Thursday, September 27, 2012

"It is just not your day"

This morning started off with a bang - literally. The roofers were here before 7:30 pounding away at the roof - on the one day that R decides to sleep past 6:30. Sweet...

Before the banging the roofers were moving stuff from behind the house and I did not expect them for another hour and seriously almost called the cops to tell them someone was sneaking around our house (they did catch that escaped murdered 45 minutes north of here later in the day - no joke!)

I go to the silly {insert another word} bank today to get change and make the deposit - and use my Chik-Fil-A coupon along the way and for real the bank by the CFA is the PITS! I have two bank banks that I do not want to get stuck in the vacuum thingy so I have to go to the first line - and there is a car. So I wait - which is not uncommon for said branch location - and wait more - again not surprised because one time I drove away from this same drive thru without a receipt because they were taking INSANELY TOO LONG. I reminisce on said experience. And the waiting continues. Another car goes through the second drive thru and I am fuming. Seriously I have been behind this one silly {insert another word} for no kidding FIVE minutes. I am not hyperbolizing here. So I throw the car in reverse and hit the car behind me - no not really that would have been truly no bueno. I find a parking spot in the empty lot and get my bank bags and my sleeping baby and drag everything inside.

I go to the teller and I tell her that this is insane how long I waited behind one single car and she tells me they are 'troubleshooting a problem for her'. Well you know what maybe "she should have come inside because clearly this is not an issue for the drive thru" - well did not come out exactly like that but you get the point. So I am thinking to myself A. they should have asked her to come in B. she should have voluntarily come in and not BLOCKED THE DRIVE THRU!!!!!! I continue to wait - again nothing is fast about this branch. I tell the lady you know none of the other branches have this problem with the drive thru. She said they have extra tellers for the driver thru AND 'we' - the tellers at that bank are usually busy with inside customers - insert cricket noise. The place is a dead zone - other than the lady who continue to block the driver thru.

Then my deposit is incorrect and I calmly fix it and try and move forward from the ridiculousness of the situation. R is peering around and I am trying to have the best attitude possible especially since my daughter is around while still expressing my DISGUST with the service. Finally the teller said 'Awww she looks like she just woke up'. No really??? "She woke up because I have to take her out because the drive thru was blocked" I tell her. 'Well it is just not your day'

Yes thank you for putting the icing on the cake of my terrifically mind bogglingly inefficient experience at the bank. I needed a reminder because I was not already annoyed enough. I would swear off that branch 150% but it is by the CFA which is a problem.

Other than that we have a fantastic day - really 100% truthful. Good day at the pool shop, got some cross stitch done, and had a great meal courteous of my MIL.

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