Monday, June 28, 2021

7 QTs - More camp, A first, and Hangtime

Linking up with Kelly ... Well we survived another summer week but not without some fun and some not so fun


E went to swim camp at State for the week. Grammy and Grandpa Joe taxied her daily which is great because I’m still not 100% sold on overnight camps with unbridled internet access - aka other campers with phone. She says she had a fun time and she’d go back again. 

M had soccer camp this week and has been soaking that up since she missed the spring season courtesy of yours truly. She’s had a few late nights with her friends who’s going and pretty much having a fantastic summer week.

It was Rs turn at Willow Springs this week - E went last week. Dropped her off Sunday with her 3 friends and she was set for the week. 

Until Monday night happened and we get a call that she fell off the inflatable jumping pillow - it sounds like a buried 20x20 trampoline. She wanted to stay the night so I was hopeful Tuesday wouldn’t bring another call from the camp nurse - but it did. While I was driving - in the opposite direction to my OB - she said she thought it needed to be looked at. 

So 3 hours after that call and some pulled strings by a family friend to get us into the orthopedist we had a radial fracture and 2-3 weeks in a sling. I didn’t think it was bad until her arm was rotated up for the X-ray and then I knew she was done for. I pled with her to go back to camp to hang out with friends and enjoy what was left of the week but she wasn’t having it because she didn’t want to see everyone else having fun. Which I get so home she stayed. We can now check the broken bone box of bucket list items for the family. 


Thursday brought the swim meet. C again wouldn’t jump off the block. A had some fantastic air time on his dive in. M killed it in butterfly. E missed several partners in competition but swam despite having qualms about being at swim camp all week.


The weather this week has been beautiful for the most part. We have kept the windows open for three nights and I’m so proud of Lee for letting us. He’s big on then AC but 50 degree mornings do help the window cause.


The addition seems to be finally coming to a close. The floors will be finished starting Tuesday which means only one more week without my cubbies! The pantry is pretty epic and the laundry is great. It’s all great but there’s a few things that I am super excited about. 


June is coming to a close but we'll get some dirt and worms in for John the Baptist's bday - which my be the kids favorite saint day to celebrate - it is right up there with Transfiguration. Then it will be nearly time to go to the beach!

Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Lady C is no Longer Three

E was not home to make the usual birthday cake so we went for a cookie ice cream cake - because someone wouldn't tell me what kind of cake she wanted. She also wouldn't tell me what she wanted for her bday gathering dinner and on her birthday during chocolate chip pancakes - she said she didn't want to have a birthday at all. 

Lady C is now four! 

I try and pause for a brief reflection on the last year or years. I really think C's birth exemplifies everything about C and her personality. She came into the world fast and furious without a doctor to catch her and hasn't stopped since. C is loud and proud and sneaky and sweet and an excellent excuse maker and if she were the first kid and we didn't have any practice - we'd be toast. Good thing she is number five. Preschool was fun times this year and she memorized songs and bible verses with a South African accent thanks to her ever-patient teacher. She played soccer in the fall and cannot wait to get back this fall. She loves purple - most of the time - and looks for purple cars that could be hers one day. She is a boss leader to her big and little brothers. I don't think we have had a girl love to be outside as much as C though I think it affords her more mischief time. She's the one I'm screaming at to PUT ON YOUR HELMET because she rides her bike and scooter like a dare devil. C is not quick to try new things - like swimming - and puts up an excellent tantrum because she thinks that will divert our attention and change gears. She is super smart and if we can channel some of her energy for non-naughty things - then she will go far. She's definitely been the more challenging little kid to parent but it's character building for both parents and kid. 

Lady C, girl, you are going places with your energy and determination. Hopefully we can steer you in the right direction because you won't look back. 

C asked for clips for her birthday - not hair clips - OXO clips so she can make tents and she got two packs - amongst other fun things. 

Saturday, June 19, 2021

7QTs - Camp, Swim, B-DAY

Linking up with Kelly ... SUMMER!


E was dropped off at the happiest place on earth on Sunday - and no it was not Disney. Week long sleep away camp that she’s been talking about since last year when it was broken into half week covid friendly sessions. I think she would stay all summer if we could afford it. I’m sure we’ll get tons of details when she gets back because it has been device free and contact free week - not that she has a device of her own to bring anyways…

This will be her last summer at CWS and will be able to go to CWR next summer 

She'll be back in July for another session because she eeked into two weeks of camp that fills of almost instantaneously upon registration opening - I literally told everyone in my office to not expect me to do anything from 9:58 to about 10:05 the day the camp opened.  

R and M got to go to horse camp for a few mornings this week. M wasn’t thrilled with her group because she wanted to be with her a friend but she did like her horse and I kept telling her she didn’t have to go back if it was THAT bad.

I had to dig out jeans from the fall/winter clothes that I still have not completely sorted from the clothes switch!

We celebrated family Fathers Day a whole week early this year because yours truly doesn’t cook for sport or attempt to out cook the man of the house so we always go out for brunch. On the actual day, my parents and brother will be here and we have two campers jet setting next week so early it was. Lobster Benedict. Check. Loads of chocolate chip pancakes and tea and one tummy ache later - we did quite well. Mostly because Papa tolerated holding J the entire time. J is a frequent visitor to Papas lap when he is eating. It is a terrible habit but J is so stinking cute so he tolerates it.

The girls wanted to wear shorts and their new shirts but I reminded them we rarely go out and this was for Father's Day and they change into more dressy clothes WITHOUT a whine or complaint - insert all the shocked faces. 


Last weekend we finally got R a new bike. Hers may have gotten run over by construction traffic so she’s been without a bike for a few months plus she legit needed a new one. Have you bike shopped recently? I don’t think it is as Hunger Games ish as a year ago but bikes and good deals are few and far between. R and M have stayed out riding bikes until dark this week and one night they caught quite a few fireflies. 

The evening weather was amazing this week and Lee and I sat on the porch several nights enjoying the non-humidity. I can't say this week will provide similar opportunities. I think the humidity is coming. Plus he's got 5 evening pool appointments in 3 nights and 2 more to schedule so M and I will be wallowing in evening loneliness next week - E and R won't be home so it could be an epically fun week for M or the worst week of the summer for her. 


The first summer swim meet of the year was this week. A and C swam pup squad though after night I’m hopeful A will get bumped to 6 and under in the next week or so - he can do it he just isn't confident that he can actually swim. Lady C was happily whisked down the lane and content with copious amounts of snacks. R swam with the usual suspects and finished in her usual suspect type manner. M rocked out her events and nearly got outtouched in back. I’m hoping they’ll throw her in IM next meet. With only 4 meets and an action packed summer schedule I don’t think all five Kibbes will be at one meet together : (

A little nervous

The reluctant cap wearer 

Ready to roll 

Miss Pink 

C refused to jump off the blocks even though I'm pretty sure she would have absolutely love it

She is such a fun swimmer to watch and smoked everyone in fly. She is missing her BFF competitor in crime this year. 

I didn't even notice M in the background! Cheering on her big sister. R has got great competition just in her age group on our team. I hope for her sake she can snag a blue ribbon but it will be tough. 


Lady C had a bday this week. Actually the night of the swim meet which was hilarious because she waffled on wanting to swim all week. E was still at camp and Papa was out of town for work - insert all the laughs - so we settled for post meet popsicles and a party the next day.

Everyone say Happy Birthday C!


Addition construction seems to have an end in sight. I’ve been able to hold it together a lot in regards to the stress of the disruption and disarray and everything but last weekend it really got to me. I think I just want my house back. I don’t keep the tidiest or cleanest house - I like to think we go for the more lived in style - but I do like order and when stuff has a spot even if it doesn’t always get there - there’s at least a place for it. I was hopeful the painters might finish this week but that’s not in the cards. We did get a firm date of 6/29 for floor finishing so I’m thrilled. 

Thursday, June 10, 2021

How to Kick off summer right - Lot of Sun, Sugar, & Water

Now that our summer sitter is here to stay (at least until #7 comes), school is out and summer feels a bit more official. If fun was measured in wet clothes, pounds of sugar and square inches of sunburns then we definitely kicked off summer 2021 right. 

First popsicle of the summer

Lady C with her supposed to be popsicle but came back with an Hair-head. All the eyerolls and no more unaccompanied snack bar trips. 

To recap the last week of school (which I underestimated with the amount of crazy - as I thought the two weeks prior were going to be crazy) 

Last day of school pic

First day of school pic just because

Tuesday - swim practice

Wednesday - summer swim practice that got rained out and end of year school party that didn't get rained out. Insert ALL the wet clothes and fun times on the bouncy houses without mom checking in because she couldn't bear the thought of all the wet and dirt and grass coupled with hot dogs and Icee Pops. I won the cool mom of the month award for not nixing it because EVERYONE knew I wanted to

Thursday - E's voice recital followed by skillet cookies because I would have been terrified singing in front of 75 people. Weekly voice lessons were a success!

Friday - end of year swim team party and free play in pool. Tacos, chips, cheese, cupcakes and more water. Another night of fun especially for the big girls

Saturday - Open Water swim meet. Never been to one. It was pretty stinking cool and crazy and terrifying at the same time. We drove 2 hours to the meet. E swam the 2K - that would be 2000 meters, in a lake. Imagine a lake with three buoys in it spaced about 333 meters apart. Then insert 50 or so kids and send them out to swim two laps around the buoys. Its worth noting the 13-14s swam 3K and the 15 and ups swam 5K and the really really brave swimmers swam 5K then 3K then 2K!

The brave 2Kers 

E finished in about 40 minutes which I think was pretty good for her first open water meet. She claims she'd do it again. I was more nervous about her not finishing and the 2 hr trip being for nought. 

This was the start of the 2K. E was in the first wave of swimmer because her coach (thankfully) submitted a time for her so there wasn't as much traffic as a few of the other waves. 

The specks are the swimmers. It was really hard to pick out who was who but their coach was able to spot them from a distance - because she's the best. 

A, C and J were dragged along for the trip. I can't say I'd have them come again because it was really hot by the end of it. J had fun cheering GO GO GO and eating unlimited snacks. 

Just some perspective... having kids brave enough to even attempt the swim made me super proud. 

Then R and M were up for the 800 M 

M was reluctant to do it in the first place but was less than a minute off from 8th place medal. 

R said she was really scared but was glad she didn't have to raise her hand for one of the boats to pick her up! Same girl! Same!!!

To recap my thoughts on the open water meet. I think it is really a mind over matter. I got this. I'm going to finish. I did finish swimming a 2K or 800 so now I can basically attempt or do many other things - whether swimming related or not. All the proud for the girls and I hope it remains in the swim circuit of meets for our swimmers. 

Just to make things SUPER interesting the weekend before Lee and I decided to rent a pontoon boat on Sunday. I suppose it is one of the perks of having church on Saturday nights (but I really will be glad once we have liturgy on Sundays again). We aren't afforded much family vacation time because #poolseason and Lee isn't much of a beach guy - but he is a boat guy - we found out. 

J perched in his favorite spot

The girls couldn't get enough of the tube

C wasn't big on the lake but had a pretty good day

A hated the girls on the tube because they fell off but once he realized they were having fun he was better. He was coaxed on the tube once but not for long. 

They rode the tube as much as they possible could 

We did eventually pull them off every so often for food, drinks and sunscreen - they still ended up with burnt legs

It was a family day for the books and I can say we will definitely be doing it again before the end of the summer. 

We finally got to go for our Open Water meet treat (because we were rushing to church after the meet itself) E got Peppermint Moose Tracks, R got Chocolate and M got Play Dough. Yes I made them wear their shirt from the meet and it kept their clothes clean. All the proud for these girls.