Friday, February 28, 2014

7 QTs - Cranking out another post because I promised I would

Post 5 of 7 of the week...

--- 1 ---

Boxing baby! 

M has been enjoying the Bumbo seat these days. Still not sure about sitting up by herself but she sure loves being vertical these days. 

--- 2 ---

Yes my hubby made this and it was infinitely better than anything from a restaurant. 

--- 3 ---

R Potty Training Update

R is still interested in going to the potty. This week I started letting her wear PullUps to school - let's not discuss the expense of those glorified diapers. I allot one per day. One morning this week I was feeling extra lucky and let her wear undies until we left for school. Timer goes off to go upstairs and pray and bam realize (via my sense of smell) that I had made HORRIBLE decision. AWESOME. Note to self don't do that again. Two days after that little Miss PullUp decided to do the same thing EXCEPT the PullUp had me covered. Unfortunately for R I allot one PullUp a day and so she was diaper-fied for the rest of the day. Moral of the story… Starting my day with a dirty undies/PullUp/diaper really stinks.

--- 4 ---

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a…

Pig tails anyone? E requested pigtail braids and of course R had to have pig tails too. However braided pigtails take a really long time in the morning as we rush to get out the door. Some days we have more time than others. This morning R fought me on the hair brushing and we were running last so a non-brushed ponytail was in order. No complaints all around. 

--- 5 ---

Oh warm weather where art thou? 

My limit was 65 degrees to go outside but I've lowered it to about 60 degrees. Mama needs some spring time weather ASAP.

--- 6 ---

Yep hubs did this lasagna. It was as excellent as it looks. Lenten menu is on tap for the next really long time few weeks so… you know. 

--- 7 ---
Just so Papa does not feel left out. 

Glad he's here to bounce all my crazy ideas off of. Anyone have thoughts on our Catholic schooling conundrum from Thursday

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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Theme Thursday - Fences

Going totally abstract here so bear with me… BIG TIME

Now what could these two pieces of paper have absolutely ANYTHING to do with fences? 

I was on the fence about Catholic school. In particular where to send E for pre-K. 

Here's the thing. Her preschool now has a pre-K class. The schedule works perfectly with my work schedule. She knows everyone. She has been going to Mothers Morning Out there since before she was walking (tear). It feels like family over there. 

So why would we possibly want to start her at the Catholic school when everything is AWESOME… and I mean it, at the current preschool. 

1. There is only one Catholic elementary school in the tri-county area we live in. (actually it is probably more like 10+ counties but you get the idea)
2. NC school vouchers go into effect this fall (maybe)

One of my biggest concerns about not enrolling E in pre-K is not being able to get a spot in the school for Kindergarten. No the classes are not maxed out currently but with the voucher program likely getting implemented in the fall I am guessing that enrollment will be seeing an uptick. Also, we are not parishioners at this Catholic church so we don't really have priority if space was limited. 

So no big deal… Enroll her right? 

WRONG. So wrong that it is not a big deal. With my work schedule I have been able to work it so that I drop the girls off and pick them up and work from home in the afternoons. BUT the Catholic school pre-K program starts 30 minutes sooner and lets out an hour earlier than the current preschool. Reality check: We'll have to leave the house 35 minutes earlier than we do now. I'll have R and M waiting in the parking lot of their school for at least 20 minutes before it opens. How am I supposed to pick up E an hour early than the girls? Praying for a carpool buddy. Then if carpool buddy does not happen I'll have to pick up R and M from school then drive to get E after she eats lunch at school which will put our van rolling into the garage at LEAST 20 minutes later. Then I'll have to pack E a lunch in the mornings. And forget it come Kindergarten year because pick up is SMACK DAP IN THE MIDDLE OF REST

As I have hopefully proven… Enrolling her at the Catholic school is COMPLICATED for my LIFE!

Now if you really want to hear about some craziness let's just say I was toying with the idea of HOMESCHOOLING. Yes you are reading that correctly I actually gave serious thought to homeschooling and so serious that I mentioned it to Lee. 

Why would I consider homeschooling? 

Common Core. 

I don't know everything about it but I have heard some less than great things about it. Plus I've talked to a few moms who are homeschooling and LOVE it plus just about every blog I read is about a Catholic homeschooling family. Plus isn't it our jobs as parents to educate our children? What could possibly be more important? Vocational crisis. 

Basically I was having a total crisis. T-O-T-A-L. Being a mom is hard, people! So where do I turn? To a mama who works and has all her kids in Catholic school. Thanks blog-o-sphere. And the biggest take home truth from that email is: whatever decision is made, it is not permanent. 

Feeling mildly more at peace with the idea of Catholic school or even any school for that matter… We press forward

Well in addition to the craziness that caused the blog shortage of last week, Lee and I toured the local Roman Catholic school where he happened to go to school for 8 years way back in his more youthful days. He really does credit his Catholic education to bringing him back to church after he had a bit of a hiatus in his teens (along with the Holy Spirit leading him back, of course). 

His Kindergarten teacher is the interim principal and I am kind of bummed she likely won't teach E - but maybe. She showed us around and to the pre-K room (and the other rooms of course). The pre-K teacher seems really great and has LOTS of energy as any preschool teacher requires. We learned about the specials and the kids go to Mass every Friday and they have field trips etc etc. So we sat down with the principal and my first question: "So what's the story with Common Core?" {that's not exactly how I worded it but you know!}

The short answer: Common Core is not a curriculum. It is a set of standards/goals that kids meet at the end of each grade. We teach every subject with Catholicism at the center. 

Next question, "Our kids have already been fully received into the Church - baptism, confirmation, communion - will that be an issue" {I knew that it would not be but wanted to toss that into the mix because the girls can receive Communion if the priest will give it to them Now there is one priest in the Roman Catholic diocese we live in who WILL NOT give Communion to Eastern Catholic children under the age of 2nd grade even though the Roman Catholic Bishop of this diocese will. That is neither here, nor there for the purposes of this post}

Back to the question, no it is not a problem. 

{E has not wanted to receive Communion at this church which is fine because we have not talked to the priest about it first and foremost. She will likely go to First Confession / First Penance with the rest of her second grade class unless she wants/needs to go sooner.}

Also, I was happy to find out that this school is accredited with the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. 

So while I'm still not 100% sold on the Common Core answer; I cannot argue with the Catholic aspect of the education. And like I've been told - we can take it year by year. I have NEVER thought I have been called to homeschool but I cannot say I have ruled it out for the rest of my mothering years. I'll be listening for whispers in case we ever need to change our current course. 

As parents I think that teaching our children and passing down our beliefs to them is ever so important so the way in which they are educated - homeschool, public school, private school - should not be a decision that is taken lightly. 

Maybe we'll be on the fence every year. Hopefully we can be at peace with the decisions we make. 

I would LOVE to hear you stories/insights into schooling your kiddos!

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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Wisdom of Chesterton - Grateful for Cousins

"When it comes to life the critical thing is whether you take things for granted or take them with gratitude."     
~ G.K. Chesterton

As I mentioned we took a bit of a hiatus to the southern hemisphere of the Carolinas for a little R&R with Lee's side of the family. I'll admit packing up the car and kids and driving is super high on my priority list challenging. But we believe in doing work around this family so Papa and I took one for the team and committed to going {okay we committed a few months ago}. We could have gotten ourselves committed to a mental health institution after the terrific car ride down but that would not have been fun now would it? 

Anyways, enough complaining whining via cross through script. 

Family. Cousins. Games. Food. Playgrounds. Long walks. 

Just to name a few of the nondescript particulars (hey there's a fancy-dancy oxymoron) about this weekend that we are grateful for and we know we cannot and will not take for granted. 

E had a blast with her cousins per the usual. 

R played a lot by herself because she decided 5:15 was a fantastic time of day to get up… even though she was in a room WITHOUT WINDOWS!!!!!!!! She and Papa had some good papa-daugther bonding time. 

M was spoiled ROTTEN by all her aunties and Jibbe and cousins. 

Our girls are at the lower end of the age totem pole but when the Kibbe cousins unite you'd think that they were all from one family. #cousinlove

If I did a top five places where I'd like to buy a vacation house (when I win the lottery) would totally add Old Field to my list. It was quiet. Safe for the kids to ride bikes. Great pool. Fun times. 

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Monday, February 24, 2014

Blog Fail

Just to set the record straight here… the blog is in fact NOT broken. I/we have just been INSANE in the membrane busy. 

Here's my pitiful litany of excuses for leaving you all sans posts for a week:

1. Papa got back from California- whew. Praise the Lord. 
2. Papa had to make 1000000 cabbage rolls for a church fundraiser - yeah we do a lot of them
3. Last week was just downright busy at work. Don't ask me why but it just was
4. Due to the busy-ness I opted to work on Papa stocking in my moments of spare time
5. The latter part of the week was spent on a family trip
6. The former part of the week was spent packing for aforementioned trip - or at least thinking about packing for it
7. It was family trip so I did not turn on my computer

Here's my litany of fantastic blog posts that will warm your hearts:

1. Pics from the family trip
2. Why you should NEVER EVER drive more than two hours with kids during the day time
3. Papa finished a 1500 page book - yes he believes he is entitled to his own post about it but I told him that he should hack the blog and do it himself but he won't so I guess I'll have to do it
4. R survived her 2 yr appointment and they did not call Social Services on us
5. Will the Postmaster delivery this envelope?
6. Saint Mail

Stay tuned for the action 

Monday, February 17, 2014

Family Puzzle Night in la Casa de Kibbe

The girls opted for puzzles instead of stories tonight. They are totally interchangeable, right? E was in one corner with her States puzzle and R and I worked on the ABC train puzzle. Papa had to help keep E from bombarding R with ABC puzzle 'help'. R is starting to understand how things fit together.

Here's the gist of our conversation throughout the puzzle putting together:

Me - Okay R find the E for elephant
R - Dis one?
Me - No that's the S for skunk.
R - Bur-dee?

Me - Here's the K for kangaroo
E - Bur-dee?
Me - No it is a kangaroo

Me - Now you need the M for moose
R - Dis one! Bur-dee?
Me - No that's not a birdie that's a rabbit

Clearly we have some animal identification to work on : )

{And it was not bath night so fantastic times all around!}

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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Wisdom of Chesterton - Smallness of Baby Feet

"The essential rectitude of our view of children lies in the fact that we feel them and their ways to be supernatural while, for some mysterious reason, we do not feel ourselves or our own ways to be supernatural. The very smallness of children makes it possible to regard them as marvels; we seem to be dealing with a new race, only to be seen through a microscope. I doubt if anyone of any tenderness or imagination can see the hand of a child and not be a little frightened of it. It is awful to think of the essential human energy moving so tiny a thing; it is like imagining that human nature could live in the wing of a butterfly or the leaf of a tree. When we look upon lives so human and yet so small, we feel as if we ourselves were enlarged to an embarrassing bigness of stature. We feel the same kind of obligation to these creatures that a deity might feel if he had created something that he could not understand."     
~ G.K. Chesterton

No M does not have really have 6 toes : )  

Isn't it so true how miraculous and marvelous babies are? I mean especially new babies. I think that one of the reasons why babies have the ability to grab anyone's attention. Even if it is just to seek a peek as we walk through the aisles of the grocery store.

I try and do the girls footprints every year around their birthdays. M was squeaked in on 12/31/13 but not for lack of trying to do it sooner. Who knew a 6x6 tile would be on backorder for WEEKS. I had to go out of my way to get to a different place and out of my way to pick it up.

I definitely like the cleaner solid background. Clearly my artistic skills are lacking 

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Theme Thursday - Hearts

Okay I can finally say it. The single best part of my Valentine's Day was…. My hubby getting home from his week long retreat/excursion/spiritual recharge. 

Forget the candy and the cards - well no, don't do that - but seriously so glad he's home. Next year I am getting cards from the $1 section at Hallmark and I think Lee and I will have to cap our card amount at $5 because those babies are pricey!

Anyhow, I have not said ANYTHING about him being gone on the blog because I don't want any creepers knowing I'll home along with 3 kids because it FREAKS me out enough. I tried not to be too much of a whiner and complainer (one year I was kinda vicious) about him going because I once read that marriage and part of the Cross of marriage is making sacrifices for your spouse and if that includes him going on a week long retreat so that he can come back a better man/husband/father than offer it up, realize the value of it, and move forward knowing it is the best thing for your family even though the 168 hours might be crazy long (and include 3 schools day off from school!)

I did make heart shaped muffins for breakfast. In year's past I have done heart shaped cupcakes but I opted for muffins and candy this year. The girls welcome a break from the usual cereal grind. 

M was my fearless, talkative helper. 

Why are Valentine's cards so insanely expensive? Because Hallmark exes are brilliant capitalists so more power to them. Seriously though. Next year. Me. .99 card aisle. Like whoa. 

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Thursday, February 13, 2014

7 Quick Ones… So Tired of the Snow

Snow, snow go away… Come again in about 18 months. #globalwarming? #isitspringyet!!!!!!!!

--- 1 ---

What 3 yr old does not need a good muff (Thanks Mrs. Mac : ) ? E is such an accessorizer it is ridiculous. Once she realized that the muff would not bode well in the carseat she immediately went for her princess rings - which do not go to school - for the car ride and then the muff came into play once we got into the parking lot. 

--- 2 ---

I have been reading up on antioxidants and all those crazy healthy things. Our neighbor (the boys mama - who has a girl now but whatever) had this INSANE green juice that her boys were throwing down on and I had to give it a whirl. E is not loving in. R is a fan. From her undiscerning tongue which HATES peanut butter but loves pretty much everything else. As for me, I think its fine. I imagine it would be much more consumable in a frozen or over ice form. 

--- 3 ---

This is what happens when a 2 yr old is given a cupcake and icing to frost it… (not my idea)

The proof is in the frosting that I am a cool mom.

So we were supposed to have a play date with some friends who we DESPERATELY needed a play date. E woke up in a HORRIBLE HORRIBLE funk. Breakfast was a nightmare and it just went down the disobedient trail from there. I threatened to call off the play date but I told E that I was not going to punish her friend for the morning problems. By the time we left for school it was E with her angel wings on and R melting down over something that happened at the end of prayer time that is totally escaping me.

Anyhow with E reformed and me feeling forgiving I was feeling like a total eat-your-words mama when I got an email canceling the play date. AHHHHHH…. {Totally legitimate, sick kids so let's not add to the radioactive petri dish. I would have canceled too!} So I threw a Hail Mary and talked to a friend in the parking lot and somehow we all ended up at her house for play date and dinner and above photographed dessert and she is due in 3.5 weeks! I showed up in my soccer pants and she was in sweats. We are totally made for each other mom friends!

--- 4 ---

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a…


M just started sucking her thumb this week and it is so so so cute!

--- 5 ---

Dear spring/warmer weather - COME BACK TO MEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

This happened in 4 hours. Which is ALOT by NC standards!

Oh wait… I said the same thing last week. Seriously though. The thought of losing power makes me super nervous and the snow-experts we saying we might have ice so I decided to "not wear my stupid hat" (thanks governor for that one!) and raced over to my MIL's house after I ran around before the snow. Literally throwing stuff in bags thinking "okay I might not be back for a few days." Driving over the snow started and it was coming fast. It was a driving snow not a floaty snow. Anyhow, we did not lose power so that was a fun exercise in frantically exiting the house. 

--- 6 ---

Oh right, tomorrow is Valentine's Day…

E with her stack of Valentines. I asked her why she needed to 'decorate' this one to the point the names would not be readable. "It's for Jonathan and he does NOT like pink" Thank goodness for permanent markers to touch up the names

Missed the paper?

--- 7 ---

R is into puzzles...

Specifically this wooden Sesame Street puzzle. But the problem is that E did it sooooooooo many times that the pieces are stretched (if that is a good descriptive word) so when R does the puzzle it is so loose that the pieces will not stay together very well when they are hooked. She might string one or two in a line and be working pull it a little hard and the whole line comes apart. {Insert toddler freak-out}

This is her actually being happy screaming "I did it, I did it, I did it"

--- And just for kicks ---

Totally did not have a printer so this will do for now. Definitely an awesome story behind this but I'm throwing in the towel for the day

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