Sunday, June 5, 2011

Happy Birthday!!! Part 2

The Birthday GIRL!!!
 So E had a birthday in Raleigh-world and the Mount. Here are pics from the Mount birthday. We had some friends over for BBQ chicken - which was amazing! Followed by cake and presents - of course. Fortunately E did not actually eat any cake so she was not completely wired!!!

Pretty cake

Picking up the whole piece of cake

Dropping the whole piece of cake

Designing with the destroyed cake on the highchair

Who me???

Trying to open presents.

Happy about her new toys and clothes
Second attempt at present opening

Papi putting together my new horsey

Riding my new horsey
Thanks to everyone who helped make E's first birthday special!!! Whether you sent cards or saw her in person we really appreciate it! We could not have made it through this first year without everyone's love and support.

Happy Birthday!!! Part 1

Apologies for this post being almost a month late but chasing around a one-year-old is a ton of work! E was such a lucky one-year-old that she actually had two parties so these are pics from the first one. As you can see she was very excited about the cake - chocolate cake with raspberry-chocolate filling. It was amazing. E really only had maybe two bites - but it was still fun to watch!

Opening first present before cake because Uncle Kev had to pack for his summer adventure in NM.

Extremely intent on the cake!!!

Blowing out the candle!

The birthday beebster

E has learned how to empty bags - it is very happy about it.

Cameo of the 'woof' - E's favorite distraction


It is worth mentioning that after the two bites of cake - E was wired from Grammy and Grandpa's Joe's all the way back to the Mount (she'll usually past out after about 15 minutes in the car) and did not go to sleep for about an hour or so once we got home - it was probably 9:30 when she finally gave in - three hours past her bedtime!!!

Present from Grammy and Grandpa Joe - the box was really fun to play on.
So it is crazy looking back thinking that little Miss E was born a year ago. I like listening to Lee tell me all about how it played out. If you asked me today how the birthing process went and compared it to what I would have told you at the hospital it would have been much different. Looking back at pics of E over the past year is kinda strange because I am already noticing how much she has grown and also that I really don't have a little baby anymore!

Pics of birthday numero dos to follow!