Changed living room landscape

Sleepy Elmo

Real Life - Christmas Cards

Post Christmas Piles

Baby + Christmas Lights = Pensive Child

Merry Christmas

The Nutcracker Adventure!

Post Dentist Donut

Real Life - Let's Give this a Whirl

Anxiously waiting at the dentist

T-Minus 5 days... A reflection on the final days of Advent

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells


Hunting down a Christmas Tree

Hugging Your Children

Stocking Update

So this is the twos that everyone dreads...aka the TRYING TWOS

Carpet Art

And we have a crawler

The Pre-Trip

Christmas in the Yard Ideas...

From the sand to the leaves

Post Illness , post trip laundry

Another 7 Quick Takes for an Unusual Friday (version 2)