Sunday, April 28, 2019

Pascha 2019

He is Risen!

Well we survived Holy Week and all the church services that go along with it. I'd be lying if I didn't think we'd do terribly because Palm Sunday was ROUGH. Next year I need to remember that my children can get palms AFTER church. There was so much controversy surrounding the palms and who had what and why was this one bigger and let's rip the palm in half to get two palms... Church endorsed liturgical distractions I tell you!

Pascha was actually quite chilly - but dry. It rained ALOT Holy Week. I had to do a quick swap from sandals to tights for the girls but at least it wasn't raining and so the post church feast of City Chicken and Pascha cheese and lots of feast worthy goodies went off without a hitch. I told Lee I wanted to bring a pepperoni pizza but that plan got nixed because it was totally impractical and it wouldn't be fresh. 

Then we headed to my parents for basket hunts - some of which ended up hidden on the roof? and more really good food. The big girls stayed a few days and dyed eggs and made Easter cookies - which were some of the best if you ask me or Lee. The house was eerily quiet on Monday night at 7:30 - A and C were in bed and Lee and I just kind of sat and enjoyed the peace. Thinking back at one point or another it was always pretty quiet around 7:30 when E and R were 3 and almost 2. 

The volume around the house will certainly not be lowering anytime soon and come September it will be increased by one little person. Baby number six will be gracing us with his or her presence a month after school starts! We are very excited and honestly I am actually ready - as ready as one can get - for another baby. C is great but she isn't a baby any more. She is almost two with a lot of sass and spunk and opinions. I think everyone is on Team A Needs a Brother which is the only reason I'd even consider finding out boy or girl (but I didn't). Given our track record there's really only a 20% chance this baby is a boy and A has already declared this baby - his baby brudder. 

Sunday, April 14, 2019

On Lent and Other Liturgical Musings

Lent started in what seems likes 1.5 millions years ago but really I guess it was only 6 or 7 weeks. This was the scene on the Sunday of Cheesefare (aka the last day to eat anything and everything before Lent starts Monday - yes not Ash Wednesday... we sneak a few extra days in just for kicks). This all shook out two days into Papa's six month day stint with the flu - which no one else got - Praise the Lord. 

I was gifted a copy of the Catholic All Year Compendulum and picked up some good Lenten ideas I wanted to try out. One of which was no sweets/dessert. The kids have parties at school so I'm not going to even go there and I wouldn't want them making a big deal about it. 

Anyways so we had our last dessert for a while and I let them go out with a bang. We had two big boxes of sweet and treats that had been collected from various parties and celebrations. I let them pick 3 toppings for: 

Their ice cream (I polished off the box) and warm (yes I actually nuked them for them because Lent was nearly upon us) brownies... 




And I think we have a new tradition in the books. I will say that there have been some very yummy and tempting fast-friendly (aka for those not eating dairy) desserts after Presanctified Liturgy this year that have been a sacrifice not to dive into. Hand raised in the group who wanted some. 

Next from the Catholic All Year suggestion book was a bean jar. This has been a good one but I need to do better with it next time around. The idea is you get a bean for a good deed or sacrifice or something. Then on Pascha there's a jar full of Jelly Beans - on for each good deed bean that made it in the jar during Lent. I've given beans for good pray time behavior, clearing dishes, Andrew saying grace by himself, putting stuff away after school (and not leaving it scattered all over the floor), church (Liturgy, PSL and stations) behavior, helping me out with anything, and, a freebie, for not getting dessert. The kids have enjoyed it and my issue is I need to do the beans in the moment or in the day because I forget and the kids needs the immediate reinforcement. Do I wish I could take beans out for bad behavior, yes -but I don't. 

Then came St. Patrick's Day

Green cookies for breakfast

Leftover from the St. Patrick's Dance 

That Grammy made - that was a fun treat. Usually I do green mac and cheese and other green stuff but with it being on a Sunday this year I didn't. 

Our family green photo. Lee and I are never usually in the pics and I don't think you can tell that R, E and C are wearing green but they are. I love Lee's green vestment so I requested the family pic after church : ) 

And last but not least. First grade would not be complete without the leprechaun trap project. R basically had no idea what she wanted to do. 


So when I noticed we had green cupcake holders I threw those in front of her with some gold coins and...

This is what you got. The trap was to fall on the leprechaun when it tugged on the gold coin (in the cupcake holder) after it saw the gold coin in the reflection of the spoon - the spoon was 100% her idea. 

Fortunately the leprechauns didn't take my spoon but they did do a number on the traps and somehow all got away. 

Monday, April 8, 2019

Anything's Possible... with M!

M was the last of the 4 kids (the ones who were aware of their outings - sorry C!) to go out with me. She was mad about being last but then I reminded her I still have to take C somewhere (it will probably be Dunkin Donuts - because she's almost two). Anyhow, the swimmers and I raced back from the swim meet to make me and M's date night possible. 

We started out with dinner at Lou's. It is a pretty fancy place for us and reserved for special occasions - aka that's our Father's Day dinner spot. We snacked on sweet potato fries and tried to patiently wait for our food but there was a bball team there (with parents) so party of 20 tosses a monkey wrench into the kitchen. Anyhow we got our food and we were both full from fries so passed on dessert (Skillet Cookie) but we stopped and got M dessert from the candy section - PB M&Ms - a girl after my heart. She refused to let me sneak them in but I think she would have much enjoyed the show more if she had a snacking distraction. 

We went to go see the Seussical Jr. One of the schools put it on and it seemed like a good fit for M's night out. They like watching Dr. Seuss on PBS. 

I am quite sure she was bored about halfway through and I almost let us go but we were in the middle of a row. I think it would have helped a lot if she was familiar with Horton Hears a Who and Horton Hatches an Egg - but those aren't in our Seuss repertoire. 

Regardless, she told everyone she had a fun time.