Friday, April 26, 2024

It is Basically May

May is upon us. We head to Busch Gardens tomorrow which we did two years ago but it seems like waaaaaaaay longer ago than that. 

Pascha cheese anyone? 
Again seems like a million years ago but Pascha wasn't too long ago. 

Me and Grammy and the nine braved the ZOO on Spring Break. It was cheaper to buy a family membership than buy tickets. So now I suppose we will have to go back. 

I put the twins in 3-6 month bathing suits. That's the end of those. I figured they would be good for heat and sun. Here comes the summer 

Survival of the bravest! H got motion sickness about 20 minutes before our arrival - 1 hr and 40 minutes into the trip. That was awwwwwwwwesome. Highlight was getting cool treats once we got thru. A is convinced he's going back to ASIA which opens in 2026. 

#twinning at the soccer field 

E took a spin in the parking lot. I know I'm not the cool mom often but I think I may have score a cool mom point or two. 

Later that day... I told her I would give her $20 if she made it around the house in H's car. I am NOT $20 poorer - just for the record. 

Ge loving the strawberries

Gi loving the strawberries




One twin loves to swing. One twin might get sea sick 

Soccer season is upon us. J is doing waaaay better than last season. 

There was a middle school dance last week and this was all I got

These girls.
I love them are so exhausting but they are so so so worth it.