Wednesday, March 27, 2024

366 Days of Twin Life

Thank you to the leap year for giving us that extra day!

Two babies. Two cakes. 

Well we can officially say we’ve survived the first year of parenting twins. Though I would argue the clock started ticking the moment we found out about them. Basically twin mom-ing is everything you can imagine and more. It is: 

Amazing - holding them both at the same time and watching them interact with each other. They like fighting over my necklace and taking the other one’s thumb out of their mouth

Crazy - to think they were both inside of me at the same time. Post - twin body might indicate otherwise 

Cute - I will say dressing them in all the matching things is fantastic 

Different - if people didn’t think our family was different before, they know it now. Also the Gs are so different. Different crawling different ways of doing things - similar but not the same.

Exhausting - there’s two of them plus the seven older ones. Need I say more?

Expensive - formula and diapers and daycare ain’t no joke.

Fun - seeing them together make all the chaos worth it and the bond they share is the best 

Hectic - double the diapers, feedings, lungs, needs, 

Loving - they love each other and their big siblings ADORE them so much 

I love a photo recreation. I have a pic of Lee holding the Gs in this spot from last year - 3/31 in the afternoon. Ge in the pink pink. Gi in the pale pink. Yes their shirts say I'm the Favorite. And if you don't LOVE the people you work with and laugh until you cry - y'all are missing out - big time. 

I wouldn't trade the twin mom title for anything. I would be a twin mom to a zillion more sets of twins just to see the interaction and the relationship and the love and the connections between two people - the sacrifice of time, body, energy, money, sanity - cannot be described. 

It has been said that love multiples with the more kids you have - and I do believe this - but the love and the bond between twins and that which I share in with them as their mom is so different than ANY off my other kids. 

Here's to the Gs and all the twin-sanity and twin-love they bring to our lives.