Monday, September 30, 2013

Caterpillars First Game Recap

{sorry no pics from the game - hopefully Nani will come out and take some real pics one game : ) } 

So we, the Caterpillars, survived our first game tonight. I think the kids were really overwhelmed by all the cheering (not a bad thing) and noise. We had some kids who were super into it and ran around but NO ONE wanted to take the ball away from the other team. I guess that's what you get when you stress 'sharing' with your kids : ) I have a plan for the practice part of our time before our game next week to get their minds on taking the ball away!

Anyways, it was cute. The parents were super into it which is so great. I think most of them had fun. Of course the snacks were a big hit along with shouting Caterpillars as loud as they possibly could (to scare the other team, you know). I broke out in a sweat taking to run along side, hold hands, pick up and motivate the kids into chasing after the ball - AND I did not go into labor : )

Sunset Beach... You will be missed

Hurricane Kibbe made landfall on Sunset Beach, had a great time and quickly stormed back to the Mount...

The girls and I headed out around 5:45 on Saturday morning from the beach. My crafty-mommy-self thought leaving early would be fantastic because it would still be dark and the girls would probably sleep for another 2 hours in the car because it was still dark - in additional to getting out of the house while Grammy, Grandpa Joe and Uncle Kev (that's what E calls him now). Well R was whisked down to the van with very little problem - though I still had to get the pack and play folded up. Then E... who I decided should go potty but as I roused her she went into a screaming fit about not wanting to leave the beach... : ( 

Needless to say, we had a very wide awake van ride home. R only screamed the last 45 minutes of the 2 hr and 50 minute drive - but I cannot really blame her. Papa had to run to work but as soon as he walked in the door a pot of coffee was put on - but that did not really ease the re-entry process. 

Who would not be Crabby about leaving the beach?
 So this pic was my request... Glad the first one came out well and I don't look massively pregnant - thank you shadows. Kind of bummed that you cannot see the "I'm a little Crabby" on my shirt but more glad that R's 'Crabby' is showing because she is the reigning Queen Crab - for the time being : )

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Friday, September 27, 2013

7QTs - I'm on Va-Cay people so you get what you get!

{Watch out these are pretty darn random}

--- 1 ---

{Here's to Papa}

{while changing a post nap stink}
Papa - Whew! R that is foul
R - Faul? Faul? {grin}
Papa - Yes R foul!

Following this there may have been a similar experience that did not involve a diaper but a bathtub... While E and I were at soccer practice :  )

--- 2 ---

Lee - Did you see the combine in the field from yesterday?
E - Yeah it was parked next to the bog-thing
Lee - What bog-thing?
E - You know the bog
Lee - What's the bog?
E - You know that tractor thing

Bog = tractor? 

--- 3 ---

{singing while coloring with chalk}
E - B-I-B-L-E spells astronaut
Me - E what does B-I-B-L-E spell
E - Astronaut!
Me - Okay

--- 4 ---

E - Papa we have a problem!
Me - What is it?
E - R put her hand in the potty again
Me - Oh yes that is a problem

Why is my kid think that swirling her hands in the potty is a good idea? I definitely don't remember E doing ANY-thing like that. 

And painting chalk on Mama's knee provides almost as big of a grin. Bring on the chalk!

--- 5 ---
E thrilled to push the stroller.

R not so thrilled about it. 

--- 6 ---

Hello vicious mosquitos.. E went to school the next day with legs that looked like they had chicken pox!!!

--- 7 ---
Maybe I'll get some beach pics from the real camera up and ready before this baby comes... First soccer game on Monday. Thank goodness because I don't think the kids / me would be able to survive another straight up practice - I have such an appreciation for preschool teachers and anyone who has to occupy the time of toddlers/preschoolers. Let's go Caterpillars!!!

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Thursday, September 26, 2013

p,f,h,r - 1st Day at the beach picture dump

This one is all pics... just to make up for last week.

round button chicken


Fam-mee in the beach! {yes I am avoiding the camera like the P-L-A-G-U-E - you know is a preggo thing : ) } 


Just swinging in the waves... just swinging in the waves... What a glorious feeling I'm hap-happy again... Just swinging in the waves


E was obsessed with making a rabbit hole on the beach. Uncle Kevin obliged 


I think my Real - sections are more like Really??? sections. Kind of like Really? you went to the beach 8 months pregnant with two kids? Are you really out of your mind? Well... yes I did and yes I probably am. Fortunately Grammy and Grandpa Joe and Uncle Kev are not making this a one-mom-show. 

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Theme Thursday - Out

Toys out.

Kid in.

What is the deal with kids taking all the toys out of the toy box and then getting in them?

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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

What We're Reading Wednesday - Volume 3

Team Captain

I have no idea... 100% sure it is Church related. He is out of his normal library and reading room... I'll give you a tour of his library one of this days. You wives who complain about your husband's book buying habits (Kate? Martha?) compare and trade notes and be unified in the INSANE amount of books our husbands have that we will probably never read.


Still reading - kinda. I have been on a cross stitching kick


We ventured to the local beach bookstore - yep we're at the beach - with Grammy and E picked out Chicka-Chicka Boom Boom from the used section and this sweet Penguin book new. The Penguin book is written by an NC author which is pretty neat. When we got home I skimmed the Chicka book and discovered a missing page - E does not know... Hopefully we can convince her to exchange it.

Side note, E and Grammy have a library date since we have been to the Mount library hmmm... twice. Well really only once because one time was for passport application so that totally does not count. Why don't we go to the library? I really like going outside in the afternoons with the girls. If I was a SAHM I  imagine we would be hitting up the library on a weekly basis for books and storytime and just something educational to get out of the house. Now I just want to be outside. Maybe we'll go some in the winter... With a preschooler, toddler and newborn. Ha! Who am I kidding : )


I got R this book because she has semi-mastered the word Cheerios and she's way into food so this book is totally up her alley.

Got any other suggestions? I could totally get into this link up because I REALLY SHOULD READ MORE!!!!

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5 Favs - Solutions to some Issues

1. Cups for E

Now that E is going to 3 yr old class and I have thought that she should not be taking a regular sippy cup. I mean come on she's 3. So who better to ask then Auntie C who knows all things kids. She said I needed these Thermos Funtainer straw cups first and foremost because they DON'T LEAK. Fortunately for me the preschool goes back three weeks after the regular schools so I got two for E on sale. They are not the cheapest cup but if they don't leak and they last - I am game.

2. Smoothies

One day a few weeks ago E could NOT decide what she wanted for breakfast and FINALLY decided on toast. It took her from 7:25 to 7:55 to eat half a piece of toast. I was trying not to lose it completely because she should have had teeth brushed, outfit on, and hair brush by 7:55. So I was talking to the girls at work - because they are the best you know - and one suggested making smoothies because they are 1. fun 2. fast and 3. can have lots of protein and fruit in them.

I am ready to give them a whirl... as soon as we move back into our house.

3. Matting

I have been trying to get these pics matted for the past... A really longtime. I was going to have Michaels mat and frame them but even with the insane discount... Not doable. So then I picked the frame out and just was going to have Michaels cut the mat. One mat that is 11x14 with two cut outs... $66. Haha. No. I was talking to R's godmother who knows someone who I cane bring the mat sheet to and he'll cut the mat for about $15. Excellent. Maybe I'll have these done before #3 comes... Unlikely. 

4. Laundry

E is totally on board with my laundry system of sorting whites, darks and lights - even though she sorts them strictly by color - I love the help

5. Your pregnant wife will NEVER turn down chocolate

So apparently Lee got the message from this post (and maybe a few others). Friday he came home with a dark chocolate Dove bar (not too big so I did not feel completely guilty consuming it all) so I had some motivation to get packed for the reno.

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Monday, September 23, 2013

Back from Pre-Construction Hibernation!

Hurricane Kibbe with bags and boxes descending on Hotel Crabapple

Late Friday was spent packing up and all Saturday was spent transitioning the bags and boxes and stuff over to our home away from home. Not without a semi-random let's get out of the house so Papa can deal with the mess and the stress drive/shopping trip to Wilson. The colder weather threw me for a loop last week and E needed some new church shoes so it was not a complete shop just to shop experience. The girls lasted for all of 10.5 seconds. Remind me not to bring kids consignment clothes shopping - which requires much more focus and attention then just regular shopping.

Anyway that crisis was swiftly averted. We made it back to the Mount for naps at Jibbe's and Lee and I time to seriously question why in the world we were going through with this construction... just kidding. Good thing Jibbe was out of town for the day/night because her house needed some time to absorb the ridiculous amount of stuff I/we brought. She graciously let Lee and I camp out in her room so alot of our bags and boxes and laundry baskets are hidden.

Anyhow it has been entertaining for the girls to be here and I'll post on that soon-ish but for the first day of construction pics.

Bear with me here.... The power had been cut to the construction area of the house so the pics are not great but there are a few pre-construction pics for comparison

New pantry... (Old pantry was on the left where those notches are) 

Old Pantry

Old coat closet = new pantry

Pink carpet?

Pink carpet : ( 

Okay this was a last minute decision to tear part of the stair wall down. Line of sight to kitchen

But they found an 'I joint' a board too soon so its not going back as far as we planned 

Hello open space


More wall?


So not!

First day success
I will say this... Lee and I knew that we wanted to take down the wall when we bought the house. My parents housewarming gift to us was having a designer/planner/brilliant decorator come up with a plan for us - which I was so so so skeptical about (no offense). But FOR REAL, we would have A. never come up with the pantry/coat closet idea and B. would not have had part of the stair wall taken out (and we weren't even going to do it two weeks ago but she INSISTED that we needed to just do it). So a special thanks to Grammy and Grandpa Joe and C for helping this project have a bigger vision than we ever would have imagined. And now the builder and his guys just need to keep to their time table so we can get in before baby #3 comes. Maybe if he finishes early we'll name our first born son after him - haha... no but it would be an excellent motivating factor.