Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Thanksgiving 2016

Squeaking one last November post in about Thanksgiving because I've seen a million Christmas posts already (and its not even December!)

It wouldn't be Thanksgiving without Turkey cookies :  )

These were the only take and bake cookies that were nut free. I'd probably get them again because they were really tasty (but way $$$). Moms of nut-allergy kids... I have no idea how you do it

Roundest take and bake cookies... Just don't overbake. My theory, better to underbake by a little then have a crunchy sugar cookie

I was going to decorate them at school so I wouldn't have to worry about transporting two trays in the van with nominal amounts of flat open space - so glad I did it at home!

Yay Turkeys! E and M took one in their snacks because I made them for R's class party

Unsure of the party

Now she's happy! There was lots of great food but the kids love the cheese the most... I had a tough time selling the turkey sandwiches to half the class

Then everyone shared their turkey project

R did a great job and somehow her turkey was named Banana? Also, with 10 boys in the class - I've never seen more superhero turkeys in one room - Batman, Spiderman (x2), Superman and Captain America and there was also a policeman too!

And then the littles were gathered and we shot over to E's school for E's class party. Lee cooked some of the turkey and I seriously worried him to death the night before over if we had enough turkey and because we have such an awesome class of parents... I consulted and stopped bugging him (and we had enough turkey to go around : ) 

The class had a cute performance with a few songs before we ate

It was great seeing all the parents and catching up for a few minutes... Did I mention I LOVE E's class? 

A took the Mayflower off course several times! What about M's party? Well, she skipped hers and didn't know it because I'm a protester of the action type but with E's party and the fact she's 3 - I'm pretty sure she didn't even know about it

Thursday we had Thanksgiving at our house. It was new. It was nice. But I'm a sucker for keeping traditions going, so it was different. Lee cooked a bunch but wasn't overwhelmed. My family came up mid day with more food and good weather. We had a good meal and were so full from dinner we passed on dessert for a few hours. We have a better idea about the timeline for eating for next year. Also, keeping this turkey for future Thanksgiving center pieces :  )

Can we say doomed for a Christmas card pic? Yes, I think so!Friday we loaded up and headed across town to Lee's family's Thanksgiving. That was great because some of their cousins were there and we really missed the ones who weren't. Weather was A+ for getting outside

This is M's 'chicken' 

Love preschool crafts!

R's placemat 

E's turkey she made on Thanksgiving that happens to look more spider-like that turkey-like

We are officially done with our turkey leftovers as of last night but there were several quarts of turkey soup (Lee made on Saturday) that are frozen for later... Last night I told M we were having turkey again for dinner and she said... "No more turkey please" and proceed to have a tearful meltdown. Shrimp scampi is on the menu for tonight!

Friday, November 25, 2016

7QTs - All things before Thanksgiving

Maybe I'll actually get caught up. 


Hi Mama... I think I'm big

And I'm really cute!

And I still only have 6 teeth and I think it is hilarious to go head first down slides


I've convinced the girls to get started on laundry on Friday nights...

Sorting earns a show on TV and insiding-out earns another. Two weeks ago it was awesome. The banter was down to a low murmur and there was very little arguing and I didn't have to get involved... But this past week did not turn out so well and some people didn't earn the 2 full shows and there was crying and gnashing of teeth.


R was thrilled to cut the turkey out by herself and only trimmed off the line in between the two pieces that was supposed to be used to glue then together BUT we made do - because that's how we roll

Thinking she could trim the pipe cleaners 

R wasn't terribly interested in feathers but took to pipe cleaners... wonder where that comes from 

Pipe cleaners round DOS

M giving input about the pom-pom placement oh and I let R do this on a night E was at AHG because Miss Opinionated, Peanut-Gallery might have taken over

So course no art project would be complete without glitter glue so this is the best method for spreading a large amount of it. 

After the glitter glue we I it a night and told her she could finish it the next night but the next night she and M were sitting at the table breaking crayons after she had colored some of the feathers so I let her pick a few feathers to glue on and that was it. 

R's Thanksgiving Turkey!


E's school had a Veteran's day breakfast and celebration... 

We wore red, white and blue and E got to wear her scout uniform... 

One of the high school ROTCs came and raised the flag. It was neat to see. After that the Veterans went in for breakfast and songs and we headed home. 


I made pimento cheese which is just about one of five things I classify that I'm good at making...

Grilled Pimento Cheese sandwich turned into Grilled Pimento Cheese Volcano... Let that cheese melt a bit too much : ) 


November is a bit of a crazy birthday month between M's, Grammy's and Grandpa Joe's in the span of 8 days... 

This was Grandpa Joe's

Boston Creme cake : ) 

A was feeling let out

This was from Grammy's surprise party which included international guest and what seemed like 50+ friends, family and neighbors. It was a blast and I cannot believe it was actually pulled off and I was only responsible for the cake and candles (and the flamethrower to light them!)

Our squirrels were thrilled to have tons of left over pita but I haven't seen too many around so I'm wondering if we fattened them up too much and then the hawks had a field day with them!



The bookworms...

R got up from lunch one day and was taking for FOREVER in the bathroom and come to find her washing everyone toothbrush in the sink with soap! WHY?????

M got this really cool birthday card that has a moving part and played music... There was some SERIOUS birthday card envy going on

The weather right now is really confusing... It will be in the 30s when we leave the house and up to 50 by the time I drop the littles off at their school and then 60 when I pick them up. So for prayer line A was normally in his snowsuit which I realized is no bueno on the concrete because crawling around will certainly put a hole in it!

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Halloween 2016

Just squeaking this in before all the Christmas stuff takes over completely... 

Last year we didn't carve a pumpkin because we ran out of time? So as soon as the 4 o'clock bell rang... It was all pumpkin

Papa picked us out a nice pumpkin without a stem because it was a same-day, same-carve purchase because I'm a planner like that. So getting the top off required a bit of extra work 

We got it though and found our pumpkin had very few seeds which was a bummer because toasted pumpkin seeds? Yes please!

E and R rallied the fam on Star Wars themed costumes... I had even looked up Darth Vadar and Queen Amidala BUT I couldn't justify $100 worth of costumes for 45 minutes of walking around the neighborhood (plus an insanely awesome pic) 

Rey, Leia, BB8, C3PO

The never satisfied C3PO on display and the only pic of the carved pumpkin? Super disappointed I didn't get one of it lit up :  (

Thank goodness it was halfway warm so we didn't have layers and layers of clothes

A kept his head piece on the entire time... I was shocked 

She thought she was Yoda

People actually wanted to give him candy?

Always in a big rush

Not sure what to make of these arm pieces

Out and about

Now I will say that probably 20% of the people in our neighborhood had their lights on - which was fine because the kids had some fun and didn't get a mountain of candy. A lot of people around here A. do nothing for Halloween or B. go to Trunk or Treat events. Both totally fine. HOWEVER, I  think there is a sense of neighbor or community that is missing when that happens. When we were out and about we talked to neighbors who we hardly ever talk to, we walked around with another family who we barely see. I understand people's justification for not participating in Halloween - the scary side (witches, ghosts and goblins - which is not something we revel in either so our kids choose uplifting? (that's not the right word) things to dress up as) and trick-or-treat (which I have come to not love that verbiage because really, you don't mean that! But not at my prompting, the girls usually said Happy Halloween when they rang the doorbell and ALWAYS said Thank You!). 


Going through the loot!