Tuesday, October 17, 2023

And then God Laughed

 It seems fitting to check in on the blog life front - today 10/17. I've missed writing about our adventures and, while I'll probably never get caught up, there's no reason not to try. I do enjoy writing carthartic... just me and the screen.

I left off with our beach trip of 2022 - actually I never posted it. It was a fun July 4 week. Sun. Sand. The works. 

The summer came to a crazy end with camps, work trips, COVID, school supply shopping and morning sickness. We thought 7 kids was a lot but God apparently thought we needed an eighth so we were rolling with it - because that's what we do - pray thy will be done and carry on. 

School, soccer, swim, choir, scouts - all the things - kicked into gear and a few more work trips. Completely normal life for us. I finally got around to check on the baby because I mean, eighth kid... been there, done that. Plus they canceled my first early October appointment because I was too late - even though I told them I'd be late because some one has to get all the kids to school!

Anyhow the super nice appointment lady got me in one October 17 because I was well past the 10-12 week mark I was supposed to be seen at. Do all the things. See all the people and sign in for step 2 of 3 of the visit - ultrasound. And everything was totally normal up until the kind ultrasound tech said...

Hey there's two babies in here. You're having twins. 

And that is the point I which I am quite sure God laughed and laughed so hard He might have cried - and smiled a whole lot. 

I lay there is silent disbelief - and gratitude too - all the thoughts swirling. 

I could do one. I got one. I'd done it seven times. 

But two?!?!?! How was I going to feed them? And how were they going to sleep? And how was I going to sleep? Could I take two babies to work? 

Then I saw my doctor - who we have HAD a running joke that I was going to have twins at some point and I had prepared my line of, NOT THIS TIME, only an hour before - but now was eating every single letter of that prepared statement. I can't tell you what he said because I probably wasn't listening.

My BP, which is typically on the lower side of the charts, was definitely on the higher side when the nurse took it. 

Do twins run in your family?

You didn't know? You're 15.5 weeks!

Does anything feel different? 

What is your husband going to say? 

What would the other half of this exponential child mathing equation say? You know, he wasn't there for the shock of everything. Everything at the OBs office had been so routine - he hadn't been there since 2013 when we talked about induction (for the first of five times). 

I rode back to work in silence and surprise and awe. 15.5 weeks with a single baby - you are pretty much in the clear but with twins? Some twin sets are born at 25 weeks - 9.5 weeks away. 

Still pondering how exactly to drop the twin bomb on Lee, I got to the office and talk to a friend who asked the same thing - Well, what did Lee say? Which I didn't have an answer because I hadn't told him. Finally I couldn't bear it any longer and I opted for the text option: 

Which was followed by him calling me moments later inquiring - if what he was looking at this right? Which I assured him, he most definitely was seeing double. 

Hoooooo Boy. Is probably what he said. 

Then we were tasked with telling everyone. Which I was not ready to do. We didn't need 25 million questions and shocked faces and everything. But it was getting increasing obvious that I couldn't hide this these with a hoodie for much longer. So we went to the mountains that weekend and had a totally normal family trip without the twin news being broken. 

We went to church on Sunday at this tiny little church in Bryson City and the priest was super nice younger guy and on the way out he said he was the youngest of nine and E pointed to H and said she was the youngest of seven and all I could think was... nope. 

When we did get home that Monday we told the kids at dinner. There was shrieks of excitement wonderment of TWINS! How were we going to do it? Where would they sleep? All the logistically questions that had been thought of a hundred times over in the last week. Then they wanted to call their grandparents to tell them - but Lee and I saved the honors for ourselves. We told our parents in the off chance literally fell out of their chairs - which they didn't but still twins is shocking and when twins are babies eight and nine in the family - well you know.

The next morning I dropped everyone at school with the news and flew out of the parking lot so the siblings could announce their news. I texted several people once I got to work - we had really kept the twins under wraps so the kids would be the messengers of the news. 

I think my favorite text I sent that day was to several other moms. It said... Well I guess I will be joining the ranks of TWIN moms. 

So that is where we have been for the last however many months it has been since I posted. It has been a journey and maybe I'll check in with more updates 


  1. WOW!!! What news - congrats! I'm so excited for you all...and of course having twins would cause me great panic as well, so I understand the shock. Your older kids are going to be so helpful that I think having twins at the end of the family rather than to start a family makes much more sense :)

    1. I don't know if twins will ever make sense in my mind but I sure do love them

  2. Felicitations! I always wanted twins. And given my twin and I were # 9 and#10 for my parents-I know it can be done. (And we were asuprise- at least you've had some warning!) I hope everything went smoothly and that you are thriving in the craziness.

  3. Here from Colleen's blog -- and wow, what an amazing, happy, SHOCKING surprise! Looking forward to reading more of your posts and how life is going as a twin parent!

    1. Thanks for coming by! I won't be nearly as diligent a blogger as her...

  4. I’m a twin mom who found you via Colleen’s blog! My oldest two are twins, and I have to say- I think that the best case scenarios with twins are to either have them first (yes, I was a newbie mom but I had nothing to compare to and thus did not go absolutely crazy comparing twins to singleton; also I wasn’t having to worry about older kids and could devote myself to baby care for a year plus); OR to have them down the line, like you are, when you have older kids who are able to help and you have the mothering confidence not to sweat the small stuff! You can do it!!! Regarding feeding them- it is TOTALLY possible to breastfeed twins- but you need support (IBCLC, people to bring you meals, people to do things for you that you can’t do while you are nursing the babies). But mostly those babies will be so blessed by all the love that their parents and siblings will shower on them!!!