Saturday, November 11, 2023

Here's to 15

I was trying to be really clever and fill in all the number blanks but I'm stuck so here's what I have come up with the some fun numbers for the 15 years we've been married

One of the two anniversary date crashers

15 years of marriage

14 times the dishwasher is run in a week

13 loads of laundry done a week

12 flowers given every special occasion 

11 Kibbe Party of 11


9 olive shoots


7 girls

6 different cars (and another van on the way)

5 different church locales - but finally no more moving!



2 boys 

1 set of twins

'Crown them with Glory and Honor O Lord'

November 1 we celebrated being married for 15 years. Sometimes it feels like forever and other times it seems like we just got married. When I think back on that day it was such a great day. When I think back on all the years it has been such a great time. I definitely wouldn't want any other life even with all the crazy adventures and ups and downs we have had. I am a much better person for it. Marriage is sanctifying and all these little people that are the result of it are part of the sanctification process for us. We have learned so much and come so far. It is hard to imagine what the next 15 years will look like but I am quite sure it will be great. 

A few other thoughts and pics.