Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Swim Time

I thought it would be super cute for E and her papi to take swim lessons at our local YMCA. While the Y is not particularly convenient to our house and the lessons start at 5:30, which is dangerously close to the beebster's bedtime - I thought what the heck and went for it.

So the lessons are not really lessons. They are more like spend time getting used to the water and paddle after rings and then stick them in your mouth. I also thought it would be good for E to get used to the water because my mother-in-law has a pool in her backyard and I want E to learn how to swim and learn about water safety at an early age. So, after hunting down some Little Swimmer diapers at Babys R Us we headed to class. The instructor there is really great with the kids - there are two others in the class. They chase after these toys and sing songs in the water. E is the smallest in the class but she LOVES it. Each week she gets more and more comfortable. She squeals out in excitement sometimes! Also the last class was a huge milestone for her because the instructor dunked E's head under water! E was not afraid just a little concerned. They did that 3 times so E can start learning how to hold her breathe!

I was kinda of bummed after the last class because tMarch is kind of a busy time for us at Swimworld so I did not think Lee would have time to take E. However he informed me that I should sign up E for lesson in March because they need to have Papi-Bibis bonding time and that he would make room in his schedule for swim time!!!

Question of the day, to join the YMCA or to not the join YMCA?


  1. hey joanne!! that's so great that baby kibbe is learning to swim :) i used to teach lessons during the summertime, and the youngest kids always learned the fastest. she'll be paddling around before you know it!! hope you guys are doing well! miss you! -megan

  2. I am super excited for this summer because we have unlimited pool access at Lee's mom's house. A friend of mine has a 11 month old who can already float on her own!!! We'll have to give that a whirl this summer. Just need more 80 degree weather to heat up that water.