Monday, September 10, 2012

Uncle Kev.... This one is for you

I could not resist indulging you beloved stalkers/ readers in this lovely text from uncle Kev.

What up lazy blogger? traveling is no excuse btw

As I sit here in the SkyClub room waiting to get home to see my girls (and Lee too) I have been forced to look at the blog for the past week or so. It has been lacking so for your stake little bro here goes a short reflection on the last week.

We went to DC for Labor Day weekend which I did not post on the blog because I don't want anyone to be tempted to break into our house even though we have a crazy loud/ excellent alarm system. Let me tell you traveling with two is a game changer. The best bet is focusing on two or three goals for the day and having low expect ions and then you are pleasantly surprised when things go well. Saturday We went to Arlington Cemetery where my grandparents are buried and then to the food festival and that was it. Sunday was church and Aunt Judy and Uncle Mark's for dinner - hopefully an annual event and that's all. Monday was the Nats game.

Then following Saturday we went to Raleigh for church and stayed at my parents and I left for the airport on Sunday afternoon and I am sitting in the airport hoping I will make it home before midnight.

Things I have learned:

1. Packing up two weekends in a row on a short and stressful work week means that the bags don't get unpacked until they need to be repacked

2. Thank goodness for understanding husbands, two yr olds who does not cry and make separation hard, blissfully ignorant 7 month olds, Grammys who A. Don't let daughters forget their suit coats and B. watch girls, Jibbes who help Papa hold down the fort during Witching hrs ( 4-6 pm) and dinner and bed time

3. Taking a pump through airport security is no bueno.... Especially when it is well packed in my bag

4. Wearing a suit - it is even a skirt suit - makes me feel ... Well I cannot stand it but I dutifully wear one for
conferences like the one I went to

5. Thrilled a the thought of sleeping in my own bed tonight

6. Trembling at the thought of our winter international excursion (s)????

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