Saturday, September 24, 2011

I need stroller advice/input

Okay so we are t-minus twenty weeks here and I need some good advice for a double stroller. We 1. really can only afford one and 2. really only have space for one - so it better be a good one. Let me preface this by saying that we use our stroller now with little E probably 5-sh times a week. She LOVES to go on walks and I think the walking 1ish mile per day has helped me keep this preggo weight in check - crucial!!!  So here are my options and my reviews of them -having not used one I need to hear from people who have used them...
Britax B-Ready with 2nd Seat
I am seriously considering a model like this Britax because it is a single inline stroller for two. It does not appear to be super bulky and I LOVE my Britax convertible car seat. I was looking at a Phil and Ted's model which is similar and it got horrible reviews on Amazon. There are no reviews for the Britax yet. Also, major drawback of this stroller is... it is $650 new! If I can find a decent one on Craiglists maybe might consider paying $300 - but I'm not sure. Definitely drawn to models like this because they seem the most practical but need some real time usage advice.

Baby Trend Double Stroller

Again this is another single inline stroller. I really liked my Baby Trend infant carrier so I definitely trust this brand. This stroller is much bulkier than the Britax. We have a Ford Explorer so I think we could fit it in the back but could be tight. I like this model over the Britax because once Baby K #2 is E's size then there is plenty of head room and lookout room for both kids - which is a legitimate concern. Another benefit is this model new is $200ish - much much more reasonable.

Dream on Me Double

I figured I throw this into the mix because it is in the $100 range and is very cost effective. It is clearly not practical until baby #2 can actually sit up and has major head control because there is no snap in option for the infant carrier like the two other models have. Also, I am not crazy about twice the width because going through a store and doorways cannot be easy.

Okay so ready, set, go... Illumine me with your double stroller wisdom : )


  1. The first one scares me, the third one it's silly, and the second one is just right. That's my professional opinion. :)

  2. Silly Nani!

    That is kind of the way I am leaning too : ) There are even options within option 2... Maybe I'll have to make a follow up post

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