Monday, December 6, 2021

Weekly Wrap #2

 Since there are no more Quick Takes : ( let's go with a Weekly Wrap of all things... 

~ 1 ~

Sweet baby J! He loves a fire just as much as his big brother. 

~ 2 ~

We had a swim meet

E and R swam and I didn't catch R in a smiley swim pic but she was she usual smiling self. 

~ 3 ~

We are in the throws of Advent. We are still trying to do our Advent activities. The first week we did the Thanksgiving food collection at school, last week the bigs helped make Thanksgiving dinner for a shelter, and this week is get your stuff ready for St. Nicholas. Next week E has been begging to do secret sibling exchange - we will see about that. 

~ 4 ~

The weather has been amazing... 

I've been able to open the windows several afternoons.  

~ 5 ~

Black shoes!

E and I were on the hunt for black shoes for her choir concert - five stores later and about 13 minutes before dress rehearsal - we found some - not the ones pictured. It was INSANE. 

~ 6 ~

Guess what J found… 

Ashes from the fire from several days before which he proceeded to rake up and get suuuuuper dirty in. E had lots of choir rehearsals this week so that meant the normal schedule was a bit different and more at home in the afternoon time 

~ 7 ~

Lady C decided to skate

The benefits of having big sisters... they get you suited up!

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