Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Week in My Life - Wednesday

Just another wacky weekday...

A has a bad habit of pushing M off the stool when they brush teeth. A loves to brush his teeth so he lingers for a while and I hope he doesn't dapple in the sink too long. 

On to bigger an better things all before 7:15... The Amazon Subscribe and Save box is always loads of fun. M usually tries to rush upstairs so she can play with Barbies and Legos with E and R. 

E and R and me are warring over their room and putting stuff away and keeping it halfway straight. There are usually pajamas on the floor and hangers from school clothes on the beds. Usually I try and turn a blind eye to it but this morning it was particularly bad. I make them clean it up before our prayer time and that's always met with a cheerful face and immediate compliance... NOT

E is usually the last one out of the house. She lingers and complains about packing up so thank goodness for long range garage clickers to prove my point. 

When I pull into the office after doing the morning shuffle I'm met with my lovely reminder of things that need to be taken care of... Please see Tuesday as another example. Plus the dirt on the dash would also remind me the van had not been cleaned since we got it in March (which as since been remedied) but a clean car often takes the back burner.

C wasn't so sure about her first bounce in the door jumper. She's so stinking cute and she may drive me a little crazy, I know what a blessing it is to be able to have a sidekick at work. 

Once the pick up and lunch shuffle are complete, C and I sit down for the afternoon work session. She really needs to get on the bottle program but I'm not up for the fight because breastfeeding is much easier for us. 

E has a slightly later than normal swim practice so she and C and me head out and leave R and M to their own devices upstairs and Papa and A knee deep in Legos and books. 

After E and I eat our late dinner it is time for the Jesse Tree - hello Advent! I really love the visual reminder of Advent thru the Jesse Tree. Our activity for the week is packing Operation Christmas Child shoe boxes so more on that later. 

Sometimes I wonder, and I often pray about the faith of our kids. I hope that we as parents are doing our job of passing on the faith to are kids well enough - though we often fall short. I hope that when they get older and look back, they'll remember doing the Jesse Advent for Advent or eating dirt and worms for the birth of John the Baptist or eating white pizza for the Transfiguration. I really would like to make it a priority of picking a feast day or a saint each month and doing something that helps teach us something about that person or that feast. Fortunately I don't have to recreate the wheel, we just have to pick something and implement it. 

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Week in My Life - Saturday

It is funny to me that this Saturday, of all Saturdays, is the one that is documented so thoroughly because it was actually quite uneventful and out of the ordinary. Well, highly event-filled in the swim events department but that is about it.

5:55 am push back to leave to pick up a sweet swim friend and mama to ride to the swim meet. Having a navigator sure made the trip go by much faster with some good conversation and company

The swimmer

Armed with her lane assignments (my sorry attempts at humor)

E had a great first three events. I think she swam faster in all three and didn't get DQed in IM which is HUGE. Yay! 

C was a trooper - as usual. She got ooooooed and awwwwwwwed over a million times. It was blazing hot in the pool area and silly me forgot that it would be so I packed all footed, long sleeve clothes - but that made for some warm toasty naps. 

Then the last event she swam was the 500 free. The back story to the 500 is this. At the beginning of the swim season I set some goals for E (we do it during summer swim, we did it during swim last year, we do it for the other kids too and not just in sports). I set one of her goals for this year as swimming the 500 free. It is a long race - 20 laps. It isn't easy, but it's achievable. That's the point of a goal. Reachable but requires some stretching. She didn't have to take me up on it, but if she swam it - and finished and didn't get DQed - the prize was a swim backpack. She has been bouncing around between several bags/packs for the past year for goggles, towels, bathing suits etc etc etc. 

Not surprisingly she wanted to do the 500. Or she really wanted the backpack. This was the first meet that she could do it and as soon as she saw it on the meet sheet, she was game. I can't say I was. I thought she'd build up to swimming it and maybe do it toward the end of the season. I may have triple checked with the coach - You are sure she's not going to sink, right? She was certainly nervous in the time leading up to the race though I cannot say if it was she or I who was more nervous. The next closer swimmer in the race was 10 but the little 7 year old was determined to swim with the big girls... 

She was the last one to finish, the last race of the day. I told her before I didn't care about her time. I just wanted her to do her best - and not get DQed. Because how many other 7 year olds was she swimming against? 

She was so exhausted. I was so proud. 

Then we loaded up, hit up Panera, grabbed a gallon of milk and got back home 10.5 hours after our early morning start. A was so happy to see me. R and M didn't realize we were home for at least 45 minutes. Of course, I dutifully made good on the swim bag. E had to check out all the colors - there were at least 30 - before confirming the choice she already had her heart set on, yellow. There are probably only a handful of people who can appreciate the fact her color choice shows she is my child. Her bright yellow swim backpack will be here on Monday (thanks Amazon Prime for having the best price and of course 2 day shipping) hopefully in time for her to sport at practice. I think you can agree she deserves it. 

Then it was time for dinner and showers and Jesse Tree and then everyone was tossed into bed by 7. Lee held down the fort like a champ. Did laundry. Cooked dinner. Maintained order. 

I think we make a heck of a team. 

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Week in My Life - Tuesday

Week in My Life catch up - Monday

Tuesday started really early - thanks to C who was up at 4ish to eat. I got up in the hopes of being productive. I heard A rustling around so I turned on the laundry room light - which is the furthest light from his room (and M's) and then bam! He knew I was up. 

He and I snuggled on the couch for a while because what else do you do with a 2 yr old who might wake up the entire house at 4:30 am. He is wearing is 'ball' pajamas he insisted on wearing the night before. 

C decided to get up before 6 which was fine because what the heck. But her diaper was overflowing so strip the sheets from the crib and change her. Throw the sheets and clothes in the washer - gasp! - I don't do laundry during the week except in extreme situations. Then I come back to get her dressed and somehow in the changing process she must have peed on the big bed sheet soooooo... strip those sheets and get them in the washer too. 

We left the house without too much fuss - except over brushing hair

A loves walking through the mulch at school even though I'm not a fan

Spontaneous sister/brother holding hands in school - that never happens. Usually M is mad that A is messing up something of hers

Tire pressure light came on yesterday because of the temperature drop, plus no gas, plus 2000 miles overdue for an oil change... story of my life

C and I shot into work. I find out Lee's appointment is moved to 1 hour later which throws me for a loop with preschool pick up. All you people who don't live near awesome family, I don't know how you do it. Jibbe saved the day - of course - and picked up M and A so I could be with Lee and drive him home. 

No more diverticulitis! Let's total the medical bills of that saga - it is more than it cost us to have C earlier this year. And yes, I wish I was kidding.  

A moment of peace with the kids resting and checking in on work. 

Pretty accurate scene. R with her headband. E with her newfound bubble making talent and her book. I picked up again because Lee was home - plus I knocked out some work phone calls in the truck. 

C is on the verge of rolling over! Which is not too hard to believe I suppose but gracious she is getting big. A friend had a baby a few weeks ago and I've seen him a few times and I am reminded how little she used to be!

Next up is homework which happens at the dinner table and the girls do homework better when they are not doing it at the same time. Plus book reading. Plus sight words. Trying to get through all the sight words before spelling words... Oh Kindergarten can't you be fun again 

E knee deep in math homework and I had her recopy all her sentences from the night before because they were pretty terrible. Plus the Jesse Tree is up because November 15 marks the start of Advent for us. 

That planner - we had an issue over the planner. Isn't it interesting when our kids don't do the right thing - but they do it kinda out of ignorance and some bit of maliciousness - how disappointing it is as a parent. We want our kids to do the right thing all the time and when they don't it is such a let down. I have to imagine God feels exactly the same way with us when we sin... I know you know better than that, but you want to go and do it anyways. Kinda hurts my feelings

A picked out his 'ball' shirt and GEEEns for school. He's so cute!

Last on tap was AHG. Lee couldn't drive and I needed to touch base with another mom about some badges for E that she worked on over the summer (at camp) which I haven't posted about but really happened.

Then it was a bit of studying for quizzes before tucking in. 

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Week in My Life - Monday

I didn't get the memo about Week in My Life because, well you know how I roll; so I have no pics from this day (as in ZERO) but it was the same old crazy.

We made it out the door in a timely fashion. Oh it was raining too that always makes things interesting. The cold and rain made for drop off line at school so that was A+ because I have a terrible habit of running my mouth after prayer line. So the little kids were at school super early (as in one time) and I was at work earlier than normal - more like my winter normal time : ) . 

Lee was home for lunch because he was prepping for his test the next day - trying to get the final answer on this diverticulitis. It is always so great to have him home for lunch! I left and picked the girls up from school because he wasn't sure if he could make it. Having to stop everything and leave to get them ( only with C because the others were home asleep with Lee) is a bummer - but I did it because a family goes out of their way to help us, so I really try and pick them up if it is all possible - aka not waking up the littles. Having to load up everyone during nap to do pick up would be a major bummer. Making runs to school for pick up make me SO grateful to the families who bring home the girls. SO GRATEFUL. Gentle reminders of how blessed we are to have such a support system.

Then it was not long before E and C and I loaded up to take E to swim practice. I brought my cross stitch that I am working on for M and made very little progress thanks to the fact that C woke up not long into practice. I need to get back in the pool and Papa needs to get C on the bottle train. I miss swimming in the mornings but HS swimming takes over half the lanes in the mornings and sharing a lane with the 5:30 am crowd can be a little... ehem... slow.

Anyhow.... home home home.... but just for a minute because I have to run to the HSA (PTO/PTA - whatever) meeting at 6:30. I drop E off and stay just long enough to get A upset with my departure. I roll into the parking lot and score a front row space in a packed house. Sweet!

Then I walk in and I look at the clock and it's a solid 6:30 but everyone is already seated and intent on what is being said. Check with a parent and come to find out the meeting started at 6 and not 6:30 - that explains why there were no stragglers in the parking lot with me!

Anyways, story of my life. So annoying. I guess my kids will have to wear half their uniforms tomorrow since it is a dress down day for meeting attendees and I only made it to half the meeting! Give my quick update about our big fundraiser that is not going as well as I hope and then call it a night.

Come home to find E on the couch doing homework - which works out swimmingly especially when trying to write sentences. She's tired and needs to go to bed but likes to knock out all spelling HW on Mondays.

Then C and I retire and that is about it. 

Friday, November 10, 2017

7QTs - SuperHeros, Our Ladys, Third Wheelz

Linking up with Kelly and co... 


I likely owe some explanation about the blogging silence (no not pregnant because isn't that what the first assumption is). I think I mentioned a few weeks ago Lee has diverticulitis and it is not clearing up in a timely fashion so he (and I on occasion) have been going to the doctor (or ER!) at least once a week for the past 5 weeks. It is exhausting. It is expensive. And I'm praying that next week after another (different from CT scan) test we will have more answers and hopefully an action plan to get him back to normal. 

Aside from that, work has been busy enough to the point I need to log on and finish in the night or get a head start in the morning hence the blog takes an unfortunate turn to the back burner. 

Fear not, I have decided to restart and blog - only about 3 happy and stressful days of last week because totally catching up would take too long.  


To kick off an already knowingly stress-filled evening we headed over to our favorite pumpkin patch to take C's obligatory pumpkin pick. All the kids have worn this costume on their first Halloween and I wasn't about to end that streak even though it was Halloween. 

It was pretty go-go-go because there were other things to do like carve the pumpkin but we got a good one and that's about all I care about. I do feel bad because there were animals there that A would have LOVED to chat it up with them but we were moving. Next year hopefully I'll remember and we can go there before 2 hours before it shuts down for the season

I took a fall pic because I'm a glutton for punishment. And it was a flop. I really don't love any of them plus E has no business wearing that bow soooooooo..... Kibbe kids be warned you had best step up your game come family photo session (yes I finally took the plunge and have a date set) plus Christmas card pics. 


I love this picture so much..

It pretty much defines A. Love my boys : ) 

E told Papa she wanted letters on the pumpkin... He said no. She lost it. I interpreted... Her OCD shines because the letters are the first letters of the characters they dressed up as. The S and P are in the mouth... I PROMISE!

Dremel drill for pumpkin carving for the win

Pretty much the coolest papa EVER 

Pumpkin Guts! Lee refused to allow seed roasting... 

Next year I really would like to make an effort to 1. get to the pumpkins a few days before the pumpkin patch closes and 2. have a pumpkin carving family contest

I need to buy some of those pumpkin reusable candles things from Amazon... Like right now!


And I present...

Wonder Woman, Bat Boy, Super Girl, Poison Ivy, Bat Girl... I need a book with a halfway decent storyline so my kids can learn who they dressed up as

I'll tip my mothering hat on this one... I dumped Papa and the walkers off on the next street over around 6 pm. C and I met up with them as we all cut through back to our street - the other street was much better in the Halloweening department

Duh-na-duh-na-duh-na-duh-na-nanananana - BATMAN!

In a neighbors yard!

Thanks for our neighbors for taking a group shot!

The looters!

A had no idea what was going on most of the time but knew something was up. He went back and forth between riding in the stroller between houses and not letting me help him with his candy bag

So much to say about this... I need a soapbox

Sorting the loot!


Lee insisted I take a pic of the taco salad he made for dinner... 

That would have cost at least $12 in a restaurant.

R got the taco all over her school uniform and I contended with that this morning which was super annoying... I guess that's my own fault for only having the exact number of polo shirts she needs for school!

Bleach is in order this weekend


The day after Halloween is All Saints Day which can be a little hairy for Catholic school moms. Two costumes in 15 hours and there's lots of hype surrounding both. Plus the sugar high from the night before and the pressure on the day of.. 

Guesses? Anyone? 

Our Lady of the Snows and Our Lady of Guadalupe 

E was super pumped about her costume because Our Lady of the Snows is the PERFECT Elsa match up. We didn't tell anyone about it It would probably be helpful to see the snowflake on the front of her dress - anyone got a good icon of her St. Nick can bring? R is Our Lady of Guadalupe. I totally could have stepped up my game on the dress but I didn't because $20 for another dress? 

When she got home from school and read through her saint-a-grams E announced she is going to be Saint Teresa of Calcutta (Mother Teresa) for All Saints Day 2018, I was like HOLD UP!!!!!!!!

You cannot plan your costume for 364 and 8 hours in advance.

Send Saint Teresa costume ideas and links my way


A day late (really) and a dollar short (not really) we celebrated our 9th anniversary. 

With C of course 

We had a great time and we talked about where the time had gone - and how the Holy Spirit has worked through us - and where time will be going - and where in the world the Holy Spirit will be leading us. Here's to 99 more!