Thursday, September 30, 2010

Oh the blog!!!

So it has been quite a while since I posted on the blog. It is definitely something I need to work on. Okay so here is the latest... the Bibita is 'SO BIG' and so cute. She is still not quite rolling over but soon - she is trying really hard and thinking about it self-inflicted tummy time. She is still coming to work with me which is so great. Another observation I have made about Miss E is that her volume is so amazingly LOUD - it is incredible. Ear ringing when the screams go through my ear drums are relatively normal. I love her sooo much, it is hard to believe that she is almost five months old!


  1. omg, is elizabeth in college now? will you be in raleigh anytime soon? I have break at the end of October during the state fair - perhaps a trip out to Rocky Mount if you aren't in the area. btw...what are you doing up at midnight?!?!? you need your sleep, mama.


  2. Not quite! But she does look amazing in her Carolina onesie and bib! Lee and E and I are in Raleigh pretty much every Sunday for church so let's plan on getting together sooner rather than later. You of course are welcome out in the Mount! Sleep is overrated - NOT!!! Hope all is well! How is the doggie and turtle and Ben???