Monday, May 16, 2011

Baby Shower!!!

A super great friend of mine from UNC - Erin - is pregnant and due probably any day now. Another super great friend from UNC - Mary - and I (with some amazing help from my mom) had a Baby Shower for her a few weeks ago. Erin's friends and family from out of town came - including nephew L-man who was 4-ish months old. We had a great time and Erin got set up with some really great stuff. Its fun to get together and talk about baby stuff and baby names etc etc. Good friends, good food, good times...

So E made a new friend with Erin's nephew. E and L are 6 months apart in age but they were about the same size!!! Little L-man is not so little (he weighed 11-ish lbs when he was born I think : ) but he was super cute and a super trooper coming to the shower and being the only guy at the party!!!

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