Saturday, October 29, 2011

Almost new month, Definitely new scent

As November is fast approaching it was time to change our Yankee Candle Scent! I got a recommendation of scents from Kate! She definitely knows how to pick them too. I went out searching for the Farmers Market scent with my $10 off coupon in hand (search Yankee Candle coupon and you should find it). I was a bit skeptical of the scent just because the name is one of those Yankee Candle scents that is a bit non-descript of what the scent actually is. I mean when you buy Christmas Tree you know you house will smell like a Christmas tree.

So Farmers Market is an excellent warm fall scent because its scent is layered with apple and citrus and cinnamon and vanilla - or at least that is what I smell. Basically the most perfect November scent in anticpatation of all the wonderful smells of Thanksgiving.

Definitely open to suggestions for the next scent we will need - which is for the time probably between Thanksgiving and Christmas - and no we do not put up our tree in November so Christmas Tree is not can option that the scent after next!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Vote For E! Vote For E!

Okay people... we have seven days let to push E into the winner's circle of the Pottery Barn Kids costume contest. $100 Gift Card is at stake. This may not seem like alot but when everything at PBK is quite $$$ that can mean something.

You can vote ONCE a day! Here is the link one more time...

So you should know that I selfishly entered the contest with the intent of buying this glider.

When I was preggo with E I wanted a glider/recliner - something and I took the cheap way out and am slightly - well, definitely - disappointed with the recliner we got. Then I was at PBK (I love that store) with a friend of mine (while I was not pregnant or nursing) and sat in this glider and this is it. There is nothing else that needs to be said about this glider one you sit in it. It is so plush and comfy and a great place to nurse and 'rock-rock' (as E would say).

BUT, I have had a change of heart/mind whatever... I told myself if E wins the contest then I will bow out and get her something nice (likely as a Christmas present). I have it narrowed down to two things. Both equally cool...

Option #1 - Anywhere Chair

E does not have a chair/seating that is her size and I know she would appreciate a chair for her. Now she sits on her plastic flower pot to play her piano.

Option #2 - PBK Stove

E needs project and I think having her own kitchen to cook on would provide much needed entertainment for E and get her out from under our feet in the adult kitchen.

All that said, we need your vote to make an option possible so vote. It takes 2.5 seconds. And, I would love your feedback on which option you think E would like more!!!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Turning 2...

As mentioned in a previous post one of E's MMO friends has turned 2. Her mommy had this really cute/made me emotional with Happy Tears status that night. Basically along the lines of... she put her one-year-old to bed for the last time that night and when she woke up the next morning her little one-year-old had turned 2!

I know its probably (well definitely) the preggo hormones kicking in but still makes you grateful for everyday you have with your one-year-old while they are still 1! As well as wonder about what life will hold with a two-year-old.

Then Ms. K - she is the wonderful/amazing/most-lovingest/bestest MMO teacher/manager/director EVER reminded both me and E's friend's mom the next day as the Goldfish party was going on at MMO... that with another one on the way there will be plenty of more nights of putting one-year-olds to bed. So true!!!  

MMO - LOVE IT... you need it in your life.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Feel the Burn!!!

No not the muscle kind of exercise burn - heartburn. One of the many joys of prego-hood including but not limited to an every changing and expanding waist line and stretch marks. So heartburn... When I was prego-fied with little E I had horrible heartburn in the 2nd and especially 3rd trimesters - it started in the evening and then it never seemed to stop there at the end. Fortunately - well maybe not for her - but fortunately for me my mother-in-law is a heartburn expert - well not really but she had the perfect solution Rolaids soft chews. I think I even got some in my stocking that Christmas when I was pregnant with E. This little babies were awesome. Not only were they not horribly chalky but they actually lasted more than 2.5 seconds like any of the tabs of Rolaids or Tums.

So why I am a second time around heartburn sufferer when I know what the solution is to my problem? I LOVE this... Rolaids soft chews were recalled and taken off the market because "consumer reports of foreign materials in the product, including metal and wood particles." Awesome! A. the solution to my problem is off the market and there is not anything I have found that is remotely comparable. B. Really??? Wood and metal particles??? I ate these like candy for weeks when I was pregnant with E!!!

I'm not worried about the later just frustrated with the former and patiently waiting for Rolaids to get their act together and get the 'clean' version of the softchews back on the market!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

E Update... What's Going on at 17+ months

Snuggly with Papa (and the NiNi of course!)

Its been awhile since I have given an update on little E - or big E as Lee keeps telling baby #2 : )

E 'needs' her own chair when we go outside and play

E has been talking up a storm. She is beginning to string together her thoughts into 4-5 word sentences. "I hold it" etc etc. She is still blabbing quite a bit too. She knows animal sounds for cows, ducks, dogs and horseys - she thinks goats say moo too. She is very inquisitive and will point at things and say "This?" and want to know what it is. E will see a pic of a baby or see one in person and say "Babee" - its really cute. I think she is going to make a great big sissy.

In other news, E took a long hiatus from the potty but is now at least semi-interested in it. I have guesses as to why this is which I will make a separate potty post later. We are still using M&Ms as potty treats or 'treats' as E calls them - no success in the past week but I am not really that worried about it.

Can you find the be-be???

E can be helpful with wash. I'll have to do a separate post dedicated to her helpfulness

She is quite Miss Independent. For example, E does not like just half of a banana - she wants to hold the whole thing with the peel on too! Fortunately she will let me peel it. She does not usually like help eating anymore though if it is really good or really desperate or really tired she is most inclined to want help. She is not particularly picky about what she eats. She loves to say things are 'hot' even though they may just be warm. She also thinks things that are cold - like fruit out of the frig - are hot too - but she is working on cold.

Have I mentioned she is obsessed with shoes??? She is dying to get into some of my heels!
 This weather has made it interesting trying to dress her. It is super cold in the morning - to the point she needs a 'coat' but then it is quite warm in the afternoon for playtime 'outside' in the 'sand'. I have found some pretty good deals on clothes for her too thanks to MCP. Mom and I ventured to a consignment store in Raleigh but I like My Cutie Patootie alot more.

She is working on her eye teeth at the moment - not like you can tell but she is into reading and still a very destructive page turner.

Actually being snuggly with me - and the NiNi.
Dressed for church, waving to the camera

Finally, I must tell of our adventures from last Friday. E and I left for work earlier than normal because MMO was closed - which was fine because we has our first playdate with a friend from MMO. As we are leaving I turn out the lights and we go to leave as usual and bam! and screaming ensues. E has a habit of dragging her horsey around the house and on her way to the door she tripped over her horsey because it was dark! Blood, sweat and tears... Well not the sweat part but she busted her lower lip - not horribly enough to get blood on her clothes and require some frozen bag from the freezer - which she hated. After a good cry a snuggle with her NiNi (Knee-Knee) E was good to go. Now at work she loves to go through my desk - which is fine because there are worse things she could get into - like the samples of fertilizer in the other room. Don't worry she does not even get close to them they are packed in boxes. So in my desk I have lots of fun and exciting things like stamps, ink stamps, and an ink pad. To add insult to injury on her already sore lip E decided to kiss the ink pad or something! We rush to the bathroom - wash her lips and mouth out just in case and put the ink pad and other associated ink products in E proof places. Point taken, lesson learned - 1. Don't turn off the lights until everyone is out the door and 2. Ink + Toddler = No Bueno

So happy to have Papa back from his trip. Random dance around the kitchen after breakfast (I LOVE my life!)

Multi-tasking on the horsey and playing with the maddening farm on the frig. 

Also, E has been gotten her first birthday party invitation from one of her favorite friends at MMO so I'll keep you posted on how she does!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

E is going swimming again

Well E and I ventured out to the Y to sign up for swim class again! She and Papa are going to start in November. Don't think anyone needs/wants to see my 7+ month preggo-lious tummy plus who does not love father-daughter bonding! When we went to sign up E of course had to check out the pool again since it had been awhile since she had been to the Y pool. Over the summer she got in a swimming pool one time - yes people one time. Yes I am married to a pool man and yes my mother-in-law has a pool and no Papa and E did not get in that pool once this summer (mainly because it is being renovated - but still).

Makes me think about a customer of ours who owns a Harley-Davidson dealership here in town. Every single time he comes to the store he is driving his truck - not a motorcycle. Finally one day when there was not 1,00000000 people in the store I asked him why he never rides his motorcycle here. He looked at me and said - "Don't make your hobby your career." I don't know if I totally agree with that statement but I can see not wanting to mess with motorcycles or pools or anything that you are around for 40+ hours a week.

I will be interested to see how E handles the pool again because when she and I got in the pool over the summer, screaming and tears ensued. Eventually she got in but clearly was not comfortable. So here's to chasing after plastic eggs and insanely high levels of chlorinated water!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Game Plan... Ready, Set, there is another BABY coming so get with the PROGRAM!!!

Okay after a recent talk with a super super super amazing friend of mine who is no longer in my time zone - which is a major problem when we start a conversation at 11 pm - we decided that I need to actually get with the program and deal with the fact there will be a new baby here in 14-18 weeks. Its not like Lee and I are not ready but we're kinda not. No NB diapers (should note the morning after I actually wrote this post one of E's friends moms gave me a pack of NB diapers!!!), no onesies that will fit/be warm enough. Not like these cannot be easily purchased 2 days before baby K #2 comes but my friend and I decided that I needed to actually have these things in the house so I can 'feel ready'. I know its just a matter of getting these simple things but I went to 2 consignment stores over the weekend and got a few steals for E but new baby did not even cross my mind. What is my deal???

Latest pic of baby K #2

Maybe my brain is overwhelmed with 1. being a mom, 2. being a wife, 3. working - maybe just maybe but that does not change the fact that I need to change number one to being a mom of two. So I have a game plan for the essentials - though I know not finding out the gender complicates things a bit but women did not find out for centuries what they were having and survived. I also have a game plan for when we get home. Fortunately E will still be going to MMO. Then there are the sleeping arrangements. Lee might be camping out with E for awhile and baby and I will be in our room - which is a big change from the last time. E and I had our own room for night feeding and we semi-co-slept after she finished nursing I wrapped her in the My Brest Friend for my own peace of mind. Hopefully I can do something similar with this baby.

E in our nightly sleeping arrangements : )

Reading you may think, well sounds like you are on the right foot. Yes I think so too but I still have not wrapped my finger around the fact there is another baby coming. I know this yes - as I sit here with heartburn - there is a little person growing inside me but what is the reality of this? I think that is the heart of the matter. I have no clue what the reality of  another baby will be. Will this baby be high maintenance or really laid back? How will E react to new baby? Am I ready for sleepless nights for a few weeks? How is this baby going to change Lee and mine relationship?

Its not like I think about or worry about these things everyday or even that often. Its only when I am asked about it or if I have time to think about everything. It is important to think about but not worry about situations. That is why I  think it is necessary to articulate a plan of action so the worry is not oppressive.

Don't worry, just know that worry is as effective as trying to solve an algebra equation by chewing bubble gum - right?

Find someone you trust, put your issues on the table, come up with a plan, put plan into action, revise plan as needed. I have plan so now I am accountable!!! Woot!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Oh Baby, the Places You'll Go!!! --- A Book to be Read in Utero

A friend of mine gave us this book when I was pregnant with little E and it is a GREAT one - if you love Dr. Seuss and who does not like Dr. Seuss! I got this off the shelf last night and Lee read it to baby #2 for the first time. I LOVE it when Lee talks to baby and this is just another way for baby to know even though he/she is not with Papa all the time (like he/she is with me!!!) he still loves him/her just the same. It seems like there are an increasing number of preggo-ilous friends so this book is a must have. If you're not pregnant then you probably know someone who is who would appreciate this little guy.

Also, this has gotten Lee and I thinking about all the Dr. Seuss books that we don't know the casts of characters for. We see them in E's room (her nursery theme is Dr. Seuss) but we don't know probably over half of all the books he wrote. There's The Sneetches - which I have vague memories of, some book about a house on Mulberry street - I have no idea, and McElligot's Pond - definitely remember its a good one but I have totally forgotten the plot.

With St. Nicholas Day, Christmas, and Theophany coming up I have a funny feeling more Dr. Seuss books will be in the Kibbe family future. Got any suggestions? For now, E loves The Foot Book and more recently There's a Wocket in my Pocket - or as she calls it 'Pot-kit'. Love her!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Britax Sale!!!

Okay all you mamas who need/use convertible carseats - Listen up you need Britax and there is a great sale going on for Britax on Amazon and Target. No I am not an official spokeswoman for Britax but I would be. Britax are so easy to install/use. The straps are actually heavy fabric like regular seatbelt straps that you actually have to work at to twist and get tangled. They are super safe and now you can get a great deal on them.

I cannot say that we'll be getting one now because we are saving our pennies for that stroller and Baby #2 won't use a Britax convertible until Aug-Nov.-ish 2012 - but if you are in the market for a carseat go with the Britax - you will not be disappointed.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Stroller Update...

Lee and I and little E ventured to our local Babys R Us - no there is not one in the Mount who are you kidding : ) - to check out the stroller situation face-to-face. Now, I have been told that the double jogger is the way to go - though I am still not 100% sold on the idea but I am getting closer. When E and her little friend from MMO were having a play date - really play dates are excuses for moms to get together and talk - we got to talking about double strollers and I was introduced to the City Mini double. This jogger got raving reviews on Babys R Us and Amazon sites so I had to see it.

Lee is not the kind of guy who will just tell you he likes something even if he doesn't - he will tell you what is on his mind - and this stroller even impressed him. We compared the City Mini to the Baby Trend single inline. Weight is about the same. The CM allows both babies to fully recline whereas the BT does not. The CM has an attachment - that is not included of course - that allows infant carrier to lock right in while still allowing other baby/toddler to have full view. The BT suggests the infant carrier go in front and toddler go in back so there is a limited view. CM folds and unfolds very easily and the BT is not as easy but not horrible. E willing got in the CM and wanted to ride more but forget it when it came to the BT. I am sure she would eventually get over it... but still it is interesting.

So definitely not sold one way or the other and I still have time to make a decision. My goal is to not buy one that we will use for 2.5 seconds and then realize we should have spent the extra $$$ and gotten the better option. Thoughts? Opinions? C'mon moms of 2+ kids help make my decision!!!

Friday, October 14, 2011

What is Normal...

Is there ever a normal when you are a mom? I wonder this sometimes. When do I feel normal? I think that being a mom takes some getting used to. I went from being responsible for myself for 23 years to be responsible for... a small little person - soon to be two.

Snuggling with little E is normal now. Getting frustrated when she won't close the frig door and the ensuing tears are normal to me. Making time to go outside and play in the sand and go on walks is normal. But I'm still getting used to it. We have  routine now and it is normal.

I used to come home from work and mess around the house and maybe go on a run and that was my normal. I used to ride in my little grey car with the windows down with the music turned up and sing along - but definitely don't do that with E in the car. Although, when I am by myself and I catch a good rock out song I will totally turn up the music and feel normal - well my old normal.

I have a new normal now that is not really a normal because everyday holds something new. A new word, a new crisis that is causing a meltdown, newfound things that fascinate a toddler (and otherwise I might look over) this is normal. E is teaching me to be more observant. The smallest things get her so excited. She was playing in the sand and then decided to put the sand under the microscope of her eye and got really close to the sand and started picking the 'trash' (otherwise known as leaf bits) out. Then she tested out the comfort of the sand and just laid there - in her sandbox - almost like she was in her crib. Finally to give another one of her senses a buzz she took a lick of the sand - gross I know, but really believe in trial by error. She figured out sand is not a member of the 5 food groups and I helped her get the sand out of her mouth and then it was business as usual in the sand - moving the toys from the sand box to the sand table and back.

Its certainly been an adjustment but I'd take my new normal over my old normal any day.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Inspiration to Clean...

I will be the first to admit that I need a little motivation to clean. Working and chasing after a toddler and being 23 weeks preggo-lishous  having 1. energy and 2. time to clean is challenging - to say the least. Lee is obsessed with Dyson products and when he found this handy dandy hand held vacuum he was all over it. I was skeptical because of the price but Dyson DC 35 Multifloor is worth every penny. I think I have used it 100 times more than he has.

Why do I LOVE LOVE LOVE this vacuum? - After our kitchen renovation from the winter we have fought to kept our manfactured hardwood floors clean. It shows ever single piece of dust and the Dyson is has been the solution to the problem. It has a great swivel head to easily get under the cabinets and a long handle to get under the table and chairs without moving too much furniture. Also, while I have it out I zoom from the kitchen to E's bathroom and then zoom zoom over to our bathroom. Seamlessly between carpet and kitchen/bathrooms! This process takes all of 5 minutes and I do it every night because it is so easy! There is this little see through vac-pac container where all the dust and dirtilies are captured - this motivates me even more to maintain my routine of cleaning. Did I mention this is cordless!

Tonight I made an even greater discovery... Side note I realize this machine will not take the place of a regular vacuum but I had to try it out in E's room because the 'trash' queen who lays on the floor and picks up microscopic dirt particles found 'trash' tonight. It is difficult to vacuum her room in the first place because she is usually sleep or awake and requiring attention so her room is not usually vacant. I turned on the bathroom fan and crossed my fingers and entered her room with the Dyson on and ready to get all the 'trash' off the floor. Zoom zoom around, peaking in the crib to make sure the noise is not bothering baby - and bam! DONE! The Dyson, the 'trash' and I all made it out of the room with no regrets. Hopefully that will tide us over until the real vacuum time.

I heart our Dyson handheld!


Okay people in case you have forgotten probably one of my favorite pics of little E... here it is again. Its fall time. Mums and pumpkins are out and E loves to sit by her pumpkin and smell the flowers we picked out.

So Pottery Barn Kids otherwise known as PBK has awesome awesome costumes for kids that will hold up which is good since baby #2 will be in next year!!! Craziness! So E is practicing her Moo-ing for this year's costume but is highly opposed to the headpiece so I have got to come up with this year's Halloween pic idea and devise a plan for keeping the headpiece on long enough to snap a decent photo without a sad baby face! And for the record E is scared of cows - probably because they are HUGE but she happens to loves goats - we'll figure something out.

Back to PBK , they are having a photo contest and I submitted this pic so please please please vote for little E every day until November 4. Here is the link -

Get out and vote people!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Stop and Smell the Flowers

Have you stopped and smelled the flowers recently?

Sometimes you need a toddler to remind you this so --- slow down, take a deep breathe, and do something to enjoy your day!

PS - Special shout out to Raleigh's new mayor Mrs. Nancy McFarlane!!!

Monday, October 10, 2011


So I picked up little E from school/Mother's Morning Out this week and she was looking so cute wrapped in the teacher's arms with another little girl - both were asleep and the teacher probably would have been asleep soon to : ) I LOVE LOVE LOVE MMO. I need it in my life for a variety of reasons 1. I need to work and 2. I need to maintain sanity 3. E needs friends.

Old pic... Same sentiment...

So despite E's amazing cuteness I was told that she went to timeout for the first time. Bummer. I don't have a perfect child - haha. So apparently she was told to stop doing something and did not. And she knows what Stop and No mean - it generally takes some stern NOs and a stare down and stopping said action to get the point across. Well this time E did not stop so to timeout it was. Now, when E is told she cannot do something and she knows you are disappointed with her - she LOSES IT. 100% cannot take it. I think she is more upset that you are upset with her than she is about not being able to do want she wants to do. Anyways, E was so torn up about this that she made herself sick! Such is the life of a 16 month old. I think she is a crowd pleaser and I am definitely not opposed to setting the standard and enforcing rules early - that way is a base line.

Hopefully timeout will be avoided in the future and after her first time there I'm pretty sure that she knows that the teachers are serious when they mean Stop. : )

Monday, October 3, 2011

Scents of Fall

This post is not particularly necessary but... We started a new flavor/scent of Yankee Candle over the weekend! I am kind of obsessed with it that I just have to tell everyone - go out and buy Autumn Leaves!!! It seriously smells like fall! It is definitely same kind of thing with their Balsam and Cedar scent for Christmas.

Growing up my mom always had fresh flowers for smells and bells. I still associate a Stargazer Lily smell with the downstairs bathroom. I like to mix up the smells around here - we just finished up with Midnight Jasmine. Lee likes different smells too so I am open to suggestions for new Yankee Candle scents...

Why loyal to Yankee Candle? They last forever! The past two large jars lasted about a month. Totally worth the money. Speaking of money I visted the Yankee Candle Web site and boom - $10 off coupon! Sweeeeeeeeeeet vida!

Happy smelling!