Tuesday, March 27, 2018

7QTs - Swim, Soccer, Pancakes

Linking up with Kelly and co... in no particular order 


St. Patricks Day was a million years ago two weekends ago

Lee was cooking away all day and some of the days leading up to the big school St. Patricks Day dance

I managed to convince him to make green pancakes because green milk in cereal hasn't gone over well in years past.

They were a hit 

And so was the dance and the food and it was a really fun time for all and a fun and exhaustive time for him but I think he secretly likes it because he loves to cook. I'm telling you, he missed his calling as a chef and I'm good with that : ) 


Soccer started... 

It has been some logistical aerobatics but I think it is working out. I'm coaching E and M's teams - yes both of them. How? I have a sitter come with me to the field to watch them. I am still toying with the idea of just bringing dinner out there for them to eat and once Lent is over I might have to use the evening ball field burritos or something

M took nearly 100 pics after her practice.. apparently this was really important

To be on the playground... next season C, next season


R continues reading... 

She's moving up the ranks to Pinkalicious and she's up to lesson 60 on Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Lessons. Her reading buddy, Pony, needs to be totally restitched (Thanks a million Build-A-Bear) like I've got loads of time on my hands to nurse an ailing stuffed animal!


2nd and 3rd grade did Live Stations of the Cross

E co-narrated and she did an awesome job as did all the kids reenacting Jesus' final journey


On the night of Live Stations... M needed an attitude check (and continues to need one) Hello drawing on books during rest yesterday (hello photocopy of E)  

R (has seen them in the afternoon with me), A (it was 6:30 and he's a raging loony tune in confined spaces) and C (bedtime anyone?) were treated to a bath (I think my younger kids are missing part of their childhood not taking baths but they are so terribly impractical. It was big deal and R loved being the boss of the tub and A enjoyed the extra room and C was confused by the big tub. 


This past weekend E and C and me headed for the waves for E's final swim meet of the season


It was nice to spend some alone-ish time with E. We went out to dinner and played tic-tac-toe and she thought it was so crazy I could actually beat her. We shopped and found A his tie for Pascha and it is amazing - it is a zip tie. We found C's Pascha basket. E found herself a American Girl Lego set for 50% off so I've hidden that in my closet for a few more months. I discovered E is not a good bed-sharer - apparently I wasn't either. C was not a good sleeper unless she was in the bathroom - after the second time of her getting up I said enough was enough. 


E had a good run this season swimming. 

She made some good progress but of course has some work to do next year if she goes the swimming route. 

Last year she would have looked like kid #4 diving in. Her favorite stroke is still backstroke and ironically enough she won her heat of back stroke only to find out she had been DQ'ed because of her turn : ( Anyhow, she had a good time though I think next year we are going to impose increased practice requirements for out of town meets along with no complaining. 

My resident complainer is about to get a little spray in the face with water for complaints. We are getting a complainer spray bottle and all complainers - moms and dads included - will get a squirt for each complaint. Complaining and whining really cannot be disciplined because it is annoying and you know what else is annoying... getting sprayed in the face with water. 

Game on

Sunday, March 18, 2018

My Beef With Mike Mulligan

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel. It is just a fun book. Mike is faithful to his companion even though she's old and outdated. It is a story of loyalty and hard work and solving problems and adapting to be productive members of society. Okay, seriously, it's kids book that little boys love because there's a big digger and a little boy and don't forget the fire dog.

HOWEVER, every single time I read the book I cannot help but cringe at the critical point. 

"We've worked so fast and so well that we've quite forgotten a way out" 

Well you know what? If you forgot your way out then you have worked too fast and not very well at all. 

Am I right? 

Call me crazy for ruining an awesome kids story but Mike didn't do his job well at all. He wasn't thinking through what he was doing and because it was rushing to get done by sundown he cannot get Mary Anne out of the cellar. That's not GOOD work. 

Obviously the little boy saves the day with his excellent idea - don't get me wrong - and everything works out. I get it. I get it. 

Please tell me I'm not the only one who adores this story but gets a twinge of annoyance over this point.

Friday, March 9, 2018

7QTs - Ni Hao Edition

Linking up with Kelly and co... 


Thursday was International Women's Day... 

Which I was not aware of until I was presented with this. In China it is a day women get flowers. Also at dinner, the ladies at the table got this special warm drink with peanuts. Both were quite out of the blue and unexpected. 


Green tea frap anyone? 

I'm sure it was terribly loaded with sugar and other stuff but I needed a little caffeine kick one morning since coffee has been a thing of the past. Green tea should be added to the menu in other markets for sure


Everyone seems to be okay back stateside. 

C was a bit confused by the FaceTime but I know she'd had a blast with Grammy and Grandpa Joe and she's been spoiled but twice daily walks. She's slept through the night most nights so I am grateful to her for that!

Lee is holding down the fort at home. He said the general sentiment is everyone is ready to be back under the same roof and I couldn't agree more. 


The conference we attended it right next to a mall which we did some window shopping while waiting for lunch

This will not be coming home with me but I couldn't help but wonder how long it would take us to build. It is only $500 and would not stow well for sure. There was this really neat 3000 piece world puzzle with the flags of the countries lining it but it was sold out and I wished I snapped a picture of it. Window shopping was fun to compare prices which are nearly the same. 


Speaking of window shopping... 

After we had our last meeting yesterday we stole away to the black market for some real interesting shopping

I got prescription glasses for $30 and if they break I really won't mind. There was loads of stuff - of course - I was hoping to find some Crocs for the kids this summer but nothing jumped out at me. There was tons of everything except quality :  )


The food this trip has been quite good... 

Stingray anyone? 

I love spicy food and there were several spicy dishes each meal. There is always so much food. There wasn't anything too wild and crazy which I definitely appreciated. Maybe next time I'll try some wine from the growing wine industry in China. 


I'm happy to report we'll be heading out in a few hours. I can't wait to get home and see all my peeps and Lee : ) who has earned himself a few days off which I'm sure he won't take because St. Patrick's Day is calling his name. I'm ready to stop fooling around pumping which has required some logistically aerobatics - I bought a hand pump before I left and it has worked well I'd just rather feed the bebe directly. 

There's a whole long list of people who have seen our family through the week and you know who you are so many thanks - we couldn't do it without the village. 

Monday, March 5, 2018

7QTs - China, Legos, Bleach

Linking up with Kelly and co... 


So apparently I leave for China in like a hot minute... 

Which means it is March and hello taxes and hello a zillion dollars of medical bills. Ya'll this year I could write a freaking book about the navigating the medical industry and paying the bills to the people who make it happen. 


Long plane rides = long cross stitching moments.... 

That's how far I got on A's last China trip. I am in the shorter rows of back stitching M's stocking... I'm hoping to get to the bottom of the right tree and through the top gingerbread man. Hopefully I'll have some blocks of time of exhausted awakeness in the early morning hours in China

E helped me sort my thread. 


It was wacky day at preschool this week... 

M remembered about half of the Dr Seuss days because it's-his-bday week. She didn't know what to thing about wacky day but I helped her fill in the gaps. Hopefully next week without mama won't yield too many wacky outfits. 


Last Saturday E had her First Confession... 

I asked her if she wanted a veil or a necklace/crucifix and she chose a veil. A yellow one to be exact. 

I had to drag the crew along with us because Papa had a deacon day in Raleigh. Which wasn't so bad but A was a nut. But a wipe keep him busy cleaning for 20 minutes. I had an epiphany regarding the sharing of my sharing or rather God sharing my husband with me. Sharing is caring. But SHARING IS HARD. 

Anyhow we went out for ice cream after confession and that was great

So proud of her! I let her get extra ice cream extra toppings : )


This week in the news... 

We went to M's future in-laws and had dinner and ice cream and there was a mock wedding and M kept on walking around this week saying that Alex kept on saying that she was his husband but THEY WERE JUST FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!!!

Also, I spilled bleach on the wall 


We are getting through another round of swim class 

C is thrilled. 

A looks good sporting the jammers


We had a family Lego night not too long ago - actually I think it was a Friday after Stations because we are cra-zee like that.

E and Papa were the main builders and R did building and sorting. 

M and I were the main sorters

Toward the end it was only Papa and E and M and R were playing stylists of my hair which they always find to be wildly hilarious.