted at the thought of R crawling on the floor. Hop on the next plane and right as we start taxi-ing E announced she needs to use the potty. Well we learned our lesson and put her in Pull ups the next time but we did have a full change of outfit for situations like that. E and R slept on the flight. R slept in Aunt Mary's arms which I am kinda jealous of because she NEVER does it for me!

We get to Punta Cana and taxi it to the hotel. Check in. And finally have 2.5 secs to think and its time for dinner. We of course cut out early of that which was fine. I thought R might sleep in the stroller but no. We get sleep arrangements set. R in the pack in play in the kitchen area and E on the mattress from the pull out couch. Could not have planned it better.

Tuesday was our first day at the beach. We did the whole breakfast thing first and the breakfast variety was quite impressive. E loved it. She god French Toast a few days and R liked the Crispx cereal. Then it was beach/pool time. It was super windy so the beach was not the best of options. E loved the sand. R well was just taking it all in. The water in the pool was quite cold so I only put R in her bathing suit one day : ( E was skeptical of the pool and went in a few times but preferred the baby pool - which had no seats around it!

Breakfast on Tuesday. Monday I was not in picture mode

Breakfast bliss

Snoozing on the beach with Aunt Mary

Family time

Then it was off to lunch and nap time. Tuesday afternoon Lee was not feeling well so we laid low for dinner after trudging back out for a quick dip in the baby pool. Lee and I were supposed to go to dinner while Jibbe and AM ordered room service with the girls but that did not happen. The room service food was actually the best food I had there so I definitely did not complain!

At the baby pool

Life is good... just at puffs

First successful day at the beack

Checking on the flamingos
 Wednesday we lounged around the pool and waited for Papa to feel a bit better which he did by lunch time. Same pool/beach/lunch/nap deal. Taking those two hours in the afternoon were crucial. That was the day our room did not get cleaned until 6! It was also the day we were doing Vespers for St. Nicholas while they cleaned our room - that was on for the books. Then we left out our things - some of them for St. Nicholas and headed to dinner at the Japanese steak house. It was fine - just a reminder that restaurants and later dinners and kids don't always work the best well. St. Nicholas had not come once we got back so we hurried the girls to bed.

This was E's bed / The germ free area that R sat on

I have no idea
So much fun!

Getting ready to crash with Aunt Mary

E and Jibbe in the sand

Ocean Girl

More flamingos

Obligatory self family portrait

Leaving out toys for St. Nicholas to take with him

Before dinner
 St. Nicholas managed to find us in the DR by Thursday morning though! E was excited R was happy for her treats. St. Nicholas took the toys that the girls left him and brought clothes, books and candy - E was thrilled for the candy. Mama and Papa stuff did not fit in the suitcase... E was oblivious to the fact nothing was left for us which was excellent.

St. Nicholas came!!!

E asleep

Checking out what St. Nicholas left

A few tinkerbell cups and Hide and Seek books!

Eating a "St. Nic-las" candy

Papa reading the new Pets book

Of St. Nicholas left puffs!

Thursday was another beach day. I forgot to mention we let E get her toenails painted the day we arrived. She was so happy and told everyone at school about it when she got back! R put her foot in the ocean and she and E played in the sand. The wind there was pretty insane. After rest a trip to see the flamingos it was time for dinner. Except we waited and waited and waited for dinner. Fortunately we were not the only insane ones to tote little kids so R met a few friends while we waited. Then it was back to the room to repeat the craziness of Monday's airport antics.

All smiles for breakfast

Happy at the thought of french toast
Obligatory baby-foot-in-sand pic

Hmmm.. the vast ocean


Thrilled with the sandcastle

Sisters in the sand

Tasty sand?

Family Sand pic

E thought this was the coolest chocolate milk ever
 We had a later flight Friday but it was crazy windy so we did not let E in the pool or sand - we spent some quality time with the flamingos and took a little walk. Finally we packed up and headed to the airport. The airport was insanely slow - it was horrible. I won't go into too many details. We got lunch and waited for the plane. The funny thing is down there you have to walk on the tarmac to get to the plane and walk up stairs - not the best case scenario with our little rollers but a small price to pay. I was 80% we were going to miss our connection in ATL. Lee was 100% ready to drive home in a Suburban. Fortunately customs and immigration was fast and we got to go through children/wheelchair line. We made it to the gate with about 10 minutes to spare.

Saying bye bye to the flamingos

R on our walk

E on our walk

R post-walk

E safely and securing and not running around-ly at the airport

Aunt Mary rocking R while we wait for the plane

E post eating rest

R post eating unrest : ) 

R was rearing for a meltdown and we were definitely the ones on that flight who had a screaming baby for 75% of the flight - of course she fell asleep as we were landing but whatever. Before we took off the gate attendant made me turn her to forward facing - clearly she is not well versed in carseat safety but I was not up for the fight. Maybe that got R mad or maybe it was because she had to wait for her cup because the flight attendants filled her cup with boiling water and we could not get an ice cube for 20 minutes... yeah I think that was it.

Well we claimed our luggage while Lee got the van. Getting the carseats back in the car with two tired kids in the semi-dark car on the sidewalk of an airport is no easy task - but we got it. Finally back on the road home to the Mount. We stopped and got a chocolate milkshake from McD's because heck we deserved it for all that work! Pulling into the driveway felt familiar. We rushed the girls to their rooms. Turned up the heat and I think Lee unloaded most of the car. We had to put sheets on the bed because I could not bear the same sheets from Sunday night. Then it hit us... True rest and relaxation and peace and quiet for 6 hours until 6:30 rolled around and I had to get laundry started and go to the grocery store for the essentials.

Overall great trip and fun memories

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