Sunday, June 10, 2012

May Monthly Update

 May proved to be an insanely busy month at Swimworld for Lee. Which is good but the afternoon spent outside with Papa have been few and far between.

 Mornings motivating me, myself and I - I mean - me, E and R are becoming routine. I have much better success if I bite the bullet and get up at 6 and get myself caffeinated and the bags prepared. R has night of sleep the night through which is awesome - though I have been staying up late to get work done. E likes to dress herself now and wants to help with R.

 E has also enjoyed 'dumping' her crib but then she gets really upset when she does not have Nini. R has been sleeping in her crib for naps too which is awesome. We are on a semi-routine schedule with R at nights. Sleep training was a breeze with her. She cried a while the first couple nights and now hardly makes a peep.

 A couple pics from Mother's Day... I will do a separate post on E's birthday!

 One of E's new set of wheels. Helmet will be forthcoming!

 Lee and I and R went to a wedding while E and Grammy went to the 'scary' choo-choo at Pullen. This wedding reminded me of a wedding we went to a month after E was born!

 R holding her bottle! She has totally taken to the bottle which is great so she and Papa can have some time together. I am still nursing and have every intention of continuing!

 Ladybugs in the morning times.

 E is not crazy about bath-tubbie time anymore for some reason - which is okay by me because showers are quicker. I cannot really figure out what happened but we fill up the tub and 'I don't like it' follows!
 R is super big and can really hold her head up. She rolled over this month but would much prefer sitting up than being on her mat. She is talking and cooing alot and can really scream sometimes!
 E and Papa washed cars one Sunday afternoon. New set of wheel numero dos from the birthday.

 Not sure what to think about Papa washing the car!
 R looking on - kicking her legs. I think she is going to LOVE totting around with E.
 Time to wash the cycle!
I have no idea? Quintessential R with hands in fists and feet kicking being very serious.

Overall May was great. E turned two. Her vocab is through the roof. Seriously there is nothing she cannot say. She loves reading and singing songs. Old McDonald had a Farm is a favorite car tune and Baby Bear What do you See and Big Red Barn are the books of the month - she has memorized parts of them and will randomly start - I see a Red Fox slipping at me, Blue Heron, Blue Heron what you see - I see a Red Fox slipping at me.

R turned three months - which is crazy. She has taken to bath time and is growing out of her 0-3 month clothes : (

MMO was closed for a week in May which turned my world upside down but we survived it!

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