Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Happy Easter!!!


Okay so I know I am a bit late with this post but here are the highlights of our marathon Easter weekend! The Bibis was such a super trooper for Holy Week and Easter. 5 days with 1.5-plus long Church services are alot for a 11 month old to handle. After church Sunday morning we went to Grammy and Grandpa Joe's for dinner. My mom still hid Easter baskets for E and Kevin and even pulled off hiding Lee and mine gift - a plant. E slept through the basket finding process but maybe next year she will be more interested. Then Lee's mom came down from the Mount for dinner - Lamb! Maybe one day I'll get to be as good and daring of a cook as my mom.

Helping Mama set up our Pascha basket at church!

After church with Papi

Two Easter baskets!!!

Crab crawl to the baskets

Easter basket goodies

2011 Easter Family Picture courtesy of Uncle Kev

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  1. hey joanne! you guys looked so beautiful on easter :) i love your dresses!! i'm so happy for you guys -elizabeth has gotten so big, and it sounds like life is wonderful for the kibbe family :) xoxo megan