Monday, June 11, 2012

E's 2nd Birthday!

E turned two in May. Which I am till trying to wrap my finger around that! We had a a party the weekend after her b-day but we still did some special things on the day.

E loves Tinkerbell and has not even seen Peter Pan but I just ran with it...

 Loving her Tinkerbell balloon

Waffles for breakfast
 R looking on....
 Cheeseballs and juice packs for snack at school. We made a special stop to see Papa on the way to work.
 Ladybug cupcake on the actual day of her birthday.
 Sugar high right before day... Excellent

 Tasty cupcake!
 Cards are boring
 New bag/purse!
 New shoes!
 A drawing board from Jibbe
 Papa and Grandpa Joe spending entirely too much time getting the car together!
 Hot dogs and Tinkerbell cups

 Yummy cake!
 Maiden voyage!
Sharing the cozy coupe!

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