Monday, September 27, 2021

Update 6 of 7 - Summer Swim

So I've almost knocked out the 7 Updates Posts so here goes another...

We changed pools this year and were excited to jump into summer swim at this pool with lots of friends...

E who cannot stand having her pic taken made it to two meets. She had some good swims and had fun with friends. 

R swam in one meet because of her broken arm. I probably could have let her swim in the final meet but we were just doing what the dr said. 

M rocked it out in 7-8 girls. She is seriously fun to watch!

She has nicknamed this bathing suit her slime bathing suit

A squeaked out of pup squad into 6 and under boys. 

He will likely be a force to be reckoned with next year but I really just needed him swimming just enough to be able to swim at the Y in the fall - so success!

Lady C - refused to try jumping off the blocks and thought she was the boss of swim practice. 

It was so fun watching her smile her way down the lane

Sweet J... future swimmer and forever cheerleader. 

Here's to Summer Swim 2021. We are grateful for it. Hopefully next year there will be a conference meet which we really missed this year but overall good, chlorinated fun!

Saturday, September 25, 2021

7QTs - All the September Things

Linking up with Kelly ... Still working on my 7 different updates posts but here's to September


E swam in another open water meet

It was a 3K this time instead of 2 like in the summer. She was worried about not finishing in the alloted time - but she did (and didn't come in last either!)


That same day (our schedule was messed up because we were dealing with the stomach bug - which reared its ugly head every 2-3 days so we thought we were out of it and then someone else would get sick - fortunately this time Lee and I were spared) I took A and H for hand and foot painting traditions.

Baby footprints and Kindergarten handprints. We'll see how they turn out


Trail Life and AHG started... 

A was super concerned his Papa wasn't there and ALL the other little boys had their dads there so 

The following week I stayed home and did fun normal little kid things - like taking a bath. J and C are cheated out of lots of bath time because normally we have zero time for that so they splurged and had a half and hour plus bath!


H is going to be 2 months this week!

She's pretty stinking cute and will sleep for some long stretches at night!


Can we talk about this guy!

He's going to be 2 tomorrow!

He's very into all things trucks so when the tractor was plowing the field at the end of the street we HAD to check it out


Soccer started last weekend. R, M and C all scored goals in their games. Cs team of 3-4 girls is so funny. Some are in the zone and other are checked out and other refuse to play (looking at you Lady C) 


R's team got put in our place with a 6-1 loss. That was tough to coach

M's team had a competitive game but emotions got the best of us in the loss. Life lessons people. That is why we play sports - or at least one of them. 

I didn't see As game because it was at the same time as C's but he said he had fun and Lee said he almost scored. 


History repeated itself... 

Another Kibbe broken arm. It is strange because I was doing the EXACT same thing 12 weeks to the day to the minute. Taking a kid who fell to get an xray of their left arm. Break was in a different spot and E has got a pretty light blue cast instead of a sling. NO more soccer for E for a least a month 

Friday, September 17, 2021

Update 5 of 7 - Fall Activities

Helping spread mulch for a girl in their troops's Stars and Stripes Award 
(its the highest rank you can achieve in AHG)

J always ready to lend a hand

We are starting to navigate the fall schedule waters this week with activities for five kids. It’s not that there are a variety of activities well there are but several are consolidated and involve more than one kid which helps - in our minds - justify the activity. Plus I’m not ready to let anything go - yet. I like what we do and we think they are important different skills and activities. We don’t play 25 sports - which is fine for some people - we just like to expose our kids to a variety of different things so here goes.

Soccer - the activity that involves five kids. After last springs nixing of soccer 4 out of 5 Kibbes were ready to return to the pitch. There’s one hold out who would rather stay exclusively in the pool but I’ve convinced her some cross training would help the swimming cause. I’m coaching again and while it takes a major team effort so that H isn’t a total wreck - I love it. I really do enjoy it. When Lady C is laid out on the field saying she’s not doing it I may not love it as much but it’s great. The girls on Rs team didn’t want to stop scrimmaging even though the parents - me included - were saying it was time to call it. So fun. Ask me how we will get though five games on Saturdays - I don’t know. Like I tell the kids, I haven’t thought past dinner tonight. Which isn’t 100% accurate but basically means don’t worry about it we will get through it somehow 

Swimming - the four bigs swim. A squeaked in at the beginning but I think he’s made big strides in several weeks. Meets are optional and we will go to ones that fit around soccer and other things. Sometimes C, J, H and me will go to the park or we'll do Target pick up or ride home to pass the time. 

AHG/Trail Life - Another big four activity. A's been talking about Trail Life for months. He is convinced he and Papa are going camping ASAP (insert many laughs because Papa and a tent have never mixed soooo... its going to be a steep learning curve). The girls like AHG and they have some cool badges they are working on this year. 

Choir - My parents made me do something musical growing up so that's happening with our kids for the moment - except I don't have to force it. I was never much into piano but band was a step up in middle and high school. E and R are taking voice lessons. E is in the local children's choir and R is hoping to get the nod in a few months. 

We will see how the fall goes with activities and will make adjustments as needed. Right now we are still wading through the first week of everything. We just got the soccer game schedule this week so it's going to be action packed for a month or so. 

Update 4 of 7 - Summer Ended

Summer came to a quick close - now more than a month ago. Our sitter's last day was a few days after H was born so we had a few piecemeal weeks of sitters and then we had some sniffles which we didn't want to pass to people before the new school year so I ended up staying home more than I anticipated - which was fine. I just find that my office with 4 other adults tends to be more peaceful than a raucous house full of kids. 

E went to another week of her favorite place on the planet. She had a blast and had a cabin full of 6th graders so they stayed up later and they really had a great time with their councilor. She might have to start working next summer to help pay for all the camps she's got on her mind. 

A shot from camp. 

Another E update. 

She's been asking for a while to get her ears pierced and I finally said yes. E was thrilled. I'm basically in the dark on all things earrings because I don't have mine pierced. I see lots of accessorizing in the future. 

Having the trash truck honk on Thursdays is a staple around here. A was even hoisted into the drivers seat one week so he could honk the truck. It is such a thrill!

We had some fun pool days. M's friend tried to teach her out to flip (seen on the shorter board) but she never quite figured it out. 

J definitely warmed up to the water and I see swim lessons in the next summer's plan for him. 

The brothers - in the matching shoes - and Js shoes are remain MIA. Maybe we will find them buried in the sandbox but for the moment the $10 reward for finding them has not brought them about. 

The kids went to VBS at a friend's church. They had a blast and are caught still singing the songs. 

J has master the art of summer popsicle eating. 

While the big 5 were at VBS, Lee and I and J went to dinner before the last day program. It might have been one of the only out-of-house dinner dates we've had this summer - we've had some in house. J behaved and always ends up in Papa's lap - which I adore watching them. 

A and his cohort caught a frog one afternoon. He made a case to keep it because we have a turtle BUT we nixed poor frog and let him go. 

While I walked the street with H and kids would spend some time outside doing a number of things. E included. 

One day A woke up and shot outside. I'm pretty sure he spent all of 12 hours basking in outdoor glory. Biking, digging, all the things. 

He and his partner in crime has a secret hideout at the end of the street. At one point in the afternoon I went looking for them and found them a rows deep in the tobacco field. They came out a sticky dusty mess but that didn't stop them from staying outside for a few more hours. I think Papa was in charge of showers that night!

Speaking of Papa... we celebrated his bday a few days after H's. We were going to order from a restaurant but they changed locations and hadn't opened yet so that was a bummer but E's cake made up for it. 

With everyone back in school now, summer seems like it was a lifetime ago but I think some fun times were had and memories made.

Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Update 3 of 7 - School Started!

Only a few weeks late. Some were happy to go back others..

Weren't. First day preschool pic

E had be begging to go supply shopping since July 4th because she know me and my loathing of shopping in general let alone school supply shopping. We finally knocked it out (and shoe shopping - which we did with OUT Papa and will NEVER do that again). 

Picking out the best of wooden pencils from the stash at the house 




K - insert all the tissues 

half day preK - with her FAVORITE dress (that she wore on the bigs first day and hers)

First Day for the bigs

Here's to this school year and all the teachers and the friends and hopefully as few quarantines as possible!

Sunday, September 5, 2021

Update 2 of 7 - The Beach 2021

We had a blast at the beach this year with my family. The big girls were really hoping that Papa would make it down but with the renovation coming to a fast and furious close and work being crazier than ever - it wasn't in the cards. 

My stick loving guy 

We got down to the beach not long after lunch on Sunday. J was excited but then terrified of the waves. He'd walk up to the wet sand and as soon as a wave would come he would start to scream and run away. A group of people we were close to was getting a kick out of watching him. Eventually he did warm up to the waves.

R was still in a sling after breaking her arm but I let her take it off on the beach - she had to wear it when boogey boarding. She did some good digging despite not having her dominant arm to use and once she got the hang of boarding with one arm - she couldn't be kept out of the water. 

Aunt Nicole is the best mermaid maker

Uncle Kev helped E get up on the board to surf 

There were raucous mornings, quiet moments, and late afternoons on the beach. 

Lots of sand time

C insisted on wearing the life jacket even when she wasn’t in the water 

The 2021 Crabby pic which will feature TWO babies next year. Uncle Kev and Aunt Nicole had the big girls silly string Uncle Kev with PINK announcing a girl McV cousin. Insert all the EXCITEMENT! Say a prayer for that cousin because she decided to come early.

We took Papa's bday pic - maybe next year I'll have my stuff together in time to get the frame here on time. 

The jammers are so easy for swim diapers for baby boys plus they are insanely cute!

I took this on the morning of the day we left. Oddly enough it didn't rain that much despite the sky. We left a day early because I didn't want to drive home in the rain - there was a tropical storm that rolled through. Overall there were lots of fun memories made.