Sunday, March 31, 2013

Christ is Risen From the D-eeeeaaad...

This morning started off with a bang at 4:30. Papa rolled in around midnight after the Easter Vigil Mass in the Mount. We actually did not have to rush too much because we were up so insanely early. Loaded the girls right at 5:30 - and I am convinced they did not go back to sleep - and we were off. Then half way through the drive... rain. Grrr... Well it rained and we could not start outside or have a procession. The girls and I camped out in the van and ate bagels and got dressed. Well I got them dressed... I was already dressed of course.

Post- Liturgy pic. Pre-food pic. Girls did not do the best but there were a ton of kids there and I finally stopped caring and just sat in the back with everyone else. E was particularly out of sorts.

 Our portion of the spread of Pascha meal. City Chicken (which is actually fried pork and lamb), sausage (courtesy of the Sacred Sausagemakers), Pascha cheese (I could eat that all day), Russian salad (errr.... not for me), wine (of course), sparkling limeade, Pascha bread, candy (I think I have reached my chocolate max... for the day).

Then we hit the road to Grammy and Grandpa Joe's. Uncle Kevin was even in town! We did naps, cheese and crackers and Pascha baskets for the girls.

That flashlight was actually supposed to go in E's stocking but we finally got it in the Pascha basket. After another feast - lamb, sweet potatoes, asparagus and homemade rolls - we were so tired we could not eat dessert! We loaded up the van with our 1000000 bags and 3 Pascha baskets and headed home. E was so talkative - thank you sugar high - she would randomly break out into "Arisen is Christ, arisen our Lord, Christ is Risen from the dead. By death He conquered death, and to those in the tombs and to those in the tombs - He granted He granted He granted life" then immediately following (not joking at all here) "Dashing through the snow in a one horse open sleigh..."

Do I think E took something away from today... yes. She's got the Christ is Risen thing down and she told me Lent is all gone.

Do I think R took something away from today - no but she took away all my sweet potatoes from me at dinner and was super cute to watch while she ate : )

Camp Patton

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Saturday, March 30, 2013

And the Pascha baskets were taken out of the closet with care

As melodies of 'Christ is Risen' danced in their heads. Pa racing to church services and I trying to get everything organized, settled in for a long night ahead - and an even longer tomorrow : ) it'll be worth it.

Stocking Project Número Tre

Started this yesterday... I got the pattern mirrored so the foot will go the right way to match the other stockings : ) here goes nothing!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Images from the Afternoon - Cozy Coupe Style

R might actually be on the verge of walking? She was way into the little red car and got in by herself!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Monday Night Musings

Thoughts and reflections on this cold, semi-stormy night

1. E dipped green beans in sour cream at dinner tonight... I almost gagged
2. R consumed more spinach at dinner tonight than E
3. Both girls ate a great portion of black beans - following in their Mamas culinary footsteps
4. Both girls contributed in the cleaning up of toys... I was most impressed with R
5. R has a thing for the shoes in the laundry room... she tries to elude us and proceed in shoe eating
6. R has gnawed on her crib... we need a crib gnaw-guard ASAP
7. E's soccer practice was canceled today... Dear Spring 48 degrees and raining is NOT acceptable... let's get with the program
8. Papa does NOT need surgery - Praise the Lord... just an antibiotic!

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Friday, March 22, 2013

Confessions of a Soccer Mom

1. I am a soccer mom : )

Seven QTs - Almost Holy Week / WHERE IS SPRING?

--- 1 ---

Hello... It snowed yesterdays?!?!? Here is a pic that if you look for the little white specs you will see the proof. COME ON SPRING!

--- 2 ---
Before it got into the negative degree marks outside the first of the week started off in excellent Spring weather form. R sat and watched and 'helped' me pull up weeds in our weed yard. We are having TruGreen come and spray and there is definitely some weed death going on but I'm just helping the process along.

--- 3 ---
Also on our fun time outside this week E&R played with the boys up the street - S&J. E took a ride in the PowerWheels and then declared it was not fun. She proceeded to make solid attempts at riding a scooter. R pushed a firetruck around. Seriously boys are so rough. Their mama is used to it but I think my heart skipped a few beats watching the brothers roughhouse.


--- 4 ---
E has learned about the joys of flossing. She 'flosses' every night. She got horribly upset when 'her floss' roll was used up. We got her straight though.


--- 5 ---
And Sunday was St. Patrick's Day. No we did not eat corned beef sandwiches - I think its on the menu for after Pascha. Grammy sent these super cute outfits for the girls BUT I only had my iPhone and the other camera is full of zoo pics so I think we'll have to have a green day again soon.

--- 6 ---
In some not so fun news Papa might have to go under the knife in a few weeks : ( Pray for him and the crazy pain he's in now - and will have to deal with through Holy Week

--- 7 ---
Ahhhh Holy Week.... Saturday is Lazarus Saturday. Sunday is Palm Sunday. Monday is Annunciation (3/25) on our calendar in the West is has been moved/suppressed whatever. Wednesday is Presanctified with Annointing of the Sick - everyone gets anointed. Thursday is Holy Thursday long-ness. Friday is Good Friday Entombment Vespers - a service I happen to really enjoy but with the girls I have low expectations. Saturday is Holy Saturday. Sunday is PASCHA!!!!! Woot!!! The girls and I are likely signed up for Sunday/W/R/F/Sunday.

E and I have been practicing 'Christ is Risen from the dead, by death He conquered death, and to those in the tombs He granted life'. She likes it. Then she wants to sing Away in the Manager... Seasonal confusion but hey she's 2!

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Monday, March 18, 2013

First Practice = Check

Well the Fireflies survived their first practice - believe it or not. Walking up to the field was a chaotic scene of kids and parents and soccer balls and a few goals. We got situated on our half of the field and we all went around and introduced each other. E of course was super bashful.

Then we did three laps around the field which was more of run kind of in the same general vicinity as coach aka me. E only made it on the last lap. We circled up for stretches - again have you seen 3 yr old trying to stand on one leg - very cute. We talked about the two rules of soccer "Have fun" and "No using your hands". Surprisingly the hand thing was not too big of a deal for most.

We did a run and kick the ball to the goal game and a pass in a triangle game. Why we only had two soccer balls between 6 kids is crazy! Well its because the county gave us the balls - kids do not have to bring them. I wanted them to pass in pairs. I guess I will have to break down and buy a third ball. I sure it will be put to good use.

Water break.

Another run and kick ball in the goal game which I was totally losing attention on so quick shift into scrimmage. Now that was a cute sight to see. We divided up into teams thankfully there were enough of one jacket color to make it easy. Quickly tried to explain one team was kicking to the cones and the other to the net - then it was go time. Except the kids definitely just stood there for 2.5 seconds and did not know what to do. Fortunately there is a little girl on the team who understands a bit more than some of the other so she took charge and after some encouraging the others to either kick the ball into the goal or stop the ball from getting into the goal we had a few scores on each side.

Whew... Then it was time to go when I realized we were the last team out there.

Fireflies on three.

Thank goodness there was another parent who jumped right in to help get soccer balls and help in the coaching/supervision process. All the parents seem super great and the kids are definitely full of energy and 3 years old and really cute and pretty good listeners too.

Oh and this time I did not even have R with me but next week will be a real test - Papa will definitely NOT be home. I am debating between the Beco or a stroller. I have a feeling I am going to end up holding her the whole time but I have to give one a try...

And I did no even get a pic of the cuteness because it was so crazy.

E cried about her cleats being dirty... This is going to be awesome.

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So most definitely ready for soccer

And now we wait for 1.5 long hrs....

E has only been talking about soccer since she woke up.

She was concerned it was raining but liked using her umbrella. Fortunately it had cleared up but remains super cold...

Friday, March 15, 2013

7 QTs - Pope Francis Addition

--- 1 ---

Dear Friday... T-H-A-N-K Y-O-U!!! You are here again...

--- 2 ---
Hey how about that new Pope? Very happy to have another Pope. We'll see what he does during his pontificate so save your judgement all you jurors!

--- 3 ---
It is so crazy to think about the day Benedict was elected Pope. I remember I had freshman English class and I had a presentation that day. I gave my presentation and told the TA that I was leaving... I did not even care about the absence or whatever. New Pope = celebration. And we needed something to celebrate because JP2's death was sad.

--- 4 ---
So this time was way way different though the experience was still a shared one with a UNC BFF... I'm on gChat and she says 'is that white smoke?'. I first think she must be joking because they have not taken many votes but then I click to a news site and there' the news alert so immediately news on the TV time. We chatted back and forth about our excitement. I text Lee because he is working at the Swimworld sale. It was crazy. She had a dr appt to go to. E&R and I had a playdate... but come on how many times do you have to see the a new Pope.. hopefully not once in a lifetime but still not a common occurrence.

--- 5 ---
As the time passed I needed someone to get excited with in person so I drag E out of her nap... I know I'm crazy. She is in a daze and ready to go on our playdate. Well finally the bands line up and the lights on the balcony floor light up and then the guy comes up and announces the name and then the moment we have been waiting for... Pope Francis. Who I admit looked a bit shell-shocked but really? If you were just elected leader of 1.2 billion people I think you would be shell-shocked too, ya know!

--- 6 ---
E was happy to see the 'new Pope' and we were only 35 min late to our playdate which was kind of bad and thought about just rescheduling but who wants to have whiny 2/3 yr olds for an afternoon. 35 mins was better than the alternative.

--- 7 ---
E announced several times to Papa that 'we have a new Pope Francis' and she has asked to see him again. Today I told her he was sleeping because it was dark time in Rome. Also, she announced to her teachers at MMO that "We have a new Pope" and "his name is Pope Francis". One teacher asked what the Pope does, E replied "he blesses people"... Oh my goodness I may or may not have teared up a bit. She is awesome. Mind you this is at a baptist preschool... fortunately I think the teachers are impressed by her knowledge of current affairs of the world.

Oh and R is happy about Pope Francis too... She does not know it yet.

Oh and how about Pope Francis is sitting down with leaders of Eastern Catholic Churches next week (I want to say). Our patriarch of the Ukrainian Catholic Churches is BFF with the knows the Pope since they were both bishops in Argentina!

Okay that was totally nine but all totally necessary!

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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

So excited...

I got E up from her nap so she could watch and see who the new Pope is!!!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Wacky Day! - Clothes and Conversations...

Today was Wacky Clothes Day at the 2 yr old class. I was thrilled E played along because usually she has to be matching everything down to the rubber bands in her hair. But today she was pumped and definitely won the best dressed award at school

In addition to the backwards dress and Hello Kitty pajama pants. She had on mismatched socks which you cannot see. One Croc and a tennis shoe - which was a problem because it was raining and then she walked in a massive puddle and the Croc foot was not spared the drenched-ness. She has one bracelet and sunglasses - which I never let her take to school. One side braided and one side bunned with mismatched bows and rubber bands. She was way into it. 

Though she was concerned R and I were not wearing Wacky clothes...   : ) R helped me take the pics : ) 

Also in Wacky non-so-clothes news... This morning before this pic was taken we were discussing icons  in the chapel - per the usual - E has been into the Good Samaritan and Myrrh Bearing Women ones in particular. R just likes to lick them and try and grab them off the wall - both of which I do not encourage. Though in my attempts to distract her from chapel destruction I gave her a little Ukrainian handcross and that almost ended up in my eye... ANYWAYS

Back to the story... This icon... The icon of the Dormition of the Mother of God aka the Assumption in the West - Mary is assumed into Heaven or falls asleep - NOT having a massive theological discussion here. 

So try to explain to E that Mary falls asleep and goes to Jesus (she did not die) so I tried my best to avoid the word die you know. So blah blah blah. Somehow we get to the point that Mary was old. 

E - Why was Mary old?
Me - Because everyone gets old? 
E - Will you get old?
Me - Yes everyone will get old and everyone will die.
E - Will you die?
Me - Yes... 
E - (Quite proudly and matter-of-factly) Oh, I'm going to die too

Whoa why must we have such deep conversations before 8:15 in the morning little E - please don't forget you are only 2 and you are turning 3 - not 13!

Monday, March 11, 2013

And It is Official...

Okay people here is what you all have been dying to hear all weekend... I spilled the beans to a few people over the weekend - because they asked and could not stand the suspense any more!

I am officially a soccer mom. Not only that but a soccer mom who happens to coach a little crowd of 3 yr olds! We had a coaches meeting tonight. The girls went because R is going to be on this soccer adventure with E and me. E picked out our team color - orange. I told her we could not be pink or purple - her first two choices - because the boys on the team would not be down with those colors.

I think we'll be the fireflies... If we need a mascot

Not sure what I think about 'coaching' these kiddos for 45 mins every Monday and then having 4 vs 4 games later in the 'season', other than Whoa. This is going to be hilarious.

Totally could be regretting this whole experience as that practice/games are at 6... UGH! HELLO Nash County children should be in bed shortly after 7 to ensure their parents sanity. Plus Papa cannot be counted on to help with R as that it is work/busy season - which I knew going into it. So this could be totally great because it will keep everyone's mind off Papa not being home for dinner OR it could be a total bust that I am now officially committed to for the next two months.

Nani said she would come take some pics because clearly you all need visuals of the awesomeness that is about to happen.

So there you have it... Our news. Hope you aren't too disappointed.

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15 minute detour

Oh Monday!!! You were a bear today... Today started off so promising. We got done with breakfast, got dressed, brushed teeth and hair and prayed all in time - to leave at the appointed timely time. Then WAMMO...

E supposed to be putting her shoes now and instead is playing with her umbrella banging the umbrella on the frig then I notice my theory posted yesterday about R only going stink on the potty is not true. My attempts to get her to the potty on time were failed and as I was reclosing the diaper to get her a change I get some stinky on me (not my clothes - thank the Lord). Then she has no diapers in the basket so I have to grab her and get one from her bag that is right at the door packed and ready to go. As I am thoroughly wiping (thanks alot blueberries) R does something that she NEVER has done.... She pees on the bed where I am changing her. No I don't use a changing table and the changing pad I use is just one of those hospital wraps - though I am seriously reconsidering. In the background mind you is E "ewww" "R made a stinky!" "Your supposed to do that on the potty R" "What's happening now" Fortunately no clothes were victim to the diaper changing event! Sweet - score one for Mama...

E bangs she umbrella on the walls and I threaten umbrella privilege loss. Minor crisis over coat color. Major crisis over umbrella because I tell E she cannot take it outside. Once or twice is cute. We are not habitually using the umbrella on sunny days even if you tell me it protects you from the sun! How old are you anyways???

Pulling out of the driveways at the time we should be pulling into the school parking lot and getting our spot. Today with our tardiness came our spot being taken. Gasp! Tears! Cries! E is sad and I get her out of the car and the mama who was in the spot is coming up the hill... Yes I park 10000 miles away so I can A. get the kids out and not worry about 5000000 cars and B. Because I prefer having the same spot. I get R out and the car in our spot is gone and E runs over and starts shouting about our spot. I insist we are not moving and we need to get to school.

Get girls signed in at the time I should be walking into work.

Oh Mondays you are complicated.

Everything else has been totally normal today so IDK what the deal was this morning...

I picked E and R up and R gave me this super big smile and E sang the Zacchaeus song before we left school. I may or may not have teared up. Oh my goodness she is soooo cute!!!!!

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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Weekend Notes...

A. We survived the time change

B. I need more Spring time in my life

C. I think E only want to go to her friends S&Js house so she can raid their crackers

D. I think R will only go stinky on the potty... and WON'T in her diaper... Interesting conundrum

E. Zoo trip is worthy of this own post but
          1. We survived
          2. We managed to forget R's cup - twice
          3. Having Grammy was crucial - experience matters

F. The house is not a complete disaster area... but the laundry is piled up like W-H-O-A!

The Life Of Faith

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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Friday, March 8, 2013

Confession of the Germ-a-phob Mama

As mentioned Papa and a small army of church volunteers invaded our kitchen. I hustled the girls into the house and grabbed the knob and there is a layer of chopped pork goodness on the door. Ugh! Then bam the smell of kielbasa hits us like a dumbbell falling from the sky. Did I mention that it would make a killer Yankee Candle scent? Sneak R into her bed and get her back to sleep for the nap. Next E lunch. How to make lunch when there is pork C-O-V-E-R-I-N-G the kitchen. Cheese rolly-pollies and PBJs. Go to push E into her chair and ICK more pork-o. Shutter! After nap R proceeded to crawl on the unmopped floor... Ahhhhhh! Gag! Insert mad dash to bathroom and sanitize hands.

I may or may not have crazily washed my hands every 2.5 secs. the entire afternoon

Its all in the name of church fundraiser so I am 100% backer - so long as at the end of the day everything is cleaned - which is was. So please laugh at my germ-a-phob-ness and see it as humor and not complaints : ) I know I'm loca.

In other non germ-a-phob mama news - I am not non a neat-freak-o mama but seriously I need tomorrow to get organized and do the laundry BUT we are going to the zoo so that will have to wait.

How about Saturday is Spring Forward.... errrrr... thumbs down.

E - When are y'all getting married again?
Me - You only get married once

Oh and I confirm today but Monday I have an exciting announcement... Once I have all the details I will divulge : )

E was singing... Zaccheus was a wee man and a wee man was he.... something something something climbed the tree... something Zaccheus come down from that tree! We're going to your house today - oh my goodness the cuteness is overflowing. Which was totally necessary since she may or may not have been awake in the 5 o'clock hour. Patience was tried but not overcome

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7 Quick Takes....

--- 1 ---

Oh Friday you are here again. Fortunately this Friday is payday Friday which makes it way more exciting/gratifying : ) Except not, except maybe just a little bit.
--- 2 ---
We are up for another round of Stations tonight. Papa/FDJ is leading Stations again. We'll definitely be getting there earlier this time so we can get our food in time. Maybe E will make it through some portion of Stations by herself. It gives me hope : ) Did I tell you about the family that visited our church a few months ago. They had 8 boys. Oldest was maybe 15ish and how about those kids were the most well-behaved bunch of boys... E-V-E-R. Even the 18 month old out shined E and R. I must say I was way a little jealous.

--- 3 ---
Papa and the gang are making sausage today. Ahhh the smell of raw meat. I have prepped the kitchen/dining room area by getting everything out that could possibly be contaminated by flying ground meat and casings....

--- 4 ---

How about I have totally mastered shopping with kids. E and R and I ventured out to Target, Sams Club and Harris Teeter on Saturday. We make it with zero meltdowns and all in about 2.5 hours Yea it was impressive. Even Papa was surprised we were back so soon. Target we got some for the Pregnancy Care Center. Sams Club we got cheap veggies and diapers (two packs of diapers was about half the bill!!!!). Harris Teeter we got some stuff we did not need in bulk. We survived the van was packed and I was pretty darn proud of myself.
--- 5 ---
E was without her umbrella for two weeks (she left it at church) and she finally got it back. She has not let it out of her sight and she has been using it was clearly it is not necessary. I love the looks and little giggles I get from the other moms at school.

--- 6 ---

This is what happens when R learns how to climb on the doggie and pull things off the table and E teaches her how to color. Note... R has just tumbled off the doggie and rolled over and thought it was hilarious. No - she did not hurt herself.
--- 7 ---
Tomorrow we are headed to the ZOO!!! Finally the weather has broken into semi-Spring time bliss. It is probably the last Saturday Papa will not be working or does not have a commitment already until July. Grammy is coming too so we'll post pics soon.

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