Saturday, September 24, 2011

I need stroller advice/input

Okay so we are t-minus twenty weeks here and I need some good advice for a double stroller. We 1. really can only afford one and 2. really only have space for one - so it better be a good one. Let me preface this by saying that we use our stroller now with little E probably 5-sh times a week. She LOVES to go on walks and I think the walking 1ish mile per day has helped me keep this preggo weight in check - crucial!!!  So here are my options and my reviews of them -having not used one I need to hear from people who have used them...
Britax B-Ready with 2nd Seat
I am seriously considering a model like this Britax because it is a single inline stroller for two. It does not appear to be super bulky and I LOVE my Britax convertible car seat. I was looking at a Phil and Ted's model which is similar and it got horrible reviews on Amazon. There are no reviews for the Britax yet. Also, major drawback of this stroller is... it is $650 new! If I can find a decent one on Craiglists maybe might consider paying $300 - but I'm not sure. Definitely drawn to models like this because they seem the most practical but need some real time usage advice.

Baby Trend Double Stroller

Again this is another single inline stroller. I really liked my Baby Trend infant carrier so I definitely trust this brand. This stroller is much bulkier than the Britax. We have a Ford Explorer so I think we could fit it in the back but could be tight. I like this model over the Britax because once Baby K #2 is E's size then there is plenty of head room and lookout room for both kids - which is a legitimate concern. Another benefit is this model new is $200ish - much much more reasonable.

Dream on Me Double

I figured I throw this into the mix because it is in the $100 range and is very cost effective. It is clearly not practical until baby #2 can actually sit up and has major head control because there is no snap in option for the infant carrier like the two other models have. Also, I am not crazy about twice the width because going through a store and doorways cannot be easy.

Okay so ready, set, go... Illumine me with your double stroller wisdom : )

Friday, September 23, 2011

"When's the Next One Coming"

I was sarcastically asked this at Swimworld last week and much to the questioner's dismay, the answer is February. February 9 to be exact. So E is going to be a big sissy and Lee and I are going from double coverage to man-to-man. We are really excited about another baby! E is definitely definitely a toddler now and is articulating what she needs and wants - sometimes better than others - and babies are just so stinking cute - and they stink occasionally too.

So we knew for 2 months before we told anyone the news and I am clearly behind on the blog posts so that is why its delayed news here. We waited so long because with little E we went at 8 week and again at 13 weeks and the second time they could not find her heartbeat on the doppler - which was a horrible feeling. After a long wait in the ultrasound line and many many Hail Marys the nurse found little E. I knew she was a girl when she was being mischievous because well I just did.

This time its different. I'm not really sure boy or girl. Boy would be great. Girl would be great - especially for E since they will be so close in age. Either way we'll need new clothes because E's clothes are a full season ahead of this little beebster. No we are not going to find out. I am a planner but there are not many times in your adult life where you can say Yes I was genuinely surprised. Yes we have the names picked out and we have had the names picked since before the baby ever came be to. No we are not telling. However, we will say that first and middle names will start with the same letter - as does Little Miss EEK's name.

Its pretty crazy that I am 20 weeks now. I have not gained nearly the weight that I did with E  - which is a good thing because I went a little overboard the first time around. I don't really feel pregnant in many ways. Clearly I look preggo but I am still having a hard time wrapping my mind about having another baby. I don't know if its just old hat now or what. Its weird. Its definitely not to say that we aren't excited or looking forward to this baby but it feels different.

Maybe it feels different because everyone asks me well how are you going to do it. Honestly the answer is I have no idea and quite frankly I don't have the time to be worried about it. I'll definitely have a plan in place but really I cannot waste hours of my time wondering what I'm going to do. Check out Jeremiah 29:11-14 and then you will know why I refuse to be in a state of worry. It will all work out. Hopefully the babies will not have to be in daycare but maybe they will - who knows. MMO is working out really well and the ladies there are so loving to E - I cannot imagine what I would do without them. All I know is that I do not think I can be a full time stay at home mom. As much as I would like to in theory - I must have mental stimulation outside of babbling with babies - you know? And there is nothing wrong with it! I don't feel like any less of a mom because I work - and no mother should. With E I went to work two weeks after she was born and I am very sure that that is one of the things that saved me from postpartum because I was so occupied with things including E and I was around people and that was my support network.

Well enough of the soapbox... cheers to baby Kibbe #2 - (and there is only one - my doctor said it might be two but ultrasound proved him wrong!  : )

Monday, September 5, 2011

Another E Update!

In other E news... she has lots of things on her mind these days. Most of which the Papi and I cannot decipher but here are a few of her words..

cup (E has to have her cup in the morning when she wakes up)
more (she used to sign this but she has moved into the shouting stages of this),
potty (we are continued to have potty success, random but its better than diapers),
book (E really enjoys reading - and tearing out pages),
bath (kinda - she can't get the th out very well but it is a start),
bow (accessory!),
Emma (that is one of her friends at Mother's Morning Out),
Elmo, horsey (she LOVES riding her horsey but LOVES it even more when someone pushes her),
out (we try and go out everyday to play in the sand and go on a walk),
Nini (that is her blanket),
teeth teeth (we have started brushing teeth before bed),
pray pray (after teeth teeth we pray pray),
ball (soccer star in the making),
shoes (she has discovered she can wear my shoes and that is really really cute),

Just to name what I can remember. In other summer news E has gotten to see her cousins in between our INSANE work schedule. Having big cousins is so great because they will push you on your horsey and they can read to you. First they read her Fox in Socks and I cannot say there would be an encore performance of that. If you have not read that book in a while you should.

The reading of Fox in Socks... Next time they read to her it was There's a Wocket in my Pocket which is alot less of a tongue twister!

E also has a shoe fetish I think. She loves shoes. Her shoes, my shoes, her papas shoes... Anyone's shoes she can get her hands on... Watch out. I have grown to appreciate shoes over the years but she is getting a start early.

 Let's see also this summer E was a super sport for my parents 30th surprise anniversary party. Not too many pics from that unfortunately but we got my parents BIG TIME and they definitely deserved it.
She LOVES balloons

E made Papi a new tile at Bisque Art. She was completely horrified that she 1. had to have her feet painted and 2. had to put them on the tile.

Fun at Bisque Art
Lee turns 34!!!