About Us

I'm a twenty-something mama of soon to be three. I am married to the most amazing guy- ever! I am not at stay at home mama nor am I a full time working mom, either - I'm a little bit of both thanks to my insanely flexible employers - yes there are multiple. I love being a mom but I try not to allow mommi-hood to take over my identity as a person. I can do and enjoy doing many other things that coincide with motherhood. In my freetime I run (not because I enjoy it but so I can listen and sing along with my music)

I LOVE this pic... our wedding day was such a GREAT day

Lee / FDJ / Papa
Need I say more? Okay... I guess. A thirty-something pool boy (excuse me, pool installer/maintenance/ last one in line with the family business -aka Swimworld) who stole my heart in when I was in college. He insists that he is the only reason I did not flee the country for Guatemala or lock myself away in a  convent when I graduated from UNC-CH - which is not 100% true but definitely some truth in the statement. He was ordained a deacon in the Ukrainian Catholic Church in June 2012. He is the first one in his family to have a first born girl in at least three generations and he adores little E and I LOVE watching him be a papa. In his free time - rather - not during pool season, Lee enjoys reading - I gave him over 5100 pages of reading material for Christmas one year and he is an excellent cook - which is good because he does pretty much all of it.

There's the fam the day Papa was ordained a deacon

Miss High-Drama-rama graced us with her life in the middle of 2010. She is super cute and full of energy. E loves to read and is not afraid to tell you want is on her mind. She loves being a helpies and would much rather be under our feet than playing with toys.

Little Miss Record-Setter (Lee's family is sparsely populated by girls - except for handful of us who marry into the fam - so two in the same family is basically unheard of) stormed into the world 21 months to the day after E! R loves to eat and sleep and be loved on by E and the rest of us : )

Baby K #3
Debuting October 2013... another adventure in the making!