Friday, May 25, 2018

7QTs - Closing in on Summer

Linking up with Kelly ... the week of all weeks


We are basically at the point in May that I love the least. The point at which if I probably reread my blog from years prior I would say - yeah, let's never do anything again. EVER. It is the end of everything season. End of preschool. End of sports. End of AHG. End of school. Which means there's a zillion things going on and it is the middle of May and Lee is busy^uber. So helping hands are in 
short supply.

Doing a taste testing experiment for an AHG badge. She had to have R and M do it do. It involved sweet, salty, bitter and sour flavors - there were pixie sticks, coffee, vinegar and salt to name a few. 


Monday this week was a quick and easy taco night with no activities (that I can remember). I canceled soccer practice for both teams because we had games later in the week (but the season SHOULD have been over but it rained out our prior Saturday games sooooooo.... onward March!)


Tuesday M had a game at 6 - which originally she had two games scheduled for the exact same time and place against 2 different teams but one was rescheduled but apparently I didn't communicate that well to parents because.... only one other player came to the game. 

Le sigh....

So we played 2 vs 2 and M and the other girl on our team rocked it out and I gave them double snacks after the game. It was awesome. 

My resident game photographer

Then we headed over to watch the end of our neighbors game - which was super intense - and A was having nothing of it or his graham crackers that he dumped on the ground. So I buckled him in the stroller and pushed him off to the side because I ALL WANTED TO DO WAS WATCH THE LAST FIVE MINUTES OF THE GAME!!!!!!!!! 

He screamed for the entire time - I'm quite sure someone probably called child services on me. 

Also he had no shoes because no one (me) doubled checked that before leaving the house and the fields were SOAKING wet. 

Also, a kind grandma on the team that we were playing offered to hold C so I could coach the game and what did C do? Spit up on this kid woman. Not terribly but still... 

Then A wanted to snuggled when we got home and got showers and I nixed that plan... he screamed so much and so loud I was DONE. 

And I nixed going to AHG for E by myself with 5 kids because I had done that 2 weeks prior and I just said No. And it felt good. She can get the badges next year for all I care - 


Wednesday I learned from yesterday's mistake and called the sitter for reinforcements... because R was supposed to have a game at 5:45 (but it got canceled - RAIN!!!!!!!!!!), E had a game at 6 and M's game was at 7.

Lee ended up getting home early and I let A and C stay home with the sitter so he could enjoy the games which is funny because we got rocked in both games : (

E's season started out so very promising and did not end the same. In the game she was playing goalies and she actually ran off the field because she was scared of the girl kicking the ball.


For the first time this season, M's team lost. It was more competitive than E's and I think I could have drafted kids from her team to play with E's team.

Anyhow it was a peaceful but disappointing end to the soccer season.


Thursday was M's end of year performance. 

She did great and was very upset about saying  - see you in August to her friends. 

They might just get married 

These girls have been friends since they were about A's size.

It is always cute but 6:30 is not a lovely time for the 2 and under crowd but A and C did surprisingly well. 


I am so glad it was Friday. I think I probably told that to just about everyone I spoke to today - and I spared them the details as to why. 

Lee took the big girls to a baseball game. 

A and my cheap pizza date. Roomba ran a lot. He cleaned up all the Duplos in his room which was impressive but the reward of dessert will do that. I got a head start on weekend laundry so maybe I'll get to wash everyone's sheets... 


In other news...

The May calendar remains blank which is a reminder to me we are in day-to-day mode. And I'm perfectly okay with that. 

I cannot wait for our summer sitter to start. She is super great and the kids love her and I need schedule in my life. 

The next 3 weeks are going to be a lot of piece-milling stuff together and just going with the flow as much as possible. 

AR is DONE! I dragged R to her year end point goal - but she was happy she got there. E had resigned that she wasn't going to make it but then last week we went to the library and her interest was rekindled. She stayed up past 11 the night before the test deadline to finish her 13th book. Nothing like procrastination to bring out the adrenaline in a person. I told Lee I was good with her not getting the goal so that'd she learn a lesson but I'm happy for her that she did make it. Hopefully next year she'll remember the fact she had to frantically read to squeeze in her points and that wasn't fun. 

Next week hold swim practices, last tee ball game, K graduation, end of year school party, a pool party and probably a few other things that are just escaping me for the moment. 

We've been listening to E's CD for the musical she is in this summer. It is a two week boot camp and production. I think she'd going to really enjoy it. She's hoping to get to be a penguin or a lemur but I don't think her chances are super high since this is her first year. Hopefully she'll gain some confidence and that will carry into some of her other activities. 

Summer swim team will be in full effect next week. I let R pick out their racing bathing suits in anticipation of her swimming 6 and under - which I am nearly positive she will do. She is excited. E is ready to conquer the mountain of a goal I set for her this season. We'll see if M dapples in 6 and under swimming or if she'll just hang out in pup squad. 

The kids are begging to go to the pool this weekend. It is supposed to rain a bit I hear. Also I think the pool will be different for them because our across the street neighbors moved and they were such a huge part of our pool experience the last few years.... Miss you guys!

Sunday, May 20, 2018

7QTs - From last week

Linking up with Kelly ... another highly busy week (ago)


Monday was teacher appreciation luncheon which somehow I got put in charge of a few years ago. Always a little crazy and nerve racking up until the last moment because I'm relying on other people to do/bring what they say - and of course they did! That sprinkled in with having pick up the little peeps from school and they shoot back over to big school to help with clean up - we did it. 

Then it was the normal afternoon soccer practice shuffle... couldn't survive without the sitter for the non-practicers. 


Tuesday evening was kind of a hot mess. Lee wasn't sure of his schedule so I was kind of banking on him being able to swoop in and do a pick up. Well that didn't happen. R had gotten the shaft in terms of not going to stuff lately and she didn't want to miss tee ball and E had to get some badge work checked off for AHG because the end of year is coming up....

This is how it played out.

It wasn't amazing and it could have been worse. Probably the most frustrating part was when we rolled in at 8:30ish I had bedtime duty solo because Lee STILL WAS NOT HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And didn't get home until 10... #poolwifelife


Wednesday we went to church for Ascension (Thursday) - I'll steer clear from the 40 day vs 43 debate. After the night before I was pretty much convincing myself not to go. It is hard. I'll have the kids all by myself. It will be late. We need a break. I'll have to drive back at late-o-clock. I'll have to feed everyone dinner. The devil likes to plant every little seed of doubt. I focused in on a Psalm that I like to mediate on - Show me your ways O Lord, teach me your paths. Lead me in your truth and teach me. Something like that. So basically I knew I needed to suck it up. So we went and it was good to go. 

R didn't want to wear socks and I figured it was not a battle worth waging so I... LET IT GO... LET IT GO!!!!!!!!! because I'm basically Elsa

Fortunately when we got home Lee beat us to the punch by a little bit so the van transfer wasn't bad.  


Thursday was E's actual birthday.

Birthday Breakfast

I INSISTED we eat as a family whether it was 5 or 8. I didn't care we were doing it together and singing her happy birthday.

More on that later. 



Friday R's bug project was due. She isn't much into crafting or details so I prodded her along to get it knocked out. 


Gluing the pipe cleaners

Painting with (fabric) paint - I went entirely too fast through Hobby Lobby. This it all the point at which she decided she was done. 

A few more pipe cleaners, some paint and a cut out job later... 


E has not had a single out of class project this year - probably mercy rule in effect because there is SO MUCH STUDYING. But E loves a craft project.  R not so much. E would have bugged me for days to do this. R was halfway interested in starting the night before (instilling excellent habits early)

She chose a blue butterfly and I would have loved for her to chose a different insect but I think E was wielding her influence over the situation (because E did a butterfly too). 

It felt great to be done with the week. 


Saturday was game day. 

First up was R's tee ball game - she had a few good hits and caught a ball at first base and then froze and didn't get the out : ) 

Then we came home for a second

M had a soccer game and her team did great. 

E had a game after that and it was blazing hot and we had no subs and the other coach wouldn't shorten the game. I was terribly annoyed from the get go. Unfortunately the game didn't go very well - which seems to be a recurring theme this year - but we've won 2 so we're holding on to those wins : ) 

Then E had a birthday party to go to immediately following the game. 

Finally it was dinner time and Lee cooked on the grill. 


Sunday was Mother's Day. 

We went to church later which meant breakfast, flowers and cards - which was most excellent. 

We all gathered at our house to celebrate a whole lot of moms. 

It was fun. The food was great and the company was even better. 

Sunday, May 6, 2018

7QTs - Miles, Parties and Food

Linking up with Kelly ... I really have 2 weeks worth of stuff to post about but this weekend merits its own post so here goes... (without a zillion pics)


Friday (evening) because that's pretty much the weekend right? The kids played outside with the neighbors for a good while and when Papa got home at a (reasonable?) 6:30 he went back out for pizza and (local) beer while I rinsed the kids and gave them dinner because they didn't want to wait for pizza. 

Breakfast for dinner is awesome especially when there wasn't milk for breakfast. 

The girls decided on Pinkalicious for their show (I'm so glad E still enjoys cartoons) and earned a second show after sorting and prepping their laundry.

Lee and I enjoyed a beer and pizza date night on the front porch as it wasn't too hot and there weren't too many bugs. 


Saturday was cra^zee and it started off with Papa and E heading to church. It was first Communion Day for 2nd grade - but not for her because our kids our baptized, confirmed and given Communion in one fell swoop. But she wanted to go support her classmates. I really hoped she didn't feel like she was missing out because it is such a big deal for the kids in her class but being Ukrainian Catholic is something we think/believe/pray is the best thing for our family. Being a parent is hard and involves lots of decisions...


Sooooooo...... that left me and the four younger peeps to do a Sams Run. Which was more involved than normal because we lived out of the freezer this week because Lee was down for the count last weekend with some sort of stomach bug / food poisoning that last Friday-Sunday afternoon. 

We stocked up on a bunch of essentials and barely made it out the door the cart was so packed and I was totally off the mark on my guess of the total bill but ce la vi. 


After a quick pass through for lunch I took M and C to a birthday party for one of M's friends. We really have a 50/50 birthday party chance rate. And I'm okay with that. We can't do it all (though this weekend I think we did do it all). M hadn't been to a b-day party in a while so it was kind of her turn.

Then Lee met us with the other kids and we went to another birthday party. This one was for one of my co-workers. We would have liked to stay longer but Lee had 5:30 Mass homily duty to attend to and E had her last soccer skills clinic...

We loaded back up and got E from her clinic and we went to.... wait for it, wait for it....

Another party/gathering...

This time for a friend in E's class for his first Communion. The food was amazing and the company was even better. A had a ball and loved riding on the golf cart and the big girls enjoyed not being terrorized by A. Oh and the cake was gorgeous.

We finally had to cut the evening off (I want to have commune of all the people I love hanging out with so we can just walk) and I think we rolled in somewhere after 9:30. I'm surprised A and C were still awake when we left but they weren't when we got home.

Such a fun day that didn't have any soccer or tee ball games because that would have been hairy!


This morning we woke up at a very late 6:45 and wondered when the kids would emerge. We had a semi-leisurely morning since we weren't traipsing up to Raleigh. We went to 9 am Mass. A and C made it through the collection and then we had to head to the back - but only the back pews not outside or anything - so I was impressed. R's Mass behavior is definitely better (hi weekly school Mass) and M's behavior could be better but she is 4 sooooooo.... 

We hit D&D for donuts after which is fun for me because I remember bagels and donuts after church on Sundays growing up. 

Then we had to go to Lidl because there were a few things we couldn't get a Sams plus there were little blow up pools on sale (those will be way cool when I have my plan of setting them up) and I caved to $5 goggles. Each big girl pushed her own cart and all was well until we loaded up and R was melting down about not being able to carry a bag etc etc etc.... She was tired and there was so much more to do today. 

The overstocked frig which was a stark contrast to the barely stocked frig of last week. 


Lee got home from the 11 Mass and was home for 2.5 seconds and then we had to load up to the ever exciting Rocket Mile. This is year four for us (family) - last year for various reasons Lee and I did not do it. Lee had us convinced he was an unhealthy scratch for the event but he (thankfully) decided to play along. 

The goal is always just finishing especially after last year and the tears. Next year it will be finish and have fun. Lee did great and showed all the kids he is a team player and time doesn't matter. I didn't do too bad considering I haven't ran in ages. 

E did well and may have improved her time a bit

M ran for most of the race (I was only with her about a third of the race - see below). A Webby's Sno-Ball was on her mind. Very proud of her

R... wellllllll.... she finished. She got a stitch in her side and M and I caught up with her not long after the 1/4 mile mark. She walked a bit and jogged a bit and whined a lot and we took deep breathes and she was in a mood and she saw M was beating her which was just salt in the wound. Had she kept running she would have definitely caught M because R is a good little runner (when she wants to be) but R would have NOTHING of it. People tried to cheer her on and cheer her up but she would have NOTHING of it. NOTHING. She stomped her frowny face across the finish line. (and came in last place - which she knew) 

Such a different turn of event from last year because I was so hurt for R since she didn't get a medal but this year I was so disappointed for her because I know she could have done way better had she had the right frame of mind and probably more water to keep that stitch away. She got home and decided she was going to do better next year. Sigh, sigh sigh!

Lee took off with A and a screaming R to get a few last minute items and C, E, purple mouthed M and I were close behind. 



One more party...

E's birthday is always so hard to schedule because it is the second week of May and that is one of the crazier pool season weeks and Mothers Day plus toss in Ascension Thursday this year and that blocked every day out this week. 

So Lee and Grandpa Joe manned the grill in the rain while it was all hands on deck in the kitchen. Cheeseburgers and hot dogs and potato salad and pasta salad and guacamole and of course Grammy's birthday cake - more on that and more birthday related posts later this week. 

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

'Tis the Summer Season

Pool season must be in full swing around here and I'm not afraid to admit it and show you what it actually translates into... 

This is how I left my house one morning and subsequently came back to it for lunch with the littles. 

When Lee is jetting off into the rising sun that means the General Cleaner-Upper is gone. The dishes, cereal, clothes, table, EVERYTHING is cleaned up when he leaves after breakfast. In the hopes of not coming home to a total wreck every lunch hour - because it is just stressful. I nixed the playing with Barbies upstairs and asked the girls to pack up their bags and do something downstairs. Play with A or unload the dishwasher or put dishes away or wipe the table. 

Why they aren't doing morning chores to begin with, I cannot say. We've never really assigned them; they are more than capable. 

We also did some afternoon/evening chores - again dishwasher, table, vacuuming the floor - and I can say many hands means less work for me and more efficient time spent doing dedicated reading time or homework.  

E - almost 8 - loaded the dishwasher and vacuumed the floors
R - 6 - read to C and wiped off the table
M - 4 - set the table and helped clear the table
A - dragged the stool around the house

It is strange because they kind of compete for chores because someone wants to set the table and another gets upset because she couldn't put napkins out. I'm sure the novelty will wear off but if I can keep a standard of help/chores - like I do with Saturday laundry - then much more of the kitchen clean up can and will be done by capable little hands. 

I'll keep you posted on my progress and theirs too.