Friday, October 21, 2016

7QTs - Rain, Turtles, Pizza

This actually from last week... 


R finally finished the elusive pre-K workbook she's been working on since the summer...

It has not been all smiles... 

She's not overly motivated so it took awhile but she traded that baby in for: 

Star Wars Legos with Rey. Which E (helped) build


Trying his hand at homemade pizza...

Everyone got their own with toppings ranging from olives to mushrooms to tomatoes. 

Getting the pizza loaded into the oven was a bit of a learning curve

So tasty!


I think this might have been before pizza... We went to the opening of a new domestic violence center.

Try explaining 6 empty chairs representing the 6 minors who had been killed THIS YEAR in NC because of domestic violence, to a 6 yr old. There was a 2 yr old. There were 40+ chairs for the adults  who have been killed. There are no words. 

The new center has a children's room which is Kibbe tested and approved. 

On the way out we had to cross the tracks (aka the county line) and got caught for 11+ minutes by a lovely freight train. 


Here's the Wildlife news from one afternoon...

So there was this turtle crossing the road and I stopped and grabbed it and took it home and then took it to pick up E and then 25 million kids petted the turtle and E was freaked out (of course).

Then we let him go in the back yard and the next morning he was back in the front yard...


Injuries of the week...

Holding onto the counter and bouncing up and down is a terrible idea...

Mister daredevil himself... 


M got to go to a princess birthday party... 

It was awesome 

And insanely cute!


And this was Matthew...

It rained over 10.5 inches

And then the next day was like this ^

This was our neighbors backyard that flooded during Floyd. The water was 20 ft from the house... #swamplife

Schools in the county were closed for a week because of roads like ^ 

But the weather was really nice 

And I cannot decide who enjoyed this more E or A :  )

And I would be remiss without mentioning the need for prayers for those who lost their homes in Matthew. It was really bad for a lot of people. 

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

To the birthday boy

To A - the boy I'd never thought I'd have

A, I don't think I really wrapped my mind around the idea that there would be any Kibbe boys in this family. Your Papa and I were quite convinced it would be Pinktown for life. But you can and changed all that. 

You screamed for the first hour and a half of your life - like the nurse had to come stand at the bed and speak to me because I couldn't her her over your howling. You howled yesterday around the same time range when I was putting you to round o nap part 2. You aren't much of a snuggler or a rocker anymore except in the morning. You love your Nini and your paci and your Eeyore. You know when its time for bed and you get really antsy and don't want to get in but you don't cry too much. 

When you are not asleep you can probably be found crawling through the house chewing on or tearing apart or drooling on and occasionally playing with various things. You like to play with the trash can foot-push. You like to play in the red car outside. You like to play with the doorstops and listen to them vibrate. You have climbed tables and chairs and on the fireplace - which is hilarious and terrifying. You love going into the bathroom and staring down the potty and sometimes sticking your hand in it! You don't like being contained but you cry at my feet if I'm not holding you. 

When you cry, I usually put you in your highchair to eat. You love bananas and cheese and pumpkin muffins. LOVE THEM. You're not a huge fan of hot dogs or plain Cheerios but your Papa says it's because that's all I gave you for several weeks when you started eating food. You wrapped up nursing when you were about 9 months old. Right before all your teeth came in; you lost some of your baby look when all SIX came in at one time. 

Your big sisters adore you but you don't let them hold you too much. You like it when they crawl around on the floor with you. You chase them around and you think it is funny. They like pushing you on the swing and E took you for some rides down the slide the other day - you were a fan. You like going to school - you didn't at first. Your screamed and screamed and screamed. They even put you in a different room because they thought you didn't like the room. But now, you happily take a break from me in the mornings. 

You are so different than your sisters the difference is so vast. Your papa and I talk about it often. You are just louder, more destructive and a little stinkier than them - and that's okay Little Boy. You're a keeper. 

Much love


Monday, October 10, 2016

7QTs - A eats, A crawls, A destroys

I have posted in forever. No we didn't get washed away by Mateo. I'm not talking about him yet. Also A takes OVER the post...


A eats Exhibit 1: 

 First time eating a potato chip 




Must savor

Totally caught by M because I let him share some of her after soccer game snack : ) 

He is so cute


A trying to figure out how in the world to keep up with the big kids and not do permanent damage to his knees...



A and I had lunch at the bodega with Nani (so long ago now I cannot remember)... And I came across this:

I need this piece in my entry way about half as deep and three times as long and with a bottom with cubbies for wine bottles. So maybe not my vision doesn't exactly look like this but I have a vision. I need something for our darkish, very narrow entryway that I can store stuff and hid all the school papers. 

Nani took A for a cycle ride (because she's awesome and keeps a tricycle at work) 

And all I could think was I need to make a recording so she could sound her own alarm as she goes through the warehouse. PLEASE if you have any inexpensive ideas to make this digital bike bell my dream come true, hit me up.


Here's the Wildlife news from one afternoon

A peaceful green frog with its hands in a heart shape

A super vicious looking spider that wasn't poisonous so she got shooed away with Papa's broom. The web he was making was nice. 


Evidence of A eating... Exhibit #2

Who's is whose? 

E - of course went for the sour patch kids, and gummy worms and a dash of chocolate things
M - Would have taken the whole lot but opted for syrup, m&Ms and those sprinkle things
R - The girl after my heart; chocolate ice cream and syrup and sprinkles and Reese pieces

So we kind of owed the girls a trip for ice cream since well last soccer season when E tallied her goal scoring amount, plus we missed the ice cream social for the summer swim team (plus E got a special recognition) AND M had scored her first goal (recently) so we finally made good on it after church. But the shop was CLOSED even though online it said they were OPEN. So scuttle home. Consume lunch. Race back. Pro tip - don't get frozen yogurt early in the day - most of the flavors AREN'T frozen yet!

The goal scorer

The first timer...

If you have not been privileged with the chance to watch a baby eat ice cream for the first time... 



So cold

How can something so cold taste so good?

Operation ice cream = success


Such a pretty evening... 

Cleaning up and remember the weekend of fun that made those drawings

The pets were blessed this week at school because well it was St. Francis' feast day... In Latin because, I am told, the English translations don't ACTUALLY bless anything. Like the prayers talk about animals and hint at a blessing but hello let's get a decent translation for the sake of all of us who are not familiar with Latin. Come on USCCB... step up the translation game please and thanks. 


A completed one of his many lifelong goals... 

Tearing down a blind or whatever those crazy sectional things are called. I was hustling everyone out the door to tee ball game soooooo he wasn't even reprimanded plus he was insanely cute and it was only one.