Sunday, June 5, 2011

Happy Birthday!!! Part 2

The Birthday GIRL!!!
 So E had a birthday in Raleigh-world and the Mount. Here are pics from the Mount birthday. We had some friends over for BBQ chicken - which was amazing! Followed by cake and presents - of course. Fortunately E did not actually eat any cake so she was not completely wired!!!

Pretty cake

Picking up the whole piece of cake

Dropping the whole piece of cake

Designing with the destroyed cake on the highchair

Who me???

Trying to open presents.

Happy about her new toys and clothes
Second attempt at present opening

Papi putting together my new horsey

Riding my new horsey
Thanks to everyone who helped make E's first birthday special!!! Whether you sent cards or saw her in person we really appreciate it! We could not have made it through this first year without everyone's love and support.

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