Thursday, April 21, 2022

Post-Lent Lent Post

It has been a while in the posting department so what better to do, then to catch up. Here's how went Lent - even though its Bright Week

Lent kicked off with BIG dessert night the night before. It's become a tradition of cleaning out all the candy and sweets in the house and consuming as many as possible before dessert is nixed for Lent





You can eat as much 

So long as you don't make yourself sick

So we will call it a successfully kick off to Lent 

Not long into Lent the BFFs from waaaaaaaaaay back swam the 500 free at the last meet of the season. They pretty much rocked it and I love that they do all the things together (except they aren't on the same soccer team this season - which they are bummed about!)

Siblings at the swim meets can be tough

But we persevered though with lots of snacks and PBJs and playing on the playground

and taking lots of funny pics

We went out for a end of season swim treat - even though it was Lent - because there were a number of jobs well done. There are some who are hoping for a post meet ice cream trip for the Open Water meet like we did last year

Ukraine has been weighing heavily on my mind and still is

We got real fancy one night and hit the town for a fundraiser. For as much as I didn't want to get dressed up, I had a great time. If I could live, work and play in soccer shorts - I'd be happy as a clam. I suppose it is good I can't so I'm forced out of my shell. 

Hopefully it won't be another 13.5 year before Lee wears a tux : ) 

J loves taking and seeing pics of himself so I have lots of these on my phone

H seems to have finally gotten into the sleeping mode. February and March were ROUGH times in the sleeping department and it felt like we were regressing to newborn sleep patterns between her and sick kids and kids needing things in the middle of the night. 


AFTER - she took the braces plunge 

A was way proud of his baking creation at Trail Life 

We came cat owners. Some friends had found kittens and we had been looking for some OUTSIDE cats for awhile - since the snake in the bathroom incident. We transitioned them from the garage to the outside and Oreo and Skittles were doing great and then one day Oreo didn't come home. We would like to think she just waltzed into someone's home and hopped on their lap and they kept her. She was a sweet cat. Skittles is too but he is the resident Kitty Cat and we are trying to decide if he needs a friend. Before she departure, Oreo caught a mole so we are hopeful Skittles will follow suit and keep other unwanted animals away. A and C follow him into the tree and brambles behind the house - Lady C has dubbed the Crown of Thorns. 

Soccer has started for everyone and this might be the only pic I have to prove it. 

AHG went camping and to the bird park - E needed a night of camping to advance so she camped and I didn't. 

We met up with the troop after soccer since we had never been. 

And we will definitely go back 

J almost stepping on parakeets was terrifying 

A got the hang of it. C preferred watching from afar

And that's about all there is to report. 

May it set up to be an extremely busy month - as it usually is for us. Lots of fun things, new and old, on tap. 


Friday, February 18, 2022

R is double digits


Just like that R turned 10. I told her the night before her birthday this was her last night in the single digits for the rest of her life. I think that got her thinking.  

Being the middle child of the three big girls is not an easy position to hold but some way or another R always finds a way to do things her way or on her time or with her passion. She gets totally lost in reading or coloring and can be fiercely competitive especially with her sisters. She’s got a super soft side and I think that’s what makes her the peacekeeper most days. 

For her bday we had pizza and an ice cream bar with lots of toppings which was fun! It is always a time for reflection around her bday because we moved into our house three weeks before she was born so to see how much she has grown and to think about everything that has gone on in our house is truly amazing.

Thursday, December 23, 2021

Weekly Wrap - #3

 Since there are no more Quick Takes : ( let's go with a Weekly Wrap of all things... 

~ 1 ~

Christmas Programs...

Neither school had in person Christmas programs this year.

So we got all dressed up for Christmas program taping! It was actually waaaaaay easier than getting dressed and racing to the plays at 5:49!

~ 2 ~

The muppet tree!

We got our tree - it is still happily outside. Lee nixed my muppet tree but I loved it. It is was really cute!

~ 3 ~

The windshield...

A windshield ding turned into a full on windshield crack. That was great. I held my breathe EVERY single time I went over railroad tracks or a bump on the highway. I go over more railroad tracks each day than I imagined. 

~ 4 ~

St Lucy's Day rolls.. 

Good things I got friends who actually do liturgical living and want to share!

~ 5 ~

The big kids (not the preschoolers) helped with a Christmas nativity

H started as baby Jesus in the pic only 

R got to be Mary a bunch of times!

A was a shepherd and a wise man and had lots of hot chocolate. 
~ 6 ~

H has been a bed hog so...

she got sent to the crib and has done quite well!

~ 7 ~

The weather has been great. 

There was a soccer game organized and we went to the field for a stroll

Monday, December 13, 2021

All The Dressing Up - 2021

Seeing that it is nearly Christmas its about time to chat about Halloween... 

We have: The Hulk, The Wicked Witch, H who was too happy in her carseat to put on the pumpkin get-up, a ballerina, a vampire? - maybe, Yoda, St Monica

There happens to be a whole lot of back story to the costumes this year... Sometime in July the bigs were in a bit of a bind because they were supposed to clean up the playroom and they didn't so Lee and I took everything and bagged and boxed it up and told them they had to sort through EVERYTHING before it was put back into the playroom. Trash to the dump. Toys to the playroom. Well it turns out there was only supposed to be one bag of trash and the other black trash bag had ALL the costumes in it. EVERYTHING. Star Wars, Wizard of Oz, saints - everything. It is enrages me to even type it. So I told them they had to buy their costumes this year because I wasn't. I think I would have if there was a theme but some people are too cool for that so they shelled out money and reused what didn't get tossed. 

St Lucy, St Olga, St Monica, St Michael

We got over the not-so-late-night Halloween and put on our game faces for All Saints Day - I think I told Lee he HAS to block off All Saints Day morning to be at the house until we leave because most Catholic school parents will say it is one of the tougher mornings to have costumes the night before and then the next morning!

A was all about St Michael - and has since decided that Kindergarten is angels in the Christmas program that he needs his St. Michael costume for the Christmas play

R's costume required the most hands on work and she made her crown of lights which I think came out great!

E repurposed her royal costume from last year when she got wind of the costume punishment decree so she found another queen saint. 

I've hoarded the costumes in my room so as to help people save their pennies next year.


Monday, December 6, 2021

Weekly Wrap #2

 Since there are no more Quick Takes : ( let's go with a Weekly Wrap of all things... 

~ 1 ~

Sweet baby J! He loves a fire just as much as his big brother. 

~ 2 ~

We had a swim meet

E and R swam and I didn't catch R in a smiley swim pic but she was she usual smiling self. 

~ 3 ~

We are in the throws of Advent. We are still trying to do our Advent activities. The first week we did the Thanksgiving food collection at school, last week the bigs helped make Thanksgiving dinner for a shelter, and this week is get your stuff ready for St. Nicholas. Next week E has been begging to do secret sibling exchange - we will see about that. 

~ 4 ~

The weather has been amazing... 

I've been able to open the windows several afternoons.  

~ 5 ~

Black shoes!

E and I were on the hunt for black shoes for her choir concert - five stores later and about 13 minutes before dress rehearsal - we found some - not the ones pictured. It was INSANE. 

~ 6 ~

Guess what J found… 

Ashes from the fire from several days before which he proceeded to rake up and get suuuuuper dirty in. E had lots of choir rehearsals this week so that meant the normal schedule was a bit different and more at home in the afternoon time 

~ 7 ~

Lady C decided to skate

The benefits of having big sisters... they get you suited up!