Sunday, December 29, 2019

Two for One Tonsillectomy

So we heard they were doing tonsillectomies on BOGO as after Christmas sale so we bit the bullet and signed up for Double the Fun with M and A getting their tonsils out on the same day. And if by BOGO I mean that I'm a total liar and by Double the Fun well that's only with the Bubblemint gum. 

This guy has/had a major drooling issue at the ripe old age of 4 so his tonsils got nixed in the hopes that would help (in addition to them being large as per the ENT) plus his future wife might thank me in 30 years. 

This girl sounded terrible at night sleeping in Costa Rica and I already knew something was up when her preschool teacher brought it to my attention that she might have enormous tonsils (and she did and I will spare the graphics). 

So we finally got in with a nurse in the ENT office because we only had one ENT for a really long time and she was always super busy so the nurse could recommend surgery - which she obviously did. We were originally scheduled for 9/13 which was a hot minute from when I was due with J plus it was the middle of the first month of school and soccer season and who wants to miss out on school and soccer?!?!?!?! 

So that date got the super nix-a-tion and we settled on two days after Christmas. Not the most ideal time but there'd be a whole week off from school for break. Christmas fun would have been had and Papa would for sure have little to no work to do so caring for two patients plus a new-ish baby seemed reasonable. 

In the days and weeks leading up to the surgery I probably asked myself a hundred times if this was the right thing especially after hearing just how expensive this whole thing would be. The surgeons fee is about half of the OB fee for baby J's delivery and the facility fee was nearly the same - PER KID. I have no idea how much anesthesia is going to bill but you can bet it ain't cheap. Plus the kids were getting nervous but we tried to focus on the milkshake after and not think about it too too much. 

There was much angst and anticipation and singing and dancing waiting for the surgery. We had to be at the hospital at 6:30 the morning of and the kids couldn't eat anything - which we wisely failed to mention that. C camped out at Grammy and Grandpa Joes for a few days because her HIGH energy state of 2 yr old being was too much for recovery. E and R stayed with Jibbe and J stayed with at the hospital since he's still not a bottling baby. 

A got taken back first since they schedule surgeries by age. He courageously walked back with the nurse - they won't let moms and dads past the double doors and then we sat and waited with M. About a hour and a half later as A was getting wheeled back out - in a super angry state - it was M's turn to go and I think she might have opted for the wagon ride back but she probably wondered what the HECK was going to happen because A was MAD MAD MAD. 

They say every kid comes out of anesthesia differently and A was an agitated one. He realized immediately that he had an IV placed in his arm (they put it in when he was asleep) and he wanted it OUT. The nurse said she'd take it out once he drank his juice which is was MAD that it had ice in it and that was quickly remedied. He started drinking it and probably a bit too fast so we snuggled and he slept a tiny bit more and drank the rest and demanded his IV be taken out. I thought he might pull it out. Then we snuggled more and he was mad Paw Patrol wasn't on so he settled in to watching videos of himself and his siblings on my phone. 

At some point M came back out and I was expecting something similar to A but that didn't happen. She was super groggy and had a few fitful and pitiful conversations. She got her LOLs out and stared blankly at them and laid around and was not bothered by the IV and refused to drink anything. Not long after she she back, Lee and I realized we'd be here for longer than with A so he took A and J to McD's to get us lunch and them milkshakes and to get the prescriptions. Well the prescriptions were at a different pharmacy so that got changed but not in time, so the guys came back with food and we waited on M some more. A only spilled his shake a few time but downed the entire thing and proceeded to inform me that I better not eat all the fries; he finished my fries off 4.5 hours after surgery! M still wasn't drinking anything, J was super tired from all the day's and previous days activities so he was screaming so we did some laps around the atrium and outside. I got back and the nurses were convincing M to drink something. She can be quite stubborn at times. 

M finally drank the minimum amount we were off to the races to get home but not without getting the prescriptions from pharmacy number two. The lines were insane - drive thru and in store. The meds had been pulled but not mixed and M's tylenol hadn't been filled because it had a touch of extra strength in it so it had to come from the narcotics safe. It was basically a nightmare and took forever. Should have used a different pharmacy and who the heck are all these people picking up all this medicine?!?!? I got back to the van. A had an emergency potty trip, J was screaming and M was staring blankly into space... 

We've survived the first two full days of tonsillectomy recovering pretty well. Lots of iPad time. Lots of bargaining to drink a sip of this and that. Lots of resting. Fighting over which iPad is being used. Yesterday M was still napping and A went outside to his happy place - under the tree. He raked and collected leaves and he tried really hard to remember not to run - because they aren't supposed to do ANY physical activity for two weeks - not that they'd want to this early on anyways. Everyone's been out of sorts but overall it hasn't been too terrible. 

We've been setting alarms to give them medicine and waking them (and us) up to do it because misery loves company so I'm hoping when we don't have to do an early AM wake up everyone will be happier because they aren't loving the medicine in the middle of the night but it's got to be better than waking up in pain because their behind on a dose, right?  

So here's to the next (few) days of post-tonsillectomy recovery

Saturday, December 21, 2019

O Christmas Program

O Christmas Program, O Christmas Program
How cute are thy children
O Christmas Program, O Christmas Program
How cute are thy children!

This year the big school and preschool Christmas programs fell on the same night... again.

Joy to the World
Moms cannot bilocate
But thank goodness for dress rehearsals!

J and I went to the big school dress rehearsal which is probably and will forever be my preference over the actual program because I get a front row seat and I show up 2 minutes before it starts and I don't have little people who belong in bed with me. LOVE a dress rehearsal. It was E's last year in the program - which was sad - but she and her friend sung together and it was cute. R was a narrator who knew about 2.5 lines the week before the program so I was nervous for her but she did GREAT. M was part of the little happy family getting out a nativity set - in the dress rehearsal, it was the most sober, sullen family EVER. That was kind of hilarious.

That night it was onward to the preschool program and if by onward, I mean spiral downhill into the depths of Christmas program hell.

Don't let this cute pic fool you because I was. 

It is probably worth mentioning that in the spring A refused to go on stage for the spring concert. I wasn't there because E and R had a soccer game - but I heard the reports. He wouldn't go into his class and kicked and screamed and it was a mess.

He had been talking about his program all month. Singing the songs. Screaming the bible verse. He was worried about being late for his program. He didn't want to wear his tie but then relented. So we snapped that cute little pic after leaving the seats we beelined for and saved as soon as the doors opened 15 minutes prior. We dropped C off in her room and she didn't want to give up her flower that her friend in her class gave her before the program and she laid out in the hallway for a minute but made a quick recovery.

I was really worried for a minute. She was going to repeat A's performance from last year.

Then we head down to A's class and as soon as we get to the threshold of the door he freezes. He grabs my leg and won't let go. I try convincing, coaxing bribing... anything to get him through the door. Tearful cries. Locked arms. I finally let his teacher take him unwillingly but I had my doubts.

J and I make it back to our seat five minutes before the show was to begin. I keep staring at my phone waiting for a text that says to get him. I thought we were in the clear but finally does come through.

So J and I make the long walk back to retrieve A and then we head back to our spot. At this point I think I'm in the disbelief stage of - I can't believe this is happening again and I can't believe I'm lugging around this heavy carseat and dragging my noncompliant 4 yr old in front of a zillion parents and grandparents and aunt and uncles and EVERYONE AT THIS PROGRAM!

A is still crying/whimpering loudly and the pastor is talking and we are 5 rows from the front and it is kind of a problem. He is being too loud. And he tells me he has to use the bathroom. And C is on next. So I grab A and leave J in the carseat because what the heck else am I supposed to do because we have to be quick or we'll miss C and the 2s only sing 2 really short songs - see I know this because I've been to this program for the past 7 years.

We get to the bathroom and A is wailing because he knows he's in trouble and I'm rushing like a crazy to get his pants down and he goes and then as I'm pulling his pant back up the snap breaks off because I didn't unsnap them in the first because I was rushing.

A snap in time saves you a meltdown.

At that point A LOSES IT like loses his mind. So what do I do? Leave him in the lobby screaming but in the back of my head I'm like what if he runs away. I get back to my seat and to J who had a kind mom give him his paci back during the bathroom antics. The twos are coming on stage and I get a video of C who is proudly jingling her bells but I'm more worried about A who might have been stolen from the lobby so I run back out there and tell him we have to watch C and that he must be quiet. So we get back in with enough time to catch the last part of the second song and A and I go to collect C from the stage.

Somewhere in this mix of events I gave up my highly coveted seats on the end of row 5 so A and C and J and I crouched behind the first block of seats and watched the big preschoolers come on stage. I told A he needed to go up on stage or we would leave. Well bring on the crying once again. So I drag J and A back out to the lobby with C following dutifully behind. A is screaming about how he doesn't want to leave and I tell him he must go on stage and that I was not going to stay and watch the program unless he was in it! Finally I give up and realize this is the end and we must go so lug the carseat and a fitful A outside only to realize that the crazy crazy crazy stroller is still inside... See I moved it off to the side as to not block the aisle.

Repeat repeat the sounding JOYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I'm like A get it together and go on stage and sit with your teacher and all this will be forgiven. He settles down and agrees. So I lug the carseat back into the church with A and C following and we get to the stroller and I'm like okay A, go up to your teacher.

Insert all the crying.

So I swear I am pushing the stroller with one hand, dragging A with the other, bumming into chairs all the way down the aisle and C skipping right behind us with her pink flower.

It was epic. It was epic. It was epic. In front of everyone.

Now maybe people will believe when I tell them I really have no idea what I'm doing and I'm flying by the seat of my pants and living on a prayer. So many people are like, how do you do it? You have it all together? Oh this is old hat? Well you are a PRO at this then - even the cashier told me that just the other day when I was checking out with J, assuming he was my first and found out he was actually numero six.

I will be the first one to proudly tell you, no I don't and tonight proves me right. Because you never know what kind of wild hair someone is going to get and throw you the biggest curveball on the ONE night of the season you desperately want everything to go right.

I could have gotten to the van and cried but I think I was too mad to cry. We got home and A headed straight to bed where he needed to have been hours before taking a nap. C and I snuggled up on the couch even though she should have been in bed and watched her playing Jingle Bells on repeat. She loves seeing herself. I love that she started jingling even faster when she sees me in the audience.

So the next day once I had time to collect myself and my psychological state of mind I calmly told A that he would not be going to his Christmas party at preschool because of his performance - or lack thereof - the night before. You know what, he didn't even fight me on it. He was definitely upset but he didn't cry. I thought I'd have to drag him out of the class kicking and screaming when I picked him up an hour early but you know what, he didn't cry one bit. He knew he was in trouble and was accepting of his punishment. I, on the other hand, felt terrible in some ways and vindicated in others. The last thing I wanted to do was pull my 4 yr old out of his class Christmas party - how cruel is that? But I knew I had to make a point and I did. A kept on saying that next year he WOULD go on stage. When I asked him why he didn't go on stage this year his response - I just didn't want to.

To be four again.

To parent a four year old, again.

Parenting is not for the faint of heart and you have to crisis manage and make game time decisions and stand by them. You may question decisions and replay situations in your mind OVER and OVER again but say a prayer, trust your gut and know that there's a hundreds of other parents are doing the exact same thing.

Friday, December 6, 2019

7QTs - Gobble Wobble, Sibs, Strep

Linking up with Kelly ... reversing it from St. Nicholas to Thanksgiving


Today is St. Nicholas Day.... 

E and I got home late last night (see next) and I nearly forgot about having to set things up for St. Nicholas' visit. The stuff the kids had sorted out for him to take had been in the chapel for at least a week.

He did not disappoint with Christmas outfits, pajamas, sugary cereals, books, ACT and bandaids. A and C played store with the ACT and bandaids before school. I absolutely love that this family tradition and I have to dig through the closet to remember what I've gotten throughout the year. We only give the kids one thing on Christmas so this is very exciting for them. 


Last night I got to hear E's choir rehearse for their concert tonight... 

I had to stay for the rehearsal because Js 2 month appt turned into a joint appt for M who had 1. the crud, 2. swimmers ear & 3. strep but PRAISE THE LORD not the flu. Huge praise up in here. So I knew it would be risky bringing her to the concert late at night when sick (as planned) even though she wouldn't be contagious. Well as it turns out, A appears to have strep also as of this afternoon late sooooo... here I am typing out my QTs and wishing the concert was live streamed. It was surely going to be amazing. 

I would be a complete liar if I made it sound like I was at all of the 4 hr rehearsal because J and I weren't. I had made dinner plans earlier in the week and I knew if I broke those we would probably not connect again until Easter. Can I tell you how good and refreshing and fun it was just to sit and chat all things, kids, life, school, lice (gasp!), extra curriculars with a few moms I've known since E was in preschool (ancient history, I know). 


We probably won't do it again because between the three of us there's double digit number of kids BUT... when we do we'll just pick up where we left off.  



Baby J is 2 months old! He's slept 6+ hours at night which is glorious. He's had his tongue tie lasered which has made all the difference in the world nursing. He loves to talk to me when he gets some one-on-one time. His smells and noises are oh so very boy and sometimes I still can't believe he's here. 


M doing planks for swim and A supervising

These two people will be tonsil-less three weeks from today. Or at least have significantly smaller ones. I think the end of year and Christmas is forcing me to block out how nervous I am about two kids getting their tonsils out back-to-back but they have each other and it may be a rough few days but I think when they are 18 they'll thank me. 


The boys - 

A has been desperate to do things with J like play with him and talk with him. It is funny and cute and I can only imagine them in two years raking and mowing and burning leaves which are all things on A's to do list this weekend. 


The Highway Patrol horses were at preschool one day at pick up: 


Unfortunately they were there for an officer's funeral 

A and C could not get enough of them saddling up and finally one of the officers asked if they wanted to get out of our van and get close. C was thrilled until she was right there. 


Thanksgiving seems like weeks ago even though it wasn't. This past week I kept telling Lee and everyone okay we just need to get to Sunday without an issues. Rehearsals, swim practices, work meetings, birthdays, and the concert were all on the radar. M getting sick put a kink in things but E and R did not succumb to anything yet so that is great. 

I only made turkey cookies for one class this year. Still a Thanksgiving favorite of mine because it is a cute crafty-ish thing I can do well - if I may say so myself. 

J with his pumpkins 

C in her hat from school 

So we may have a new tradition on our hands... I found this 5k in the next town over and Uncle Kev and Nicole and E and R were game. Lee gave his blessing to let me take half of the kids out of the house while he cooked up a storm for the afternoon. 

Nicole and J and I power walked the whole thing and caught up on all things wedding and life. E took off and ran on her own which was fine by me. R left the walking crowd less than half way through and her street sense made me more than a bit nervous but we did find her at the end - and she was fine. Uncle Kev started with the walkers and then did not want to lose to a niece so she caught up with E and R and controversy remains about the finish and involves a turkey blocking his way : ) 

J was happily past from aunts and cousins the Friday after Thanksgiving and we continue to be so grateful that we have 2 days of Thanksgiving and not two meals in 2.5 hours that we have to rush to both sides of the family for.