Thursday, December 2, 2010


Okay soooo sad that I have not posted anything recently so let's hit the highlights.

1. The Bibita and I survived our week with the Papi. Lee went out to CA to visit a friend and do more work for his deacon class. Side note, he will get ordained/installed a subdeacon 12.19.10 which is very exciting! Anyways, I did a detailed cleaning of the house and E was a super sport. She was thrilled to see her Papi come home.

2. New foods. E has been really into food. Fruits, veggies, a slight bit of ham and turkey, and rice cereal. Now rice cereal is quite bland and I think E got a clue and decided the same thing... so she started screaming at it. Last night I thought she would like it jazzed up a bit. Lee was making chili so I skimmed off a few spoonfuls and mixed it with the rice cereal. I tried it did not seem too spicy and E ate it down. Well what goes down might come back up and it certainly did around 11 pm right when Lee and I were getting ready for bed. E was not upset about this first sickly experience but she was super pitiful. Lee noted that this would certainly not be the last time we were changing sheets at midnight. So lesson learned, no chili for a while.

3. Turkey day. Thanksgiving was a blast and was quite action packed. Lee was helping prepare food Wednesday so E had the day off from work and hung out with her Papi and cooked. Thursday we headed to the Pines for Thanksgiving with my family. My twin uncles were there which always makes everything twice as fun! Great to catch up with aunts/uncles/cousins/friends. Then drove back to the Mount that night for the second day of Thanksgiving with Lee's family. E has 5 cousins on this side of the fam so she was showing off her rolling over skills and was having lots of cousin time. Overall rating... good food, good times, cannot wait until next year. Well we pretty much do the same thing over again for Christmas.

Speaking of Christmas, Lee and I hit up Target and got ourselves some stockings. The Bibita got a bity stocking - it is super cute. I am actually working on cross-stitching her a stocking but that won't be ready this year. How about all those Christmas decorations? We won't get our tree until the Sunday before Christmas and it will not get trimmed/dressed (maybe I am confusing these words with Thanksgiving turkeys) until Christmas Eve. Advent people, Advent!!! We are also super excited about St. Nicholas coming to our house next Sunday night. His feast day is 12.6 so we will leave our shoes out and see what he has in store. Next year will be so much more fun because E will actually have a clue what is going on, but Lee and I are excited about it.

4. Teeth! So it appears E is teething her first toothy!!! Kinda makes me sad because I think that once babies start to have teeth they are officially toddlers! Not ready for a toddler but the Bibita is getting so big! We have our 6 month appt tomorrow....

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