Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas Eve

It is quite hard to believe that Christmas is almost here again. I am been super bad about updating the blog so maybe 2011 resolution will be to keep up with it. I have never been one to keep New Year's resolutions, so here's to 2011.

So the Lo Down from the past several weeks.

1. Probably our families most exciting news is that our very own Papi was ordained to the Sub-diaconate last week (12/19). A sub-deacon assists the priests and deacons during Liturgy (or Mass for all your Latin folks - we love you too, we just prefer the Greek form of the word). Lee will have more responsibilities around our little mission church. But even more exciting is that this puts him on the path to ordination to the diaconate some time next year - God willing. E and I skipped out on the 10-hours drive there and back so I have not seen any pics yet but they are coming.

2. Speaking of pics! The infamous pumpkin pic is here.

I already have big plans for a Christmas pic but its not Christmas quite yet so I will leave you in anticipation.

3. Speaking of all things Christmas. We did Christmas cards this year! The beebster was of course the pic on the card. Lee and I debating about when to send them out because we did not want them going out too early and if we waiting until the Christmas season (12/25 to 1/6-ish) most people have already taken the Christmas out of their homes so we mailed them about a week before Christmas. Last year we kept our tree up until Lent started! If you did not get one that means I don't have your address.

4. Other important news from the Mount. While Lee was in Ohio for his ordination, E and I were responsible for tree shopping. It is now a three year tradition to get a tree the last Sunday before Christmas at the NC Farmer's Market. Usually you can get a steal and this year was no different. I got a 13-14ft tree for $40! I think I could have gotten a better deal if Lee was there but whatever. My little brother --- well let's see, my younger brother who is taller than I got a cute little tree too and so did my parents! It was quite an adventure. E did not really care - she was just cold. When I got home one of my brother-in-laws and nephews came over and got the tree off the car, got it in the stand, in the house and straight the first time around! It was quite impressive! So many thanks to them. Normally Lee probably would have vetoed this tree because it is so so big but I think he likes it more because he did not have to get it in the house. Pics of that will come.

5. Okay so this is what everyone really wants. Bibita news!

a. We went the doctor not too long ago - 15 lbs is the latest! E was a superchamp getting her shots. She did not even cry until the second and third ones.

b. E's teethies are getting bigger - and sharper for that matter. I have been chomped down upon multiple times. She also is rolling over like a mad-woman. She can get across the room in a couple rolls and is pretty darn proud of it.

c. E has stayed at Grammy and Grandpa Joe's as well as Jibbe's all by herself for a night. No problems just follow the night-nights routine and she is golden - I say that now, hopefully it should continue. It is weird leaving her and knowing that we won't see her for at least 12 hours. I try not to worry but I do. When Lee and I get back she does not seem to fazed by our arrival - which is kinda a bummer. Well she is getting good practice.

d. E has hung out with her little Lamaze boyfriend B. B is three says younger than E and it is so nice to catch up with another mom while the bibis drool and looks at each other! He are some pics.

Happy last day of Advent.


  1. Awww. The photos are adorable! And congrats to Lee on the ordination!