Tuesday, April 28, 2015

I'm Not Responsible For Lost Toes....

I could have titled this post a number of different ways:

Why you should never EVER make 3 yr olds wait an hour to play their soccer game

Picture Day + Broken Camera + Really Long Wait 

If Soccer Moms Ruled the World...

Really good ideas that come about during pregnancy

I wore my cleats for the first time in 8 years and they still fit!

Hopefully all will be explained so that I can remember just how yesterday really played out in my mind.

Awhile back I had this really good idea that I should coach both E and R's soccer teams - I kind of went into signing them up thinking it would happen because there are never enough coaches. NEVER.

Well having coached 3 yr olds as well as the 4/5 age group I figured it wouldn't be a problem and honestly it hasn't been. Being the coach I was able to schedule one practice after the other which is PERFECTO so we don't have 2 afternoons monopolized by a trip out to the soccer field. Plus I actually happen to like coaching. Sure the kids are crazy and aren't the best of listeners and all that stuff, but my kids are right there with them. Here's the thing, if a pregnant mama can corral a handful of kids on the soccer field... then you probably could. Fortunately for all the parents and players and spectators I am NOT 40 weeks pregnant and coaching... because well, I've done that too and that flashback link could have been M and Papa and R could have been in E's shoes) and even I think that is crazy!

Okay, so back to our day. Part of the smoothness of having back-to-back practices is eating snack, and getting dressed and out the door in time - even though we NEVER are because I have it in my head that the field is across the street from our house even though it is a SOLID 3-minute drive. PLUS there's the integral role Papa plays which is getting home at a reasonable (before 5 pm) hour so that M can stay with him. Pool season + Papa = BFF which = coming home before 6 pm is challenging. He's been able to finagle so far except yesterday when I REALLY needed him home 15 minutes sooner because:

Yes. Picture day.

Two teams. Two uniforms. And I didn't even forget them - please, be impressed.

In fact I don't think I forgot anything. M's snackS, her cup, the big girls waters, Papa's chair - which did ALMOST get left, but pregnancy brain hasn't quite set in all the way.

Now, the Leopards - the 4/5 team pictures went off without a hitch. We got to the field one minute before our scheduled time and I promised myself on the way NEXT TIME we won't be late. Good thing most of the promises I break are with myself.

Uniforms on. Hair brushed. Cleats tied.

Oh wait I forgot how to tie my cleats?

The cleats are taking over... 

I suppose after 8 years of not wearing them it might make sense I forgot the laces are so long that you must wrap them under the cleats. The cleats idea/need came about last week during the 4/5 practice when the Leopards (all the kids on the team) were scrimmaging Me (the slug - thanks Grandpa Joe for that one; I think the name is on it's second season). Basically, the field was wet and I ALMOST had one of the most EPIC wipes of your life. Pregnant mama + EPIC wipe out = woulda been awful. But then it wasn't because I caught myself. But from then on I knew the cleats had to come out of the closet.  I've purposefully never worn them because I am legit afraid of stepping on a toes. When you step on little toes in big cleats I imagine it would hurt... ALOT and you know that would be super dramatic and I would feel REALLY REALLY bad so I guess I'm just going to have to be extra careful to NOT step on little toes.

Anyhow, the Fire Ants - the 3 yr old team - had pictures SMACK dap in the middle of the 4/5 practice. Again not a huge issue. R and I rush over at the appointed time to find all the Fire Ants and Fire Ants Parents waiting and then come to find out the wind knocked the camera over and the photographer only has one lens? Come on, no back up?

Yeah, no back up. So no pictures for the Fire Ants and now begins their 30 min wait until practice - which is key - so don't forget it.

R and I hustle back to practice. Papa has since arrived found M parked in the stroller and all is well in her world because there are GoldFish.

The Leopards finish out practice with a 7 Leopards vs 1 Slug scrimmage. Plus a lone Fire Ant (ehem, R) who is literally SITTING in one of the WORST locations on the field playing with and consuming some dirt. Fortunately she didn't get run over by anyone but there were some close calls. Let's just say playing against 7 kids who ALL want to score the goal and who ALL want to do every corner kick - is tough. Please, try explaining teamwork to this age group? I've tried and apparently I have some work to do : )

Leopards practice.... Over.

Onwards and upwards to the Fire Ants who have been at the fields for AT LEAST 30 minutes already. 3 yr olds, mind you. Have you ever known 3 yr olds to do anything for more than 30 minutes?

Yeah me neither - or at least my kids haven't.

So we do our normal circle thing. Forgot to run around and stretch - pregnancy brain. Kicked the ball into the goal several times each. Semi-scrimmaged before the game.

I'm convinced the most you can expect from 3 yr olds is that they kick the ball to the correct goal. Taking the ball from the other team? - all we tell them at home is to SHARE, SHARE, SHARE so that goes against everything they are being taught.

So the game begins about one hour after our scheduled picture time - oh and the other team had pictures before us so they're in the same boat. It was pretty standard operating procedure in the controlled-choas department.

Pointing people in the right direction.
Trying to convince them to run after the other team.
Convincing them not to touch the ball with their hands.
Saving several rock collections that my resident geologists found.
Pleading for kids to keep their arms down and not push.
Begging for a third or fourth player to come on the field.
Herding the injured to the sidelines.
Asking if we are here to play soccer or here to pick grass.

You know, the regular stuff except this week it seemed magnified. Which magnified the comedy in my mind because seriously these kids are 3 and they are doing exactly what 3 yr olds do best - whatever the heck they want.

R had a particularly rough time. One right when it was her turn to come in she some how 'hurt herself'. Yeah I have no idea. Then she was convinced that just kicking the ball would earn her a special trip to get ice cream - I tried to explain (as the game is going on) that she in fact needed to kick the ball all the way in the GOAL. She was quite tearful over this because the girl really wants to get ice cream. PLUS toward the end the other team scored and one player threw the ball out of the net and WHAMMO... right into R's head. Goodness she was upset. I don't think it was long after that the other mom coach and I told the ref we were done and did not care how much time was left on the clock - because that's how we soccer moms roll you know.

I am convinced it was the INSANE wait before the pictures or a parent suggested it was the cooler weather - hello spring let's get it in gear here - PUL-EASE. OR maybe we just have a really young team of 3s. Who knows....

Next week bring another game and $10 bucks were are going to play the OTHER red team that has the EXACT same color uniform as us except they have 2 white stripes and we have black on our uniforms.

The Comedy Continues...

Make me wonder just what the parents think about the controlled chaos. Hopefully, hopefully they aren't scared away from it all because most of the time I think the kids are having fun : )

Or maybe the snacks are the best part about playing soccer... 

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Friday, April 24, 2015

7QTs - Soccer, Deli Meat and Booster Seats

2 soccer games and no pics to prove it #icannottakepicsbecauseiamcoaching ... 

--- 1 ---

Friday afternoon E weaseled her way into a work call / Sams Club visit with Papa. She wanted to go with him earlier that afternoon but he said no. She ran into the garage as so he wouldn't see her and starting tearing up and crying. It was so stinkin' cute. So Papa met her half way and told her she could come when he got back from that job. 

So that left us to fend for ourselves... 

Then it was out to the back which included some fresh, new play sand for the spring/summer...

I must say it was much less noisy with only 2 and I have to believe it is because E and R feed on each and know how to annoy the other. So we had a really pleasant afternoon .

--- 2 ---

Saturday brought to us our first soccer game of the season. Somehow the Leopards got stuck with the most neon-yellow jerseys EVER. Which is okay but we played the Tigers who had the golden yellow jerseys E was hoping for... I guess we'll be the Lions in the near future...

I have no pics from the game but E didn't do too terribly much so nothing much to report other than it was pretty evenly matched for a 4/5 game.

The rest of the day Papa cooked the day away for the church fundraiser we were having the next day so we stayed clear of the kitchen and played outside...

I don't think these pictures accurately document the red ring around M's forehead. But she had one and next game I really need to bring her a hat - like she'll actually keep it on!

Yes, I'm STILL wearing the soccer jersey because that's how we roll... I did get a shower before bed. Fear not.

--- 3 ---

Sunday after surviving Liturgy with all three sans Papa (who went to Mass the night before and was prepping for the fundraiser) we headed to the fundraiser - sorry no pictures, but the food was fantastic so you might start drooling if I had posted them.

Then it was off to Grammy and Grandpa Joe's house to make a delivery and spend the afternoon.

M and Grandpa Joe played this game with E and R's booster seats and M thought it was HILARIOUS!

Touch toes

Stand up

Move seat 1.5 inches

Sit down

Don't fall out


Of course Grandpa Joe is the best!

--- 4 ---

Monday brought another game this one for R's team... The Fire Ants!

This was our pre-practice / pre-game snack. Again no pictures. R was kind of into the game but not really. There is a standing order of first goal scored = trip for ice cream just like with E so we'll see if we have to make good on that this season... 

Three yr olds playing soccer is just funny because there are 100 people yelling and cheering and the kids are not sure where they are going half the time and then by about 2/3 through the game most of the kids are DONE DONE DONE playing : ) 

--- 5 ---

Tuesdays. Tuesdays are so nice. They are almost my day off - but not really. Since I don't technically have to work that afternoon and we get home earlier - lunch is not rushed and it is just generally more peaceful

This Tuesday I let E and R play outside and then eat lunch outside and play more before rest. The neighbors came over and it was just a great afternoon. 

--- 6 ---

The girls are back with Jibbe once a week for lunch and afternoon activities... They are SO happy to be going there and M seems to not be throwing a monkey wrench into their plans.  

How Jibbe does it all, I don't know. She's super Jibbe for sure!

--- 7 ---

Okay I'm not going to get bogged down in bump-dates and pregnancy news but this week I actually FELT pregnant in the sense of "oh hello, I am carrying a little beach ball around". I still have not gotten my maternity clothes out... yet. YET. They are their way through.

Last time I was wearing my maternity jean skirt a week or two before I actually told anyone so I guess three kids will keep you a little trimmer : )

FINALLY, deli meat during pregnancy?

Apparently it is no-no because of listeria? Why did I find this out 9 months AFTER I gave birth to my third child? Yeah, I had no idea. And I pretended to have no idea this week when I indulged in several ham and turkey and cheese sandwiches. I guess I should actually not eat deli meat from now until October...

Friday, April 17, 2015

7QTs - Mashed Potatoes, Dirt and Rice Cream Pie

Normal week. No ER visits. I'd say it was a pretty boring kinda week... 

--- 1 ---

If you need further proof that I do NOT do most of the cooking around here...

We were going to a friends house for a playdate last Friday and meatloaf and mashed potatoes and green bean casserole were on the menu. Lee was getting home late late late so I was in charge of the potatoes (I got my favorite meatloaf from the grocery up the road). I was totally on it. I texted Lee a pic of the potatoes and confirmed I needed to use 8 potatoes. Then I called him not long after to get a few more mashed potatoes details

Me - Do I need to take the skin off before I cook them?
Lee - ???!?!?! Yes...
Me - How will I know they are done? 
Lee - They'll be done when you can stick a fork through them
Me - About how long will that be 
Lee - 20 minutes

Again, totally on it because last year when I made mashed potatoes for the same meal I totally undercooked the bulk of the potatoes and it was not good. So that was not happening again. 

Potatoes peeled 
Water boiling
30 minutes until we needed to leave for the playdate
All over it

After about 20 minutes (I set a timer) the fork was not going through the potatoes. Well some of the smaller ones but the big ones were not so 3 and 5 and 7 minutes later I was still not having much luck. Well we had to get going for the playdate and I couldn't sit around and watch my potatoes boil so I mashed the ones I could and picked out the resident not-fully-cooked one. 

Heavy cream 

Evidence of my kitchen experience

Then it dawned on me. Maybe I was supposed to CUT the potatoes before boiling them!

Before dinner...

Lee - Oh Chicky... Why is there a potato with a fork stuck in it on the stove?
Me - It wasn't cooked so I didn't want to use it
Lee - You didn't cut the potatoes before boiling them?
Me - .....
Lee - CHICKY! Haven't you seen us make potatoes at Thanksgiving?
Me - No I always stay home with the kids!
Lee - But you should have known that!
Me - Okay, if I asked you if the potatoes needed to be peeled before boiling them AND I reminded you of the last time when I undercooked the potatoes for mashed potatoes - you should not ASSUME that I should have known anything!
Lee - ...
Me - I did add butter, salt and heavy cream : ) 

Needless to say the potatoes had more than a few chunks of undercooked potatoes BUT they weren't nearly as bad as last time AND they were properly seasoned. 

I will redeem myself just like I did with the pound cake!

--- 2 ---

Evidence of our playdate. Seriously the girls have a whole yard and swings and ball and bat set and scooters to play with and what do they choose?


Oh well... playdate (secretly moms time to catch up with friend time) was a success and it was LONG overdue. 

--- 3 ---

Saturday was our last 'normal' Saturday before soccer games. Did I mention the girls are playing soccer? I don't think I have. More on that later.

Anyhow we went to the nursery and got some plants for the mailbox and some herbs because Papa loves to use them when cooking and clearly he's way better at it than me and I'll admit that to anyone every day of the week!

First we dug up the old flowers as well as most of the box to try and clear it of the weeds. 

We found a bunch of rocks and only one worm... 

Flowers were arranged...

And watered...

And now all we need is a cute, but pointed sign that asks the teenager who walks the dog down our street every night to not let the dog patronize our flowers. Seriously, the dog is not small and E watched him like a hawk last night and I think if she had seen the dog pee on the flowers she would have melted down and I would have opened the front door for the full effect. She is very protective of those flowers : ) 

--- 4 ---

Sunday we were supposed to go out for a nice breakfast after liturgy. We talked it up with the girls and there would be waffles and they'd have to be on extra good behavior etc etc... but the place was packed at 10:30 so we went to Chilis instead. I was SUPER bummed because I do like going out to nicer-ish places with the kids because I think it is good practice for them plus they usually behave better and the food is generally better but ALAS... 

M demanded her own bowl of salsa to dip her chips... 

R was content with chips, mac and cheese and corn and did not make a huge mess surprisingly enough

E ordered chicken nuggets and then changed to pepperoni pizza at the last minute and proceeded to eat a single mouse bite out of it. (I had it for lunch on Tuesday)

Overall, it was not what we really wanted to do but it was a nice treat!

--- 5 ---

Speaking of treats... Rice Cream Pie. 

I made one for dessert Sunday.

Yep it is that good and then made another one a few days later for a family with a brand new bebe because when you have a new baby you cannot have enough sugar to survive the late night/early morning walks around the house wondering when the baby is going to go to sleep. 

--- 6 ---

Late night dinner and dessert after soccer practice... 

Best way to eat Oreos?

I guess so...

What does R pick? 

A sour straw over Oreos especially the Mint kind????

Are you my child? 

--- 7 ---

Does M need shoes to walk?


Have a great weekend!

Friday, April 10, 2015

7QTs - ER visit, Spring Break, lots of candy

Post paschal sugar highs and some nice weather... 

--- 1 ---

Hopefully I'll get back to blogging more than once a week. I have a bunch of stuff that I would like to post on. In case you missed what we've been up to and a clue as to why there has been less posting recently - all is explained here

--- 2 ---

This is what we woke up to Monday morning.... 

We spent the greater part of the weekend at church and at my parents house so this is pretty standard unload-and-dump practices - especially since Uncle Kev made good on his Christmas present and detailed the van for us. It remains surprisingly clean but since it is Spring Break we have not had the normal school runs this week so ask me next week what the van looks like : )

--- 3 ---

This girl....

My new theory on R's stage of life and attitude toward most things is... That she does not have an ounce of haste in her body. Which is fine. She is 3 and can move at whatever pace she chooses. It can be frustrating at times but she had taken to a very laissez-faire outlook on life. Example... when she is look for matching shoes she sits instead of stands over the basket and takes each shoe out one by one and dumps 80% of the basket only to realize (after I show her) that the shoe she is looking for is right behind her. And putting them away....

Me - Please put the shoes away
R - But it takes FOR-E-VA

Oh but it doesn't have to but she drags it out.... 

--- 4 ---

There's a first time for everything I suppose... 

Wednesday night / Thursday morning = First ER trip with child

Praise the Lord it turned out to be nothing serious but M woke up Wednesday night crying and kind of gasping to breathe. It sounded like something was in her throat and she just couldn't clear it out. She was bouncing off the walls but didn't sound good so after about 15 minutes it was off the the ER. I drove her but I put her in R's carseat which is front facing so I could look at her when the light was on. She seemed totally normal other than the fact she was not breathing normally. 

Anyhow, we made it to the ER (all of 5 minutes away) and there's a new pediatric section so we were taken right back and by that time M seemed to be breathing more normally but she was still breathing heavy. 

Fever reducer, chest x-rays, a breathing treatment, a dose of steroids and 2.5 hours later we were back home. 

So thankful that it was nothing more... they think it is a croup-like /deep chest cough but still not something I can fathom doing often. Seriously my heart goes out to parents of really sick kids who are in and out of the hospital - I don't know how you do it emotionally and physically. 

--- 5 ---

We detoured to work with all the kids this week. They actually all behaved but it also helped that the phone rang a handful of times and no one came in for a water test so it was pretty easy. 

E took to drawing... 

Me - Why did you write cat next to Jibbe?
E - I just wanted too

--- 6 ---

Then R and M stopped in at my other job to mail something out... 

Me - R would you like to help me?
R -Y-essssss
Me - Will you hold this please?
R - This chocolate? 
Me - {Wishful thinking kid... next time I mail a FedEx envelope with chocolate inside I'll let you know}

--- 7 ---

I have some posts that I would like to do including... catching up on things from the last month or so, a whole Pascha/Easter weekend post and a what we are doing for school next year post... Maybe I'll get to them : )