Sunday, March 27, 2011

Madame Queen

I have been meaning to make this post for a few weeks. We have such great customers at Swimworld!!! There is no in particular who I think that everyone must appreciate. Mr. W is such a super cute old man. Don;t get creeped out - he is not creepy - pretty much the opposite. Mr. W is about 95 years old and still drives and is a very attentive pool owner. He is probably one of the more kinder customers we have. He likes to measure out all his chemicals and takes a very meticulous inventory of his chemicals before coming to the store. But that is not why I need you all to appreciate Mr. W.

First, last summer he was coming in with this water sample for testing and an elderly lady was leaving the store - maybe mid-70s. I am toting around the beebster and we are about to send this lady out the store with a small box with a few things in it - we asked her if she needed help but she declined. So Mr. W is coming in and

A. Opens the door for this lady
B. Insists that she give him the box
C. Puts the box in this woman's car
D. Opens the car door for this woman

Who does that any more??? I hate to admit but I am not sure if I would do that!

Second occasion for thinking this man is great. Mr. W comes into the store this spring for our sale - side note was a huge success. So, Mr. W has his trusty stock of chemicals. He gets his chemicals and I am loading up his box and then he says that he does not want to take them. I tell him it is no problem that we can bring them when we open his pool. He then says he is hoping that he will be able to open his pool because he has been very busy tending to Madame Queen and she has not been doing so well. I am thinking to myself Madame Queen - who could this be? Clearly a cat or dog could not possibly be consuming hours upon hours of this 95 year old man's life. Then it dawned on me - it is his wife! It think back to how Mr. W treated the lady in the parking lot - if he treated a strange like that imagine how he treats his wife. I cannot possibly imagine how his does it because Mr. W is not the most limber of people but he is dedicated. I mentioned Madame Queen to Lee and Mr. W has ALWAYS referred to his wife as Madame Queen - since for forever. We've calculated it is highly likely that Mr. W and Madame Queen have been married for close to 75 years!!!

It never ceases to amaze me what you can learn from others by simple interactions. Makes me want to be the best wife to Lee so that maybe we can share the same kind of love and dedication that Mr. W and Madame Queen have enjoyed for 3/4 of a century!!!


  1. I think Lee should give you a nickname as appropriate as Madame Queen :)

  2. Awwww... I don't know, Madame Queen is pretty hard to top. I LOVE old people who are in love!!!