Monday, October 3, 2011

Scents of Fall

This post is not particularly necessary but... We started a new flavor/scent of Yankee Candle over the weekend! I am kind of obsessed with it that I just have to tell everyone - go out and buy Autumn Leaves!!! It seriously smells like fall! It is definitely same kind of thing with their Balsam and Cedar scent for Christmas.

Growing up my mom always had fresh flowers for smells and bells. I still associate a Stargazer Lily smell with the downstairs bathroom. I like to mix up the smells around here - we just finished up with Midnight Jasmine. Lee likes different smells too so I am open to suggestions for new Yankee Candle scents...

Why loyal to Yankee Candle? They last forever! The past two large jars lasted about a month. Totally worth the money. Speaking of money I visted the Yankee Candle Web site and boom - $10 off coupon! Sweeeeeeeeeeet vida!

Happy smelling!

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